Meaning of Star

What is Star:

A star It is a large celestial body, made up of plasma, with a spherical shape, that shines with its own light.. The word comes from the Latin stella.Star

The spherical shape of the stars is the result of a phenomenon known as hydrostatic equilibrium, in which two forces interact: gravity, which pushes matter towards its center, and pressure exerted by the plasma outwards.

The stars are formed as a result of the collapse of clouds of materials such as hydrogen, helium and other heavier elements, and gradually increase their density thanks to a set of chemical reactions that take place inside them.

There are different types of stars. The Sun, for example, is a dwarf star if one considers its luminosity; It is the closest star to Earth and the source of most of our planet’s energy.

The stars are visible from Earth at night, when there are no clouds or other climatic phenomena that make visibility difficult. Some of the best known are the morning star or in the morning, very bright and large, which is the planet Venus, as well as the polar Starwhich points north.

The stars They are grouped in galaxies. Seen from Earth, certain groups of stars are given an imaginary shape in the firmament and are named after what they evoke. This is known by the name of constellations. Some of the best known are the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, as well as the constellations that form the symbols of the zodiac, among others.

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Shooting Star

What we commonly know as a shooting star is actually a meteorite that, upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, produces a luminous phenomenon in the sky as a result of the disintegration of its particles and the ionization of the air around it.


Starfish, also known as asteroids, are animals that live at the bottom of the sea. They have five arms, which resembles the typical representation of five-pointed stars. They belong to the edge of the echinoderms, and are found in all the oceans of the planet. There are more than 2000 species.

David’s star

The Star of David is one of the most important symbols of Jewish culture. In fact, it is found on the flag of the State of Israel. It is attributed to David, ancient king of Israel. It is a six-pointed star that is made up of two equilateral triangles.

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Michelin stars

Michelin stars are a way of the prestigious French tourist guide Michelin to classify restaurants according to the quality of the food and the service they provide. One star means that it is a very good restaurant, two elevate it to the category of excellence, and three are reserved for those whose cuisine is truly exceptional.