What Does it Mean to Dream About Semen

It’s time to look within with a deep sense of hindsight and self-improvement. It is the need to express the creative potential from the pattern change. Certain thoughts linked to intimate life that afflict Reasoning and analytical skills.

Next, we try to elucidate the presence of semen in our dreams, where we will try to break down the most relevant aspects in which we can relate, both our development as individuals as an individual aspect and our shared daily life with those who share spaces in common with us.

Dreaming of Semen Colors

Dreaming of lucid colored semen

It indicates the need to express our creative potential from the change of patterns, manifested through the subconscious.

Dreaming of Opaque Colored Semen

Generally, when we dream of opaque color scales, even sober or neutral, we must be aware of the decisions we are interpreting at this stage of our lives. Let us remember that, to greater darkness of vivid colors greater absence of light; Therefore, we must procure renewing ideas, lucidity, changes.

Dreaming of Red Colored Semen

When a red semen appears in a dream, it shows our Animal instinct more primitive. If the semen is white, but has red particles, it refers to blood. Therefore, certain thoughts linked to our intimate life are afflicting us; necessary to attend to said matters to try to resolve them.

Dreaming of Blue Semen

When the observed semen is blue in color, it reflects our reasoning and analytical skills in front of the situation or the context of the dream. We must be aware of the tonality of the color in question; since, the greater the darker tone, the greater the conscious capacity to promote solutions of what is visualized.

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Dream of Green Semen

The green color of semen shows the connection with nature; since it allows us to connect with the elements that are part of the ecosystem that provides us with oxygen. Dreaming that this element is part of us relates to us as a species.

dream about semendream about semen

Dreaming of Violet Semen

The violet color in the field of dreams refers to the transmutation of our ideas, our imagination, our emotions. The semen, by having in itself the creative essence, in addition to this color, allows us to anticipate a new event of a spiritual nature. Therefore, it is the dual connection between our physical essence and our astral part.

Dreaming of Transparent Semen

When the semen is translucent or transparent, it is linked to our conscious state. reflects our feeling of satisfaction for some resolved situation. It is linked to self-realization and overcoming obstacles presented in some situation in our lives.

Dreaming of the Semen of acquaintances or not

Dreaming of Own Semen

Through our own semen, we could observe certain characteristics that our conscious state would prevent us from showing. When we dream of our own semen or sperm, it is time to look within with a deep sense of hindsight and personal improvement.

Dreaming of a Friend’s Semen

It connects us with the reflection of our most intimate emotions. Dreaming of a friend’s semen evokes our need to communicate with our relatives or with that person in question. Our friends represent the social faces of our personality.

Dreaming of the Semen of a Family Member

Through the semen of close relatives, our subconscious can manifest the reflection of socially accepted or rejected patterns at a certain moment in our lives. It is important to realize that semen in this case manifests the filters that we have consolidated in our way of interacting with the outside worldwith the rest of the people.

Dreaming of the semen of a deceased person

reflects the yearning of not having managed to complete a process in the stipulated times at some stage of our lives; either with that person in life or with some general aspect of ourselves.

Dreaming of the Semen of an Unknown Person

Indicates the need to escape from an uncomfortable situation through the encouragement of new experiences. In this case, a subconscious desire to hear new ideas or perspectives manifests itself.

Dreaming of the Semen of a Group of People

It clearly evokes the need to link and interrelate and develop some interpersonal characteristic in a massive way. This deficiency could be linked to some process not corrected in adolescence or in the young adult stage.

dream about semendream about semen

Dreaming of the Semen of an Artist

When we dream of the semen of someone from the show, we can mention the need to protect ourselves from exposure in public. It could reveal mixed feelings such as some emotion of fear or fear of making a mistake in a presentation before an audience.

Dreaming of the Semen of a Politician

It indicates the need to negotiate some aspect that has not been taken into consideration. Therefore, it is time to assume the risks of taking actions to mediate and resolve intelligently situations that generally affect a group of people.

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Dreaming of the semen of some animal

Dreaming that we are related to the semen of some animal, links us to certain aspects of our personality and primitive instinct. Depending on the animal, we can categorize it. If the semen is from a canine, we express our need for fidelity. On the other hand, if the semen is from a dolphin, it reflects our lack of interacting with our relatives in a satisfactory way.

Dreaming of semen on inanimate objects

Dreaming of Semen on Clothes

When we dream that semen is visualized as a stain on some surface of a garment, it refers to the disagreement about some aspect of our personal image. Therefore, we should provide a new concept or some innovation factor in our style.

Dream About Semen on Furniture

The manifestation of a semen stain on furniture in our room, on some furniture in our home, even some office furniture refers to a situation that we are not considering resolving promptly and we are literally running the wrinkle down, avoiding resolving issues without proposing new solutions.

Dreaming of Semen on Jewelry or Decorative Items

Denotes the need to feed our ego from elements considered as overcoming social status. Dreaming of semen on these jewels is linked to a lack of self-esteem. Therefore, we must redirect our purpose and formulate readjustments to obtain our principles again.

Dream about Semen on Shoes

When we dream of semen on someone else’s shoes, it refers to the ego of mark territory on that person as a symbol of belonging. Therefore, we should reconsider our thoughts and avoid attachments to overcome misinterpretations or blurring of relationships with others.

Dreaming of Semen on Columns and Walls

When the semen is present on some surface of some large inanimate object such as a wall, a column, even a stain on the ground, we can refer to aspects related to the internal change of our structure as individuals. It reflects a change in paradigms and, therefore, a new adaptation process.

dream about semendream about semen

Dreaming of Semen on Living or Dead Nature

Dream about Semen on Food

When we dream that semen is visualized as part of some food, it reflects the lack of appetite for that food or the monotony of ingesting such an item. The inappetence against the food item.

Dreaming of Semen on Earth

The manifestation of a semen stain or particles on the ground evokes the connection with our ancestors. Our interrelation with the elements that we carry within our blood. It is linked to the possible seed or opportunity to share our multiple capacities with the world.

Dreaming of Semen in the Water

Within the water, it is linked to our gestation process and the relationship with our mother. It takes us to our initial state of life, our most fragile essence as living beings. It is the connection with the memories of our original essence as loved beings and with the capacity to love.

Dreaming of semen in the air

The semen in the air is related to ideas to be realized. could relate to projects not yet started or paralyzed by some circumstance that is beyond our competence or not.

Dreaming of Semen by the Fire

When we dream of semen inside the fire, it evokes our need to forget stormy events and our ability to overcome adversity or failure.

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Dreaming of Semen Floating in the Galaxy

When the semen is over an unknown space such as the galaxy, it reflects the dispersion of our goals. Therefore, we must rediscover our life purpose by attending to our real needs and recovering our original essence.

Dreaming Experimenting with Semen and its Forms

To dream that we are the Semen

When we have this type of dreams, we must try to assertively interpret the conception of being part of the substance that is considered as a channel for the reproduction of the species. It is usually linked to the intrinsic connection that we have as beings with the ability to create and replicate ourselves.

Dreaming of Super Wide or Tiny Semen Stains

This type of dream, where we visualize that the semen stain is greatly disproportionate to the spaces that we consider common to us, most likely is that this exaggeration or reduction of the dimensions reflects the momentary disturbance of our emotional state in any particular situation.

Dream that we ingest semen

In case of dreaming that we find ourselves ingesting some particles of semen, it reflects our need to self regenerate and reinvent ourselves to obtain a new purpose in our lives later.

Dreaming of Semen in the Form of Hieroglyphs

When we present this type of dreams, we must be aware of the meaning of each of the forms or symbols manifested through the substance of semen. Generally speaking, hieroglyphic symbols connect us with our past lives

dream about semendream about semen

Dreaming of Magical and Incandescent Semen

When we dream of this type of semen, we mean really amazing features. evokes the need to get out of our comfort state of some personal relationship, it can be a couple. If the semen has a dazzling illuminated veil, it refers to a change of self-awareness.

Dreaming of Semen of Mythological Creatures

In case of dreaming that we are in contact with the semen of mythological creatures or beings with super-human characteristics, we could refer to aspects related to the needs of change panoramas, perspectives against ideologies or currents of thought.

Dreaming of Semen on Naked Bodies

Dreaming of a Naked Male Body

The naked bodies and if semen is found on them, we could refer to the lack of freeing ourselves from some bondage imposed by some social filter. It could mean sexual attraction for the person or for the masculine gender or some connection of our personality with some voluntarily assumed or imposed masculine characteristic.

Dreaming of a Naked Female Body

In this case, if we are aware of knowing the person’s naked body, in addition to evoking characteristics of the female gender, they could manifest hidden aspects of our personality. Femininity is the connection with the balance of our emotional state, our roots.

Dreaming of a Dead Body that is Naked

When we dream that a deceased person has a semen stain on them, we could relate it to unresolved frustrations. Therefore, it is our duty to the extent of the possibilities that each one wishes to assume the fact of overcoming the diversities raised at some stage of our life.