Meaning of Star of David

What is Star of David:

David's starThe Star of David is a emblem composed of two superimposed equilateral triangles forming a 6-pointed star or hexagram. Despite being popularly associated with Judaism, this symbol is also used in other religions such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Before being popularized as the Star of David, it was known as the Solomon’s seal or Khatam Suleiman for Muslims or Jatam Sholomo for Jews.

Star of David in the Bible and its origin

It is attributed to King David who, according to the Bible, is the first king placed by God on Earth. David is the one who faced the giant Goliath becoming a warrior king and conqueror of lands.

According to the Holy Scriptures, the son of King David, who will later be known as King Solomon, engraved the fight between David and Goliath on his ring as a symbolic hexagram of that energy and fight between heaven and earth. That is why it was formerly called the Seal of Solomon and was later popularized as the Star of David by the Jews.

Symbology of the Star of David

The star of David symbolizes in a general way, the conjunction of the energy of the sky together with the energy of the earth. It is known both as a protective symbol and as an alchemical symbol (emblem of fire and water) and even as a decorative element.

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