Measurement Types

Measurement is a scientific process used to compare the measurement of one object or phenomenon with another having the same physical magnitude.

That is, the measurement types allow calculating the number of times a pattern is contained in a specific magnitude.

In this way the pattern works to obtain the unit of measure to use. This measure must be unalterable, universal (that can be used anywhere in the world) and easy to reproduce.

However, it is worth mentioning that sometimes the measurements may be inaccurate due to the instruments used, which may present flaws in the measurement process.

direct measurement

It is the one obtained directly from the instrument used in the measurement process and that has the ability to compare the variable to be measured with a specific pattern.

For example, some instruments that perform a direct measurement can be:

  • The ammeter, to measure the amperage of an electrical circuit;
  • The caliper, to measure the length of an object,
  • The stroboscope, to measure the frequency of vibration and rotation of an object.

indirect measurement

The indirect measurement is one that is obtained from the calculation of the set of data collected from one or more different physical magnitudes, which were previously calculated through direct measurement. Therefore, the indirect measurement is not obtained through a particular instrument.

Some indirect measurement examples would be the following:

  • Speed ​​of an object: the measurements of time and distance are used for its calculation.
  • Value of a resistor: direct measurement instruments are used, such as the ammeter (which measures current), and the voltmeter (which measures voltage), and the necessary data are obtained to calculate the value of a resistor by applying Ohm’s law.
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reproducible measurement

A reproducible measurement is one that can be repeated and reviewed several times by different researchers and always obtain the same result. In this type of measurement, it is important that non-destructive tests are carried out. For example, when measuring the length of a large object several times, such as a bed, desk, etc.

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