Meaning of Software

What is software:

Software is a computer term that refers to a program or set of programs computing, as well as data, procedures and guidelines that allow different tasks to be carried out in a computer system.

This term is commonly used to refer in a very generic way to the programs of a computer device, however, the software encompasses everything that is intangible in a computer system.

Software is a term from the English language, which is accepted by the RAE and does not have a translation that fits into Spanish.

Types software

In general, several types of software depending on the use or utility:

Software of system

It is the program responsible for the execution of all the applications necessary for a system to operate correctly. It is often confused with the operating system, but it goes beyond that, as it also includes optimization tools, device drivers, and servers, among other components.

Software programming

They are all the tools that allow the development of new software. Therefore, they are not usually used by the end user but by the programmers. It includes, to mention the most important, the following:

  • compilers (programs that analyze and execute other programs).
  • interpreters (software which “translates” the different programming languages).
  • text editors (create and modify text files, programming language or source code).

Software of application

A software application is a program designed to facilitate some specific tasks for any computer medium, whether on computers, tablets or cell phones.

Video games, computer aided design programs (such as CAD), software used in telecommunications, business or educational productivity applications are some examples of this type of program.

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yessoftware malicious or malicious

Also used in its original form in English malicious software Or simply malware, It is the one that is created for illicit purposes such as obtaining private information from the user or damaging the system.

Software Free and software owner

The concept of software free is used to refer to those programs that allow the user to use, copy, modify and distribute it. To make these actions effective, it is necessary that said software include the source code.

Some examples are Mozilla Firefox browser, Clam Win Free antivirus, and QCad assisted design application.

In opposition to this term, one speaks of software proprietary to indicate that a computer program is not completely free. In this sense, the owner of the software prohibits or restricts its use, redistribution or modification. In this case, the source code is not included.

The Windows operating system, the Microsoft Office suite of applications, the Photoshop graphic editing program are some of the software known owners.

Software Y hardware

Both computing concepts are interrelated. The hardware are the physical items that make up a computer system (for example, the keyboard or the CPU), while the software is he software and intangible (for example, an antivirus program or a word processor) and that allows various functions to be carried out.

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