What Does it Mean to Dream About a Vagina?

When a person dreams of sexual organs, whether they are female or male, their first implication is always directly related to sexual desire and libido. dream vagina It specifically refers to the fear that the dreamer may experience regarding his sexuality, especially that related to livid and desire.

However, not all dreams with a vagina should be biased towards a merely sexual interpretation, but it also has to do with maternity, finances, feminine receptivity, flowering or fruitfulness.

Below we give you various interpretations Some related to sexual pleasure or the desire to be intimately related to someone, others related to feelings associated with sex or sexuality. In some cases you will see that there are dreams related to the fear of an infection or conditionTherefore, you should continue reading until the end of the article.

According to Freud

According to the theory of the father of psychoanalysis, this dream is related to the castration complex. He states that if a woman dreams of a vagina, it has to do with her confirmation that she does not have a penis. On the other hand, when the man who dreams of a vagina is a man, it refers to castration.

The psychiatrist states that when a woman dreams of a vagina it is also associated with motherhood or the questioning that she herself makes of her capacity as a woman.

dream vaginadream vagina

Features of the vagina

dream vagina great

You are a person very receptive when it comes to observing the objectives that a friend or close person is drawn. You pay attention to what other people need and you dedicate yourself to supporting it 100%. This attitude that is frequent in you, makes you very appreciated by those around you.

dream vagina small

Contrary to the previous case, you are very closed and unresponsive. Faced with the issues that occur, you show apathy or isolate yourself so as not to get involved. You do not show compassionate love for your fellow men. Their problems do not concern you at all. This dream is a call to reflection so that you can change these negative attitudes.

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On the other hand, this dream also implies that you are afraid of changes. Your closed way of being makes you very suspicious and you don’t risk anything. The new for you is denied. As we see, this dream alerts you that you have to act soon to turn around your ways of living.

dream that you have a vagina

A man or a woman can have this dream without distinction, however the interpretation for each one is different.

Yes one woman has a dream about her vagina for sure she has one high self esteem, with a very high perception of her femininity. For this reason, self-acceptance is an important point to highlight in this dream, as well as the will to face the challenges that arise from daily life.

In case it’s a men who dreams that they have a vagina, is a sign that they feel subordinate and does not know how to make the right decisions. The fear of him is very noticeable. He doesn’t know how to make decisions so he doesn’t succeed in many areas. In this sense, this dream is an alert to reflect and radically change this way of being.

Dream about shaved vagina

this dream is related to nudity. It is a sign that the dreamer leans towards what is not glazed, he likes things as they are in their natural state. Another interpretation is related to the neatness that the dreamer seeks. He does not like matters that are not clean. Transparency in everything is his motto.

dream vaginadream vagina

Dreaming of a brunette vagina

The dreaming person is a very flexible person, so much so that it adapts to any situation with ease. You have no problem if you have to change routes in any area. It is available with a good attitude to learn from the new.

dream of white vagina

The dreamer is a cheerful person who does not show many inconveniences. His situations are usually resolved with ease. He does not see obstacles to anything, his attitude is always to bet because everything can be resolved and brought to a happy conclusion.

Situations with a vagina

Dream that you touch a vagina

This dream suggests that you are one of the people who you are not afraid of what they will say. You dare to take risks and challenges even if they are complex issues that are presented to you. You have no modesty to be wide open and daring. Your way of being is spontaneous and self-confident.

Dreaming that they touch your vagina (woman)

is associated with your sexual desires. Surely you are in a moment of intense lasciviousness and you urgently need sex. This dream has surely made you moist naturally. If you have a partner, you should approach him to satisfy your desires and if not, then surrender to sleep but while you are awake and provide the pleasure that you biologically need.

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Dreaming that there is a smell of vagina and you like it

you are a person who You know how to value things as they are. You are not seeking to change others just because you like or dislike their ways. It’s a great way to be.

Dreaming that there is a smell of vagina and you don’t like it

you are a person with prejudices and you disqualify people according to your precepts. This dream highlights what you really have in your heart regarding those around you. You withdraw when you don’t like something, without first finding out why it is that way.

Dream that you kiss a vagina

you are passionate and you have no taboos. It’s fantastic that you are this way, which is why every issue in which you challenge yourself comes out perfectly. You do not limit yourself to anything you want to do, your self-confidence is excellent. It is also associated with sexual desires obviously. Channel your desires without hesitation.

Dreaming that your vagina itches (woman)

you may have unresolved concerns. In the same way, you should check that there is not really any anguish for having had sexual relations under some risk or that you have not seen a specialist for a long time. Take care of your health, perhaps the dream is alerting you to something important that you should review.

dream vaginadream vagina

Dream that you show the vagina

There’s something that you must say and you have had hidden since a long time. You have to get secrets out of your mind because they disturb you. Organize your ideas and begin to establish hierarchies of what is most important to you. Don’t let fear keep you clinging to secrets.

Dream that you smell a vagina

You are a very curious person who seeks to know about somewhat sordid matters. You are not afraid to delve into places or issues that are risky or that they do not offer you a good image from the outset. You are risky and throw yourself into the ring whatever there is to do or see. It is a good attitude, but you must dose it, because you could get into trouble.

dream of blood in the vagina

You must be with some anguish for everyday situations. It is important that this dream has warned you that you must stop to find a solution to each line in your life. You should not be putting off the steps you should take. You will feel better when you direct your ideas towards successful solutions.

come out of the vagina

Dreaming that coins come out of the vagina

This dream is of good fortune. It announces that if you have a project it will surely turn out well and will give you good profits. Don’t be scared by the picture, this it is a dream of prosperity.

dream flowers come out of the vagina

You are in a very interesting moment in your life, in which there is harmony in your environment. This dream tells you that you will have good friends, that you will give birth to a good relationship with someone very dear

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Dreaming of gas coming out of the vagina

you will receive news that will arrive suddenly. Something you expected will materialize in a breath. Do not worry because every matter that you have planned will materialize.

Dreaming that water comes out of the vagina

This is a positive dream that indicates that everything will flow. Any plan you have in mind will be positive and you will see it progress before your eyes. You will be satisfied with what you have achieved and you will receive praise for it.

Dreaming that a baby comes out of the vagina

indicates fertility in all areas of your life. If you are not pregnant it will be the achievement of goals. You will give birth to excellent ideas that will apply very well in the workplace, even within the family. If you are pregnant it means that everything will be fine and the birth of your baby will be for everyone’s happiness.

Dreaming that snakes come out of the vagina

It’s a good moment of release. Some anguish that you have had will leave your life very soon. You will find the expeditious path to solve successfully.

dream vaginadream vagina

enter the vagina

Dreaming that a penis enters the vagina

Without a doubt, this is a critical moment in which you are in a sexual climax. It is the opportune moment to establish a relationship with your partner because it will be a success. Spare no effort to promote a meeting on these terms, you need it and surely your partner does too.

Dreaming that you insert a plastic penis into the vagina

This dream implies real loneliness. You are not being satisfied nor do you feel accompanied. You need ratification from someone of the opposite sex. You are looking for pleasures in ephemeral things that are neither real nor lasting. It is time to solve loneliness. Look for company.

Dreaming that a cucumber enters the vagina

This dream is similar to the previous one. Loneliness is imminent. It is also associated with the desire to perform actions out of the ordinary. You need to bring something new to your life and that is why you are looking for it.

Dreaming that a snake enters the vagina

There must be someone in your environment who envy and you are perceiving it. There are gossip related to you and this is worrying you. It is time to put an end to gossip and face the person or people who whisper about you.

Dreaming that a curse enters through the vagina

You must take great care of people who do not like you well. Someone very close is wishing you harm and you must find out who it is. Surely you will know easily because this dream is alerting you to it.