Meaning of UUID

What is UUID:

UUID are the acronyms for Universally Unique IDentifierwhich in English literally means ‘universally unique identifier’.

As such, the UUID is a standard identifier code used in the process of building software.

It is used to create universal unique identifiers that allow recognizing and distinguishing an object within a system, or the same object in different contexts.

The UUID is 128 bits long, that is, 16 bytes. The number of possible UUIDs is 3×1038, so the chances of matching two UUID codes are extremely low.

As such, a UUID is made up of 32 digits divided into five groups, which obey the following form: 8-4-4-4-12. That is, 36 characters and four hyphens that separate them. For example: 670b9562-b30d-52d5-b827-655787665500.

UUID in tax administration

In Mexicofor the Tax Administration System (SAT), the UUID becomes the equivalent of the fiscal folio delivered to taxpayers. In this sense, the UUID is one of the mandatory components that the new version of electronic invoicing of the SAT must contain. However, now it can be requested from the Authorized Certification Providers, who assign it at the time of validating the document, and not only from the SAT, as before.

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