Meaning of Server

What is the Server:

servers a adjective used to refer to a person who is engaged in domestic workin reference to this point it can be said that it is an individual who serves as a servant.

Server is also name that a person gives himself out of courtesy with respect to anotherfor example: “Alexander, this humble servant is available to help you with whatever you need.”

As such, the server is a person willing to help and willing to do so and, therefore, is at the service of the person who needs it to fulfill certain functions or tasks, on some occasions it can be voluntarily, as can happen between families. , friends but in others it is because there is a relationship of subordination and, therefore, one must be in order with that person and fulfill all the mandates sent by him, for example: boss and employee.

On the other hand, server is a person with skills to handle weapons, machinery and other artifactslike: the assembler server.

The public server is the individual who provides his services to a State Public Organization or also called public function. public servants or public workers they work in the administration for a process of election, appointment, selection or employment and, they are regulated by a special order and, if violated, they are dismissed from the position and, if it is a serious offense, such as: corruption, embezzlement, can be sentenced to prison for crime of prevarication.

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in religion, servant of God, is the faithful who abides by his commandments and follows the path of the Lord. In the case of the Catholic religion, he is the subject who begins his path to beatification and then to canonization, that is, priests, popes, bishops, etc.

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computer server

The computer server is the computing machine or computer that is at the service of other machines or computers, called clients.

The purpose of a server is to supply the information or provide data that customers request and, for this there are different types of servers, such as: Web server, mail server, database server, among others.

The Web serveras its name indicates, stores and sends HTML documents, images, videos, texts, among others, to clients.

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proxy server it works as an intermediary between 2 computers, sometimes this server can block certain requests made by the client because it has certain extensions blocked and, therefore, the page requested by the client cannot be accessed.

DNS server are the acronyms for Domain Name Systeminformation is associated with a domain name and this server determines where that web page is located and refers us to it, as requested by the client. the dedication servercalled dedicated servers, are those for the exclusive use of one person.

The different types of servers and, most importantly, are classified into:

  • mail serveras its name indicates, is responsible for storing, sending, receiving and performing all operations related to email,
  • print server is responsible for managing the different documents that are sent to print within the network.
  • database server it is a database is a system that allows to store large amounts of information and, the server allows to store and manage or administers the database;
  • file server It deals with the use of the hard disk shared by several users and that is used by a single user, for example: when several users try to access the same information, the file server controls and orders access to it, allowing the entry of a number of users and, at the same time, others are waiting.
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