Meaning of Secular

What is Laic:

What laic everything is designated who lacks creed or who is not subject to or influenced by a religion. The word, as such, passes into Spanish from Latin laĭcus.

Thus, secular is an adjective used to refer to organizations and institutions that are not under the influence of a religious organization. In this sense, we can speak, for example, of secular States, secular education and secular schools.

As a layman it is also called that which lacks clerical orders. In this sense, a Christian or a Catholic who is not a member of the clergy and who, nevertheless, is a believer, can also be considered a lay person.

Lay education

What Lay education is called one that is not based or subject to any religious creed. The purpose of a secular education system is that students are not indoctrinated under certain dogmas or principles that respond to a faith, a certain way of seeing the world and a specific system of moral values. In this sense, secular education rather seeks to promote the values ​​of respect and equality above religious beliefs.

secular state

A secular state is the one who declares independent of any religious organization. In this sense, secular states are neutral in matters of religion, as they do not lean in favor of or against any religious organization, in the same way that no religion can interfere with the government or public powers. The secular State is the product of the separation between Church and State.


What secularism is called the current of thought that maintains that society should be organized independently of religions, their values ​​and norms. In this sense, it tries to guarantee that the social order does not depend on or is subject to religious organizations, and that individuals enjoy full freedom of conscience. The main objective of secularism is the separation of the State and the Church, that is, the secularization of the State. On the other hand, secularism should not be confused with atheismsince the first does not condemn the existence of religious values.

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