Technological Field

We explain what the technological field is and what elements make it up. In addition, we tell you what examples are currently found.

Doctors take advantage of their technological field to perform an intervention.Doctors take advantage of their technological field to perform an intervention.
In a technological field, tangible and intangible elements come together.

What is a technological field?

A technological field or technological area It is the area of ​​application and integration of different technical and scientific branchesthat is, of various technologies, in such a way that they operate systematically and organizedly with a specific purpose.

These fields or areas are generated around all human activities and needs, even those related to traditional knowledge. That way, They have to do with practically any disciplinefrom economics and sociology, to chemistry and medicine.

In a technological field, tangible elements come together, such as tools, materials and people, and other intangible elements, such as techniques, knowledge and organizations, and a system logic is built around them. This means that the elements from different technological branches fulfill a specific role as part of an organized whole.

At the same time, each technological field encourages the exchange of knowledge and methods, which allows the construction of new procedures, new ideas and, eventually, new areas of knowledge. This is how innovation occurs: through technological integration.

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Examples of technological fields

The main technological fields today are:

  • The technologies of the information and communication, which aims to explore new and more powerful ways of obtaining, transmitting and preserving data for humanity. This occurs hand in hand with computing, engineering, art and literature, psychology, among many other disciplines.
  • Health technologies, services and recreation, whose objective is to satisfy everyday human needs, whether they have to do with their physical well-being, their consumption patterns and/or their basic and social needs. For this it has medicine, most of the social sciences and many other humanistic sciences.
  • Construction technology, whose objective is to devise and develop new techniques and new materials for buildings, spaces and planning the living environment. In this field, architecture, engineering, chemistry, physics, art and sociology come together.
  • Productive and manufacturing technologies, whose objective is to improve and maximize the production of goods and services, that is, the satisfaction of people’s consumption needs. Engineering, economics, psychology, among many other scientific disciplines, participate in this field.
  • food technology, which aims to understand and improve the dynamics related to human and domestic animal feeding, food preservation, nutrient maximization, and many other topics of interest to a growing human population. Engineering, biology, medicine, sociology, anthropology, economics and other social and human sciences are interested in this field.
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