We explain what a spin-off is in film and television and which are the most famous. In addition, we tell you how they differ from the sequels.

spin off rogue one star wars
A spin-off it typically focuses on minor characters from the original story.

What is a spin-off?

spin-off is a term borrowed from English, which refers in the world of cinema and television to a derived series or cutting, that is, to a film or television production whose plot follows from a previous productionand usually focuses on past or future events of a character or series of minor characters.

This term is mainly used in the audiovisual world, but can also be applied to video games, radio productions, literature, and other forms of storytelling. As with all Anglicisms, that is, Anglo-Saxon loanwords in the Spanish language, it must always be written in italics (and with the hyphen of its original language).

In the business field, the term is also often used spin-offbut with a slightly different meaning: a spin-off corporate is a company that is born within anotherthat is, a spin-off or subsidiary company, which is born by spin-off of the first.

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Difference between spin-off and aftermath

spin off bates motel
A sequel simply continues the story, with the same protagonists.

The derived series or spin offs consist of independent stories that focus on an unexplored aspect of a previous storywho assume as primary characters those who played a secondary or even tertiary role in the original story. Instead, a sequel is a continuation of the latter.that is, an additional chapter in which the same characters are taken up again, others are added and progress is made in the development of the story.

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For example, in the movie universe of Star Wars either Star Warsby the American creator George Lucas (1944-), episode V of the saga, titled The Empire Strikes Back (The Empire Strikes Back1980) was a sequel to episode IV, entitled A new hope (a new hope1977), and returned to its main characters in their fight against the evil galactic empire.

Instead, the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, 2016) recounts the fate of a group of secondary characters in the original saga (who are barely mentioned) and turns them into protagonists of their own story. The latter is located, in the chronology of the saga, just before episode IV.

Differences between prequel, sequel, interquel or medicuela

The terms prequel, sequel, interquel and medicuela are neologisms (that is, of new terms) that are used, in the cinematographic and literary field, to refer to works derived from an original that establish a specific relationship with respect to the story told. These terms seek to emulate the term “sequel”, alternating its specific meaning.

  • prequel or prequel. It is a narrative production that takes up the universe established in a previous production, but not to continue it, but rather to tell the previous events that led to the original story. For example, once the trilogy of Star Wars by George Lucas, the director dedicated himself to counting the events leading up to this (episodes I, II and II). Thus, the appearance of the phantom menace (The Phantom Menace1999) was a prequel to the original trilogy.
  • Interquel. It is a narrative production that delves into the history of a previous saga, exploring what happened between one chapter and the next of the saga. For example, in the case of Star Warsthe animated film The clone Wars (The Clone Wars2008) constitutes an interqueue that recounts the events that occurred between Attack of the clones (Attack of the Clones2002) and revenge of the sith (Revenge of the Sith2005), that is, between episodes II and III of the saga.
  • medicuela. It is a narrative production that fills a hole in the story of a previous production, that is, it delves into some aspect of a previous narrative, to tell what there was not time to tell or it was not convenient to tell. It is a type of interquel that, instead of occurring between two episodes or chapters, occurs within a chapter that has already been told, and enters at some point in its chronology. For example, the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Star Wars: The Clone Wars2008) delves into the events told by its predecessor animated series: Star Wars: Clone Wars (Star Wars: Clone Wars2003), to explore the untold events in the latter.
  • Paraquel. It is a narrative production that runs parallel to what was reported in a previous production, but focuses on other points of view and other events that were not shown or were barely hinted at in the original story. It is a parallel story that complements the original, adds light on the events that occurred or provides new perspectives to the plot. For example, in the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces (Star Wars: Dark Forces1995), tells the story of a character in charge of guaranteeing that the events of Star Wars: A New Hope take place, telling some of the same events from a totally different point of view.
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famous examples of spin-off

spin off john wick sequel
The Serie bates motel it’s a spin-off of Psychosisthe classic Hitchcock film.

They are familiar examples of derived series or spin-off:

  • the tv series Better Caul Saul (2015) is a spin-off from the previous series breaking bad (2008).
  • TV series bates motel (2013) is a spin-off of Psychosis (1960), the classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller.
  • the hollywood film The scorpion king (2002) is a spin-off and a prequel to the film The Mummy (1999).
  • The movie X-men Origins: Wolverine (2009) is a spin-off of the series of films inspired by the characters of Marvel Comics, the X Men.
  • The series CSI Miami (2002) and CSI: New York (2004) are spin-off from the famous series CSI: Las Vegas (2000).

Examples of Famous Sequels

Some examples of famous sequels in movies and TV are:

  • The movie Blade Runner 2049 (2017) is a sequel to the hit film Blade Runner (1982).
  • The movie The return to the blue lagoon (1991) is a sequel to The blue Lagoon (1980).
  • The movie Robocop 2 (1990), sequel to robocop (1987).
  • The animated film Finding Dory (2016) is the sequel to the animated film Finding Nemo (2003).

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