Introductory Texts

We explain what introductory texts are and what types exist, with examples. In addition, we tell you what its characteristics are. Introductory texts are important to guide the reader in reading the work. What are introductory texts? Introductory texts or preliminary texts are those writings that precede the body or … Read More

Methodological Framework

We explain what the methodological framework is and what aspects of the research it addresses. In addition, we tell you how to make it. The methodological framework must detail the way in which the research will be carried out. What is the methodological framework? The methodological framework It is a … Read More

Popular Texts

We explain what popular texts are and what the characteristics of jokes, riddles, parodies, proverbs and wordplay are. Popular texts express a people’s way of seeing the world. What are popular texts? The popular texts They are a type of recreational textthat is, a text that is read for mere … Read More

Structure of a Poem

We explain what the structure of a poem is like and show you with different examples the internal structure and the external structure. Nowadays, each poem is capable of proposing its own rules of the game. What is the structure of a poem? Poems are literary compositions that belong to … Read More

Object, Motif and Lyrical Speaker

We explain what the speaker, the object and the lyrical motif are, the characteristics of each one, their function in the poem and multiple examples. The speaker, the object and the lyrical motif are the components of the internal structure of a poem. What are the speaker, the object and … Read More


We explain what reformulation is and what its function is in the speech. In addition, we tell you what types of reformulation exist. Reformulation allows the speaker to explain, rectify, summarize or recapitulate what has been said. What is reformulation? The reformulation It is a discursive procedure that allows the … Read More


We explain what it means that something is pejorative and how it can be identified. In addition, we tell you how the term originated. Something said is pejorative when it is derogatory. What does pejorative mean? Something said is pejorative when it is derogatory, that is, when it is said … Read More

10 Examples of Interior Monologue

In literature, it is called Interior monologue to the narrative technique through which the flow of a character’s thoughts is sought to be captured in writing, exposing both their emotions and their feelings. It is generally written in the first person as a form of silent internal speech, and the … Read More

10 Examples of Popular Story

He popular tale It is a relatively short fictional story, which is transmitted orally. It does not have a defined author, because it constitutes the collective heritage of the communities, but there were writers, such as the Brothers Grimm, who were in charge of compiling these stories into anthologies. For … Read More


We explain what an allusion is and how it can be made. In addition, synonyms of the term and examples in literary and everyday language. To understand an allusion, normally, it is necessary to understand the context of what is referred to. What is an allusion? an allusion It is … Read More