Meaning of Sender

What is Sender:

The sender is called the person who sends or sends something to another person, which can be a letter, a document or a merchandise.

In this sense, it is a word that is especially common in the field of correspondence, used to designate the person, entity or institution that makes the shipment.

The sender, on envelopes or postal packages, is usually placed in the upper left corner of the front or on the back. There they put the name and address or address of the sender in question.

sender synonym is emitter. While its opposite would become a receiver or recipient.

In Englishsender can be translated as send. For example: “The letters were turned back to the trails” (the letters were returned to their senders).

See also Letter.

Remitent and destinatary

In a postal shipment, we can differentiate between the sender and the recipient. The sender is the person who makes the shipment, while the recipient is the person to whom it is addressed. To distinguish one from the other, envelopes are conventionally placed in different places: the sender can go on the back of the envelope or in the upper left corner of the front, while the recipient is placed on the front of the envelope.

See also Recipient.

sender in medicine

In medicine, it is said that a disease or its symptoms are in remittance when they subside temporarily. Likewise, it is also used to designate a type of fever whose variations can exceed one degree centigrade, and which is typical of viral diseases and tuberculosis.

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