Meaning of Turkish Eye

What is Turkish eye:

A turkish eye, also known as a nazar, It is a bead in the shape of a flat drop where the figure of an eye is found, to which protective forces are attributedand that is widely used as a talisman or amulet against the evil eye and bad energy.

Its original name, coming from the Turkish language, is nazar boncuğumeaning ‘evil eye bead’.

Turkish eye, nazar amulet

Origin of the Turkish eye

The Turkish eye is very common in Turkey and Greece (hence it is also known as the Greek eye) for protection against the negative influence of envy, traditionally known as the ‘evil eye’. According to tradition, which goes back to the times of ancient Egypt and Babylon, the bad feelings of the human being are projected through the eyes, since these are the most expressive part of the body.

For that reason, it was common for Turks and Greeks to use an eye-shaped talisman as a way to “distract” the gaze of the possessor of the evil eye.

From the above it follows the custom of wearing a Turkish eye as protection. People use to wear them on the body, with necklaces, bracelets, earrings or anklets, as well as place them in the workplace, in the car, cell phones or at the door of the house.

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It is also common to put a Turkish eye on newborn babies as a protective measure. Even today, a Turkish commercial aviation company wears the eye emblem on its ponytail, reminiscent of ancient times when they were attached to ships.

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Meaning of the Turkish eye according to its color

Turkish eye

The Turkish eye has the shape of a drop, is flat, and is usually made by hand with colored crystals. It is made up of a series of concentric circles that are usually, from the inside out, black or dark blue, light blue, white, and dark blue. However, the colors may vary depending on the intention with which the amulet is worn.

  • The blue, associated with water, is the sign of good Karma, it is linked to good energy and protection against the evil eye. It is the most traditional color of the Turkish eye.
  • The Light Blue it is linked to the color of the sky; symbolizes the truth and offers direct protection against the evil eye.
  • The redRelated to blood and love, it is the color of energy, power and determination, as well as passion and desire.
  • The yellow, color of the sun, symbolizes strength and vitality; It is the color of health and physical vigor.
  • The green it is the color of nature; symbolizes hope and personal growth.
  • The white is associated with light; symbolizes goodness, innocence; It is the color of perfection, which cleanses and purifies negative energies and transforms them into positive ones.
  • The purple it is the color of nobility; symbolizes power and ambition and is also associated with qualities such as wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery and magic.
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How to use Turkish eye for protection

Turkish eye

According to popular belief, the Turkish eye can help its owner to protect themselves against the so-called evil eye. But for the bead to fulfill its protective function, some previous steps must be followed:

  • The Turkish eye should be cleaned with water and sea salt. Then, it must be dried with a natural fiber cloth.
  • The amulet must be energetically charged, for which it is recommended to leave it exposed during a full moon night.

Once this is done, the Turkish eye is ready to be used. It can be used in a visible place (neck, wrists, ears), or it can be kept inside clothes or a bag for daily use. It can also be used at the entrance of the house or business, so that it prevents negative energy from visitors from entering personal spaces.

If the Turkish eye suffers any damage, no attempt should be made to repair it. You have to replace it with a new one, because it means that it has already retained enough negative energy and has fulfilled its function.