Meaning of Speech

What is Speak:

speech is the realization of a language, that is to say, the individual act by means of which a person makes use of a language to be able to communicate, elaborating a message according to the rules and grammatical conventions that it shares with a determined linguistic community. The word comes, as such, from the Latin fable.

He speaks It is the oral means of communication between human beings.. In this sense, it supposes the individual materialization of a person’s thoughts and, therefore, the specific way in which each individual makes use of his language to express himself and show who he is.

As such, speech is fundamentally composed of the following elements: the jointwhich is the realization of the sounds of the language; the voicewhich is the use of our vocal cords and our breath to produce sounds, and the fluiditywhich is the rhythm with which we speak.

On the other hand, as speech we also call the faculty of speaking. For example: “The parrot can say some words, but he has no speech.”

Speech can also refer to the act of speaking: “When they gave him the news, he was speechless with emotion.”

Likewise, as he speaks, a special way of speaking is also designated: “He had the typical speech of the porteños.”

See also oral communication.

Difference between tongue and speech

The language It is the verbal and written communication system, governed by a set of conventions and grammatical rules, which is used by human beings to communicate. The speechon the other hand, is the realization of that linguistic system, that is, the use that each speaker makes of the language.

In this sense, language is socialsince it is a code shared by a community of people, while speech is individual, since it supposes the use that each speaker makes of their language. So speech and language depend on each other: language needs speech to be produced, while speech needs language to be understandable.

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colloquial speech

What colloquial speech It is called the oral realization of a language that is used in more informal registers, with family or friends.

In this sense, it is a more spontaneous and expressive type of speech, which is allowed to ignore or not stick too closely to certain rules of language. As such, it is a type of speech that is not considered appropriate for formal situations.

cultured speech

What educated speech it is called the oral realization of the language that most adheres to the so-called cultured norm, and that is used, in general, in formal speech situations.

In this sense, it is a more careful type of speech, which avoids inaccuracies, and which is fundamentally used in conferences, master classes, public addresses or the media.

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