what is a verse

The verse it’s a group of words that is subject to measures, rhythm and rhyme which produces a certain rhythmic effect in the form of a poem. A verse is made up of a set of sentences or short phrases.

The measure is established by the number of metric syllables in each verse, the rhyme is the coincidence that exists between the verses from the last accented vowel and the rhythm is what produces the aesthetic effect of the verse. The metric syllable is different from the grammatical syllables.

The determination of the number of metric syllables is by phonetics, the final word of each verse, sinérisis and sinalefa, the hiatus and the diaeresis. The verses of minor art are made up of verses of up to 8 syllables, those of major art are made up of verses of 9 and more syllables. However, there are irregular verses that do not have a fixed number of syllables.

The use of the term verse in Argentina refers to something that is false or a lie.

There are various types of verses such as: free verse is the one that is not subject to measure and rhyme, the sharp verse It is a set of words that rhymes and ends with a sharp word. In this type of verse, we must take into account that when counting the metric syllables, one syllable is added to the number of grammatical syllables. Likewise, the verses that are characterized by having a measure and lacking rhyme are called blank verse, regular verse It is one that is characterized by having the same measure in each verse and rhyme.

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The word verse comes from the Latin versus What does it mean “furrow or row” and from there “write line.”

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verse and stanza

The verse is made up of sentences while the stanza is the set of verses. Currently, the stanzas do not have the same number of verses, measure and rhythm. The stanzas are separated by a space and are named according to the verse number, for example: couplet stanza of two verses, stanza tercet of 3 verses, stanza quatrain of 4 verses and so on.

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verse and prose

The verse is a special way of writing that is characterized by complying with certain special rules such as rhythm and measure, on the other hand, prose is the natural way of writing and is not subject to special rules like the novel.

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