Team Meaning

What is Team:

A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.

A team is also a series of physical resources with which something can be solved or executed, such as a first aid kit, for example.

The word team comes from the French equipa term used in the Middle Ages and that referred to the action of providing a boat with all the necessary supplies before setting sail.

computer and electronic equipment

In computing, the word computer can be used as a synonym for computer or computer, but it also refers to the group of internal devices that make it possible for the computer to work.

Similarly, in computing and electronics, a computer is any device with a specific function. A mobile phone, a wireless modem, an air conditioner or a closed circuit security system is considered equipment.

See also: Hardware.

Work team

Work team

A work team is a group of people who have a work, professional or academic objective. To achieve this, they must work in a joint and orderly manner, establishing hierarchies, work methods, procedures, goals and schedule of activities, among other aspects that are considered outstanding.

The organization of the work teams will depend on what is agreed by its members and generally implies sharing knowledge and proposals to reach agreements on what is to be achieved.

In a work team, for example, an objective might be to increase the company’s sales in a particular period. To do this, a group of employees from different departments (sales, marketing, distribution, customer service, etc.) must be created to agree on the steps to be executed.

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For its part, a group of neighbors can organize and create a work team to find a solution to a common problem (waste collection schedules, security, improvement of public spaces, etc.).

While a work team for academic purposes can be made up of a group of scientific researchers who want to demonstrate a new theory, or by a group of students who must carry out a group task.

See also: Teamwork.

Sports team

Sports team

Two players from an American football team interacting during the game.

In sports, a team is a group of athletes or players whose goal is to win a specific game, tournament, or competition, usually against another team.

A sports team has a certain number of participants and must follow specific rules so that their actions are valid on their playing field and they can achieve victory.

The most representative examples of sports teams are football, baseball, rugby or volleyball.

In motorsport and motorcycle racing, racing teams are also known as racing teams.

See also: Sport.

industrial equipment

industrial equipment

Detail of an industrial mill.

An industrial equipment is a machine, set of machines, supplies and equipment that are used for productive purposes.

Industrial equipment can be used for the extraction or transformation of raw materials, or for the creation of finished products. In this sense, the industrial equipment of the manufacturing industry is characterized by the volume of parts that can be produced, compared to manual production methods, hence they are essential to guarantee the efficiency of the industries.

Generally, the handling of industrial equipment must be carried out by trained personnel and implies compliance with industrial safety standards.

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See also: Industrial security.