Meaning of Traffic

What is Traffic:

traffic is the circulation of vehicles, movement of goods or people and, in computer terms, it is the flow of data on the network.

The word traffic derives from the verb traffic composed of the Latin lexicon trans- which means “from one side to another”,

Traffic, like the circulation of vehicles, is used to define the number of vehicles that exist, in a given time frame, on roads used for any means of transport. Traffic is associated with congestion, which is defined as the impediment to movement due to vehicular congestion.

Trafficking, defined as the act of trafficking, is used as a definition of an illegal action of movement of goods, species or people, such as, for example, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, organ trafficking or human trafficking.

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Influence peddling

Influence peddling is a term used to refer to the use of the power situation in which an official or person finds himself for his own benefit.

Trade traffic

In the area of ​​commerce, traffic is the circulation and movement of people and goods by air, land or sea. The regulation of this traffic is carried out by the public body called customs. Logistics, in this regard, is responsible for administering and managing the traffic of goods.

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computer traffic

In computing, traffic refers to the amount of data that is transmitted through a network.

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