Meaning of Switch

What is Switch:

switch it’s a device that allows the connection of computers and peripherals to the network so that they can communicate with each other and with other networks.

switch It is an English word used in the computer science area to refer to the interconnection controller between various devices.

In this sense, switch translates into Spanish as commutator.

The switches they are used to connect multiple devices over the same network. In this way, a switch You can connect multiple computers, printers, and servers to create a shared services network within an office or building.

The switch It acts as a controller that allows different devices to share information with each other. There are two types of switches:

  • switch managed: are those programmable. It can be set remotely or locally to control network traffic and network access.
  • switch unmanaged: they work automatically and do not allow changes. These are the switches most common used in home networks.

Difference between switch Y router

The switch and the router They allow the connection of computers and their peripheral devices to the network. The router links the devices to the network, while the switch interconnects them.

See also Networks.

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