What Does it Mean to Dream About Drugs

The dreamer may interpret these dreams as dark and gloomy. Dreaming of drugs is a bad omen, it is sinister, it represents evasive to the real world, suffering, false joy. Dark environment of much confusion

Drugs are a symbol of that easy or fictitious joy that passes quickly. This indicates the dreamer has a taste for expensive pleasures that will quickly vanish and leave a deep void. Irresponsibility also characterizes the environment of which he dreams. Therefore, these features give a reading of what is in the life of a person who has this dream.

This dream indicates that you have little interest in really solving situations, you are very good at evasiveness. Drugs in dreams are always a sign that the dreamer is in some kind of emergency.

buy drugs

Dream that you openly buy drugs

in your life there is a extreme messYou are not very ashamed of the bad deeds you do. You are not responsible for the consequences of your actions. You are cheeky and brazen in the environments where you handle yourself. This type of dream puts you in evidence of how much you are behaving

Dream that you buy drugs with shame

You have a complex life, with many hidden affairs and you feel sorry for them. You would like to be free of these feelings of guilt but you can’t get rid of them. You need to reset certain behaviors and get out of those wrong behaviors that affect both you and others.

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Dream that you buy drugs out of curiosity

You are very wrong in your choices. You are inclined to select from the worst things that exist. You are not a person with willpower. Or if you were, you use your will to select the worst things around you.

dream about drugsdream about drugs

Dream about drugs (Consume)

Dream that you use drugs voluntarily

your inclination to self destruction it is very alarming. You know what harms you and you don’t stop doing it. You keep insisting on dark, harmful and unhelpful paths.

Dream that you use drugs because they force you

You have no willpower, you are a puppet of others, this leads you in the wrong direction. If others decide to do a bad deed you follow them, only to be very “good” socially.

You could say NO, but you prefer to let yourself go. If you are forced to do something and you know it is not in your best interest, refuse to accept it. If they force you under threats to do something you do not want, they manage to defeat you, after this, take another course, do not go back to frequent places or people that tempt against your integrity and dignity.

Dream that you use drugs by deception

you have very bad friends around you who want to harm you, you must be very alert to this matter, as they could involve you in high-risk and dangerous situations. Stay away from groups of people with bad habits. Look for people of light, whose tastes lean towards peace and constructive good deeds.

Dreaming that you use “light” drugs

If in dreams you consume dope, which is a weed, could mean that you have time to solve a problem that you have at the door. Your life is in danger, but the solution is not difficult. Try to get out of this matter that overwhelms you soon.

Dreaming of “strong” drugs

Your level of evasion is immense and in this way you will not be able to get out of this matter that has you so entangled. You are looking where you should not look for the solution to your issues. You are very wrong in life. You can’t find a way to get out of such a jam.

It is possible that your problem is dragging others and causing pain and suffering. Make decisions or continue down the path of failure or decide to jump onto a path of light and hope. To do this you must make radical decisions, from changing your environment, to changing your job.

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give away drugs

Dream that you give drugs to a young friend

You know you’re doing something very wrong right now. You are not able to solve your problems in another way, you seek to persuade others towards what you desire not to mention that this affects these people.

The problems in which you have been involved, should not drag others, from every point of view you are acting negatively and with a lot of selfishness to see others happy, while you are very finished. Actions that are done with premeditation and treachery are penalized by morality, especially if they are defenseless people with respect to you.

dream about drugsdream about drugs

Dream that you give drugs to someone who suffers

You are not acting correctly. You want to help someone who is suffering you look for the most inappropriate ways to do it. You may end up making him suffer more than he already did, so take a step back and leave him alone. If you don’t have really positive help, it’s best not to even bother “helping.”

Dream that you give drugs to a family member

This dream is very delicate. You are not doing something right with respect to a person in the family. It is a bad deed that characterizes your behavior in the last days. It is a wake-up call for you to reflect on it and direct your actions towards matters of good, that are for your growth and that of these people so close to your life.

See they get high

Dream that strangers take drugs

you are going to witness something unpleasant that will disturb you. It is an act possibly on a street while you go to work, on public transport or in a food store. It will be something that will really impress you and move your senses and feelings.

Unfortunately we are exposed to these fortuitous issues in the middle of the road, for which we must prepare. The street is not easy to walk and understand its dynamics is complex, so be prepared not to be too shaken.

Dream that a family member takes drugs

You will be disappointed by something a person in your family does. This will give you a lot of regret and you even decide to get away from this relative. Try to give him some recommendation to try to twist the destiny that this person is tracing, which is not the most desired.

dream about drugsdream about drugs

Dream that a loved one takes drugs

Like the previous meaning, it will be a big disappointment. The impact can be more or less the same, it will only depend on the degree of closeness you have with this person.

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Dream that you see a book about drugs

walk looking for answers on unknown matters, this is a good sign. Not knowing about something serious and looking for information about it is very positive.

When you document something, you take less risk. It is a good deed to try to know about things that come out of your area, but if they touch that of loved ones. Knowing will always be a good guide to find solutions to future problems, yours or those of people in your immediate environment.

sharing drugs

To dream that you are in a group consuming and you share it

The groups of people you frequent are not the most appropriate. They bring you serious inconvenience and tarnish your presence. It is highly recommended that you leave these people radically.

Dream that strangers take drugs

If others are acting inappropriately, take that as a lesson to learn. Do not see these actions with indifference, try to reflect and take action in this regard

dream about drugsdream about drugs

find drugs

Dream that you get drugs on the street

It means that you must beware of dangers. The street is full of them and you are likely to face some inconvenience that affects you a lot. If you see something unwanted on the road, take another course and do not get involved

Dream that you get drugs in the belongings of a relative or friend

You will discover something that will shock you of someone very dear. You will not be able to avoid feeling sadness for what you are going to know about a person close to you. What you are going to know about this person will destabilize you, take precautions and strengthen yourself spiritually.

Sell ​​drugs

Dream that you sell expensive drugs

You’re a very ambitious person that you are looking for ways to get money without trying too hard. You take risks in matters other than work, to achieve that level you want.

Dream that you sell cheap drugs

You seek solutions to your problems in the least appropriate way. you use low caliber strategies and low level of commitment. You evade responsibilities because that is your best format.