Meaning of the Poinsettia Flower

Poinsettia flower is the name given in Mexico to a plant whose scientific name is euphorbia pulcherrimaword that in Latin means “the most beautiful”. It is also known as poinsettia, federal star, and shepherdess.

The plant is usually used for decorative purposes during the festive dates related to the celebration of Christmas and Christmas Eve.


Characteristics of the poinsettia flower

This plant has dark green leaves and upper leaves, called bracts, of different colors with the appearance of petals.

These leaves are usually red, although there are also yellow, white and pink specimens.

Actually, the flower of this plant is very small, yellow in color, and is protected between its leaves.

In the northern hemisphere it blooms during November and December. This plant is not used for consumption, since ingesting its leaves can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

History of the poinsettia flower

The Christmas Eve flower is a species native to Mexico and Central America.

The Mexicas used this plant in ritual celebrations as a symbol of the purity and new life of dead warriors, which they associated with the red color of blood. In fact, its leaves were also used as a natural dye.

The original word that was used to refer to this plant was in the Nahuatl language it was cuetlaxochitlwhich can be translated as ‘withering flower’, although there are also other possible translations that identify it as ‘leather flower’.

After the colonization of America, this plant began to be used as an element of Christian decoration during the Christmas period due to the crimson color of its leaves.

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During the 19th century, it began to spread to other places thanks to Joel Robert Poinsett, the first US ambassador to Mexico. In fact, in the United States and in some European countries, this plant is called poinsettia or poinsettia in his honor.

Currently, its decorative use is widespread and is associated with the Christmas season due to its color and its flowering period in the northern hemisphere, which coincides with Christmas.

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Cultivation and care of the poinsettia flower

The poinsettia flower is used in gardening. In its original shrub form it can reach four meters in height. However, it has become popular in the world of floriculture.

As an indoor plant, it should receive sunlight, although not directly. It should not be watered abundantly, only twice a week and keeping the soil moist.

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