What Are International Treaties

International treaty is a term that designates legal agreements between different States or between a State and an international organization.

These agreements establish commitments from both parties that, in principle, facilitate bilateral relations between nations, whether at an economic, political, cultural or scientific level, etc.

International treaties are governed by the legal regulations of international law. They are usually done in writing, although they can be done verbally. Those treaties that are established in writing are controlled by the Vienna Convention.

In order for an international treaty to be carried out, it is necessary that the participants meet a set of conditions, among which the following can be pointed out:

  • Legal capacity: entities must have legitimacy to guarantee compliance with commitments.
  • Express will of the countries involved.
  • Justification of the treaty in terms of object and cause.
  • Compliance with the established protocol (negotiation, adoption of the text, authentication, provision of consent and other phases and tasks).

Agreements between States and public companies of a State are excluded from this definition, since said companies are governed by private international law.

Types of international treaties

There are different types of international treaties, defined according to their nature. Namely:

  • According to type of organizations participating: States or international organizations.
  • According to their subject or matter: humanitarian treaties, political treaties, cultural treaties, etc.
  • According to duration: treaties of fixed or indefinite time.
  • According to participation in negotiations: open and closed treatises.
  • According to type of obligations: law treaties and contract treaties.
  • According to type of conclusion: solemn conclusion and simplified conclusion.
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International treaties in force

Some of the best-known international treaties in force are:

  • Charter of the Organization of American States,
  • Ibero-American Charter of Citizen Participation in Public Management,
  • Granting of Political Rights to Women,
  • Inter-American Convention,
  • American Convention on Human Rights or Pact of San José,
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
  • American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.
  • TPP, TPP-11 or CPTPP.

See also: Public international law.