Meaning of the Eye of Horus

What is the Eye of Horus:

The eye of Horus, the eye of Ra, wadjet, Udjat or simply the eye, is a symbol and amulet of protection originating in ancient Egypt and associated with the goddess Wadjet, daughter of Ra.

The eye of Horus amulet was believed to have healing and protective powers. It was used for the living especially as protection against disease and for the dead to prevent disintegration of the embalmed body.

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Today, the eye of Horus has become a popular tattoo that rescues ancient beliefs about its powers of protection, but the association of this symbol with the third eye has also become widespread, since its shape resembles the pineal gland. .

The eye of Horus was also used as an offering from the eldest son to his dead father as a symbol of reverence towards parents.

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The right eye and the left eye of Horus

The eye of Horus can be represented as being the right or the left. According to the myth, the sun and the moon would be the right and left eye of Horus, son of Osiris and Isis.

Horus loses his left eye (the moon) when he confronts Seth to avenge the death of his father Osiris.

Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing and spells, found the 6 pieces of the eye, put them together creating the full moon and returned it to Horus. Horus, in turn, gives it to his father Osiris to bring him back to life.

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Each of the 6 pieces that make up the Eye of Horus represent a meaning and a fraction:

eye of horus

Experts on the subject say that the eye of Horus divided into fractions was also used to calculate and define the measurements of its pigments and its medicine.

Later, when the worship of the god Ra or sun god begins, the term ‘eye of Ra’ represented by the right eye of Osiris, that is, the sun.