Meaning of the Heart Symbol (♡)

What is Heart Symbol (♡):

the heart symbol represents lovewhether family, friends, partner or towards the neighbor.

heart symbol

The symbol of the heart is often used to express love in the form of affection, support, solidarity, brotherhood and sisterhood without the need for words.

Due to the increased use of social media and virtual chat platforms, the heart symbol has become one of the universal icons for this positive feeling of unconditional support.

Depending on the context, it can express different things, for example, it can enhance the strength of a message of love, expressing filial love, partner love, universal love, support of a cause and friendship.

Heart symbol as emoticon

The heart symbol as an emoticon or emoji, that is, a graphic representation of a feeling, can extol different aspects or types of love depending on its color or shape, such as:

white heart (♡): symbolizes purity and identifies love as a value that brings together everything positive and good.

black heart (♥️): In the world of social networks, the color black is a way of indicating that the heart is full. Many platforms are black and white, therefore the color only represents that the heart is not empty.

heart on the keyboard (<3): It is the most primitive form of graphical representation of a heart on the keyboard. On many platforms, entering the “less than” sign (<) together with the Arabic numeral 3 will immediately return the heart symbol.

Broken heart: this symbol is recognized as heartbreak or disappointment.

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Origin of the heart symbol

One of the earliest known heart symbols originated in Ancient Egypt. The heart symbol for the Egyptians represented the vital muscle and also the feeling of love. However, the Egyptian symbol for the heart more closely resembled the conical shape of the organ.

The form in which the heart symbol is known today is said to derive from the iconography of Ancient Greece. The Greeks take the concept of the heart from the Egyptians but represent it as an ivy leaf.

Ivy is the perennial vine that crowns the god Bacchus and represents immortality, fidelity, perseverance and also passionate desire, thus including many of the meanings of love.

Heart symbol as a tattoo

The heart symbol is one of the most popular tattoos due to its simplicity and, at the same time, the complexity of its meaning. The tattoos that carry this symbol can be alone or accompanied by flowers, colors or with the names and portraits of loved ones.

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