The 8 Images That Best Define Self-esteem

self esteem is the set of perceptions and evaluations, positive or negative, that we have about ourselves. Therefore, when talking about self-esteem, reference is made to the acceptance and recognition of our physical (image) and personal (attitude) qualities and defects.

Having a high or low self-esteem will depend on the values ​​and love received at home, as well as the education that each individual has, which together generates our self-concept.

High self-esteem is self-confidence


People who feel confident in their abilities and strengths set goals that will generate greater benefits in their lives in the future. For example, getting a better job.

High self-esteem is having mental balance


Mental balance is the reflection of the acceptance of being who we are, which implies having a high self-esteem by recognizing the capacities, qualities, difficulties and defects that we have.

Low self-esteem is having feelings of sadness and loneliness


Feeling sad, disconsolate and wanting to cry is synonymous with low self-esteem and that you are experiencing one or more situations that generate depression, loneliness and regret. For example, when a child does not want to go to school because they make him bullying.

High self-esteem is knowing how to receive and give love


People who have high self-esteem know how to receive and be grateful when others offer compliments or compliments and, in the same way, they are able to recognize affection, praise and compliments.

Low self-esteem is punishing ourselves for being good and not excellent


Being demanding and organized with personal, school or work responsibilities is important. However, demanding more of ourselves than necessary and punishing ourselves for not reaching the maximum score or for not being the first in a competition is not synonymous with defeat but rather with low self-esteem.

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High self-esteem is having harmonious relationships


Having high self-esteem is recognizing the importance of being willing to live and enjoy harmonious relationships in which individuality and good treatment are respected.

High self-esteem is knowing how to make decisions


Making decisions without the need to consult other people and assuming responsibility for our actions is an example of having a high level of self-esteem. On the contrary, when people need to consult others for their opinion, it reflects low self-esteem and security.

Low self-esteem is thinking that you lack luck


Envying the situation or luck of others is an example of low self-esteem. The correct thing is not to be envious and recognize that all people have different paths and luck to experience.

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