What Are Qualities

Qualitiesin a generic way, are all those features defining something or someone. It is the plural form of the word quality, which comes from the Latin qualitas, -atis.

They can refer to physical qualities such as hardness, elasticity and conductivity or personal qualities, which are considered as positive characteristics of a person’s way of being and acting.

qualities of a person

There are many qualities that can be found in a person, some of them are complementary to each other. Normally in a person you can distinguish different qualities in different areas. It is related to personality, character and especially, with abilities.

A quality depends on how it is perceived, depending, for example, on the social environment. For example, a certain way of being, for example, ‘knowing how to listen’ can be considered in a certain context as a positive quality and in another situation as a defect.

Qualities in a job interview

It is common in job interviews to ask or refer to what kind of qualities the interviewee has or what qualities a certain professional should have. There are many qualities within a person, but it is convenient to select those that are related to the job position for which you are applying.

For example, a person may have, among others, the qualities of teamwork, knowing how to listen to people and being punctual. If this person applies for a job responsible for toll collection in the toll roads, it is not relevant in this case that the person knows how to work in a team, since he will carry out his function in a basically isolated place and it is more important in this case punctuality.

Personal qualities, virtues, abilities

These terms are interrelated with each other and are part of the human being. The terms qualities and virtues are often used interchangeably. Skills refer to a more procedural level, focused on the ability to do something.

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A quality is identified with each of the characters, which can be natural or acquired, which distinguish people, it is related to the idea of ​​’way of being’ from a positive point of view. In a more specific way, it is understood that virtue is the effectiveness to maintain or restore a way of acting based on a series of principles and values. Finally, ability is considered as a skill in the way of proceeding.

See also Skill.

Strengths and weaknesses

The qualities distinguish living beings and objects, allow qualifying, distinguishing and identifying. It can be natural or learned and is considered, applied to the human being as a positive term.

Some examples of qualities are: sincerity, responsibility, sympathy and tolerance. A defect would be the opposite of a quality, or the absence of a quality. Some examples of defects are: selfishness, envy and anger.

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