Meaning of Soulmate

What is soulmate:

a soulmate is a person with whom you feel a deep affinity and empathyespecially in a loving sense, but also applies to friendship.

The concept of the soul mate was born due to man’s incessant search for something or someone to fill the emptiness he has felt since time immemorial. There are many myths and legends about soul mates and everyone agrees that it is a soul that divides in two and reincarnates in other bodies, so that, when separated, it will search incessantly during the rest of that life and the following ones for its other half.

The soul is the immaterial essence that defines us as people, it is our most intimate being, what we are. Twin souls indicate that this essence that lies within us is born incomplete and the only way to complete it is by finding the other part of our soul: our soulmate.

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Twin souls are related to the true love due to the understanding and genuine commitment that both profess. Popular culture has defined various characteristics that define the encounter with a soul mate:

  • When they don’t need words to understand each other.
  • When physical attraction is unavoidable.
  • When you find someone who, by going through challenges and difficult moments in life, teaches you to strengthen yourself and be yourself.
  • When they agree on the most important issues and values ​​in life.
  • When both give each other inner peace.
  • When together they create a different world without losing their own personality.
  • When they both know they found their soul mate.
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