Meaning of the Orthodox Church

What is the Orthodox Church:

The Orthodox Church or Church of the East or Greek Orthodox Church is one of the aspects of the congregation of believers of the Christianity.

The Orthodox Catholic Church was born from the definitive separation from the Christian Church in the schism of the year 1054. Before the schism, all the Christian churches were under the jurisdiction of Rome which were completely separated from Rome in the year 1054 dividing into:

  • the Roman Catholic Church
  • the Orthodox Catholic Church or Orthodox Church or Eastern Church

See also Schism.

The Orthodox Church, as its name says, is orthodox, which means ‘straight belief’, therefore it maintains the original creed without the alterations that the Roman Catholic Church introduced. Some of them are:

  • the Holy Spirit: Its provenance is only from the father in the original version.
  • purgatory: The Orthodox Church says that souls after death go to ‘final judgment’ instead of the Roman Catholic Church’s purgatory which was recently revoked.
  • the original sin it is a concept of the Roman Catholic Church. The Orthodox Church continues with the ancient sin that refers to the force that induces us to incline towards evil.
  • the immaculate conception of the virgin mary: The Orthodox Church affirms that the Virgin Mary was born as a product of sexual intercourse. Only Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary, is born of immaculate conception.

Due to Christian theology, which studies the word of God, the Christian Church began to have discrepancies in interpretation such as the concepts of the Trinity and the interpretation of the life and death of Jesus, among other things, dividing into 3:

  • the Orthodox Catholic Church or Church of the East or Greek Orthodox Church
  • the Roman Catholic Church whose believers call themselves Catholics
  • the Protestant Church whose followers are called Protestants
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