what is mining

mining is a economic activity that allows the exploitation and extraction of minerals that have accumulated in the soil and subsoil in the form of deposits.

By mining you can also refer to the group of people who work in the mines.

Mining is part of the economic activities of the primary sector, therefore its development is of great importance in the industrial and economic sector of a country or region.

Mining is one of the oldest activities that the human being has carried out and from which a significant number of resources used in various industrial sectors have been obtained to obtain necessary or essential products for individuals.

In principle, man used mining to find resources with which they could make tools and weapons, generally used for hunting and other basic daily activities.

Continuously, man was carrying out studies on mineral resources that have made it possible to determine their properties and uses.

Likewise, mineral search and extraction techniques were developed, hence there are records and evidence of their uses from ancient civilizations to the present day.

Mining and primary sector


Mining is an economic activity that is part of the primary sector, its development and activity affects the development rates of a country or region.

As mining activity is developed and promoted in a country, its economic benefit will be greater, that is, jobs are generated, scientific research is promoted, exports and international trade are encouraged.

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Mining can be classified according to its economic impact into large mining, medium mining, small mining, and even artisanal mining.

However, it should be noted that mining activity is restricted by a series of legal regulations in order to protect the environment and natural resources, as well as the well-being of the people who work in the mines.

Mining can be divided into:

  • metal mining: minerals such as copper, gold, aluminum, silver, iron, among others, are obtained from metallic mining. These minerals are used in the industrial sector for the production of various products.
  • Non-metallic mining: refers to obtaining non-metallic minerals such as marble, granite, coal, clay, salt, zinc, quartz, among others. These minerals are used in the industrial sector as raw material for construction.

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types of mining

Three types of mining can be distinguished:

Opencast mining

Surface open-pit mining is one that is carried out through a process of eliminating vegetation and the upper layers of the soil until the mineral is reached. Through this type of mining, various minerals such as coal can be obtained.

underground mining

This type of mining is carried out through the construction of tunnels in order to reach the deepest deposits of a particular mineral.

well drilling

Well drilling is used to extract and obtain mineral resources such as gas or oil. These drillings can even be carried out in various maritime areas where mineral resources have been found.

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