What Are Emojis

An emoji is an image or pictogram that is used to express an idea, emotion or feeling in digital media, electronic messages and websites. We can find them in different instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Spotbros, Telegram or Hangouts.

Emojis are the Japanese version of the emoticon. They have become so popular that even the laughing tears emoji was chosen word of the year 2015 by the Oxford Dictionary.

The expression emoji comes from the Japanese, 絵文字, and its pronunciation in Spanish would be “emoyi”. It is composed with 絵 (e), which means ‘image’, and 文字 (moji), which means ‘letter’.

See also Emoticon.

laughing tears emoji

Emoji with tears of laughter or joy: It is used to express laughter out loud or extreme happiness.

Copy and paste: 😂


emoji in love: it’s a face with eyes of hearts; It is used to express love or dazzle.

Copy and paste: 😍


Heart Kiss Emoji: it is a little face that sends a heart-shaped kiss; It is used to send kisses, especially when they are very loving.

Copy and paste: 😘


blushing smiley emoji: used to express pleasure or blush before a compliment or positive comment.

Copy and paste: 😊


crying emoji: is the face of extreme crying. She expresses great sadness, deep consternation.

Copy and paste: 😭


Scared or screaming emoji: It is a very impressed face, which screams in fright. It is used to convey a feeling of great impression or impact.

Copy and paste: 😱


disbelieving emoji: is a skeptical face. It is used to convey disbelief or skepticism towards something or someone.

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Copy and paste: 😒


winking emoji: it is a mischievous face, which invites complicity or play.

Copy and paste: 😉


thumbs up: emoji used to show consent or approval of an idea or opinion.

Copy and paste: 👍


flamenco dancer: emoji used to communicate that we have a desire to party or a festive mood.

Copy and paste: 💃

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