What Does Delta Mean?

It is known as delta to fourth letter of the Greek alphabet (Δ/δ), which corresponds to the Latin letter “D”. Also, delta corresponds to land between the arms of a river at its mouth.

The delta is formed at the mouth of a river by the dragging of fluvial sediments attracted by the currents of a river, after a decrease in the speed of the river’s flow occurs, or by the currents when the river empties into the sea. , lake, another river with a greater flow, and sometimes of lesser extent in oceans.

The deltas are formed by branches, known as arms or pipes, responsible for dividing the different areas that form over time, and then join together, forming a set of channels that allow the passage, or not, of water currents.

The name delta originates from the Nile River, because its mouth extends through a triangular area, which is similar to the Greek letter delta, which is why the historian Herodotus gave it that name.

delta and estuary

In the first place, delta and estuary are two manifestations of the mouths of rivers, seas, oceans, lakes, they are differentiated by the movement of the tides.

In the case of a strong tide, estuaries are observed at the mouths of the rivers, on the contrary, if the tides are low, deltas are observed at the mouths. Due to the above, deltas are more common in calm waters such as rivers, lakes, although there are exceptions such as the Orinoco River, in South America, or the Niger River in Africa.

Delta in math

In mathematics, the capital delta (Δ), means “change”. In the case of X, it represents the speed of an object, and if it is accompanied by delta “Δx”, it refers to “speed change”. In this sense, delta is used in physics, chemistry, and engineering.

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Also, uppercase delta, represents the discriminant of a polynomial equation.

Now, in geometry, lowercase delta (δ) represents an angle in any geometric shape.

Finally, Kronecker’s delta (δij), represents a relationship between two integral variables, it is 1 if the variables are equal, and 0 if they are not.

delta in chemistry

In chemistry, delta bonds (δ bonds), are covalent bonds where four lobes of one electron orbital involved overlap with four lobes of the other electron orbital involved.