What Does it Mean to Dream About Dolls?

The subconscious tries to show references from the person’s childhood, including some personal object from real life. Although, the mind can also be influenced by elements that are observed daily in stores, advertisements, social networks, cinema or television. It may be that people wish somehow relive experiences that they consider positiveor miss moments and people that brought them joy.

An explanation for this type of dream may be that people wish in some way to relive experiences that they consider positive, or they miss moments and people that brought them joy.

Another explanation relates with sex lifecould reflect a state of immaturity or also the search for experimentation.

dream dollsdream dolls

What does it mean to dream of rag dolls?

Dreaming of toys made with these materials could indicate that the person is strange or has nostalgia for moments of the past.

Also rag dolls represent emotions to which adequate attention has not been paid. It is possible that it is an indicator that we are avoiding some aspect of our emotional health, it can also be related to feelings of guilt.

dream dollsdream dolls

Dreaming of dolls dressed in ornaments

It can express that we are in company search. The symbology of the doll in this type of dream is related to the lack of social interaction, it is possible that the person is experiencing problems of loneliness or depression.

Dream of sitting doll

If in the dream we observe that the doll is sitting or lying on a piece of furniture, without us playing with it, it may indicate that in real life we ​​are being ignored or rejected in our social circle.

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Dream that you play with a doll

If, on the other hand, we observe that we play with the doll, but we do not enjoy it, it may be an indicator that we are being influenced or handled by a person close. This dream suggests that we should get away from a person who is causing problems in our personal relationships.

Dreaming of a broken or incomplete rag doll

When the rag doll has a break or is incomplete, it can reflect the real emotional state of the person. It is possible that a series of problems are overwhelming the person from an emotional point of view. There is a possibility that you are looking for solutions but no answers have been found. These dreams indicate that we should focus on carrying out projects that help us have professional successes.

What does it mean to dream of talking dolls?

When inanimate objects seem to take on a life of their own, they are often associated with emotions and behaviors that indicate the shyness and isolation of the person in real life. It is possible that these types of dreams try to warn that the person should express themselves and establish a more fluid communication with the people around them.

People who are shy, or who have difficulty having a normal social life, can express their overwhelm through these dreams. When a doll seems to take on a life of its own, it can indicate the need to make changes in different aspects of your personal life. In this case, the doll is a projection of ourselvesso it begins to perform actions that we wish we could do ourselves.

Dreaming of a possessed doll

namely have self-awareness, it could indicate that problems are happening with close people such as family and friends. It is a sign that we are not having a normal connection or relationship with some people. Perhaps some decisions have taken us by surprise and we do not agree with some recent events.

Also observing that a doll begins to speak or move by itself could indicate that we are afraid of being influenced by people who seek to harm us. These dreams usually occur when we are having negative emotions, thoughts related to the possibility of be manipulated or controlled without our realizing it.

dream dollsdream dolls

What does it mean to dream of buying a doll?

If we observe that we are buying a doll in a dream, it can Hint that we are planning bribe or buy loyalty of some people to help us with our purposes.

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In dreams in which we observe ourselves making purchases, they indicate that we are seeking the cooperation of influential people. It is possible that these dreams occur during periods of time in which we are carrying out different economic activities that we hope will be successful. It is a dream that indicates that we are willing to don’t miss any opportunity.

What does it mean to dream of voodoo or Santeria dolls?

In popular culture, urban legends have always been heard that ensure that the dolls can be possessed by evil entities. When we dream of dolls used in witchcraft ceremonies or rituals, such as voodoo dolls, it may indicate that the person is superstitious.

It also suggests that you feel vulnerable to the possibility of being attacked from a spiritual point of view. If we see that the doll has pins stuck in it and that it is being used in a ceremony, it is possible that the person is going through a moment in which they feel fragile and have lost enthusiasm.

What does it mean to dream of a porcelain doll?

Porcelain dolls are often related to the mother figure. Dreaming of a porcelain doll also symbolizes the fragility of the person, it is possible that you feel vulnerable before the opinion of other people. It is also a symbol of the youth or beauty lossTherefore, it is a dream that usually occurs in people who are approaching the stage of old age.

Porcelain dolls are directly related to the cult of beauty, its appearance in dreams can suggest the lack of satisfaction regarding physical appearance. If these dolls are used in dreams to play with, they also suggest that people feel the need to make changes to their physique because they feel rejected by people.

When a doll of this type breaks, it may indicate that the person has lost faith or even the courage to continue carrying out certain activities. symbolizes the beginning of a long period of depression. It can be interpreted as a warning sign, as it announces that a series of difficult emotional situations will soon have to be overcome.

dream dollsdream dolls

What does it mean to dream of many dolls?

When large amounts of the same element appear in dreams, it is related to the search for people’s acceptance. It is possible that the person is trying to overcome some kind of social problem like shyness. These are common dreams in people who always value physical appearances and not intellectual abilities.

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These dreams suggest the possibility that we unconsciously know that we are not acting in good faith with some people. Depending on the number of dolls that appear in the dream, it can also be related to the number of problems that we must solve as soon as possible.

If we notice that we are in a store where the shelves are full of dolls, it can suggest that we must set priorities in our personal finances. It is possible that unnecessary purchases or expenses have been incurred lately. These dreams symbolize that during the next period of time a series of readjustments will have to be made in family financial planning.

What does it mean to dream of old dolls?

The appearance of elements or objects related to the past usually suggests self esteem problems. If an old-looking doll appears in a dream, it may indicate that the person is experiencing problems related to his lack of esteem regarding his physical and intellectual abilities. It is possible that the person who has this dream feels that he is not the one to carry out certain activities.

People can see themselves reflected in these dolls since they feel guilty for not being able to carry out activities such as studying or working correctly. These dreams are recurring when there are feelings of guilt because of not being able to cope with certain responsibilities.

If we see that they give us an old doll, it means that we feel controlled or judged. represents the lack of communication and the feeling that close people are influencing our decisions. It is also related to immaturity and lack of experience. The person may need to feel more fulfilled and secure in her actions and decisions.