What Does it Mean to Dream About Trips/planes/suitcases

Frequently dreaming of trips, planes and suitcases makes reference to a stage of changea new cycle, new opportunities, symbolizes the nonconformity of the place where one lives, the need to come and go, to seek new environments, new destinations.

Many times, this dream is a metaphor for life itself. It implies that the dreamer feels in a stage of change. He knows that he is on the road to a new cycle. This is how the metaphor of the trip makes the interpretation of this type of dream disappear. is something that every oneiromante should know in depth. In this case, in this text we give you some tips for the interpretation of dreaming about travel, dreaming about airplanes and dreaming about suitcases.

dreaming of travel

The fact of dreaming of travel often indicates dissatisfaction with the place where you live The dreamer. A tacit manifestation of the unconscious, which announces the desire to say goodbye to the place where it is located. From a psychiatric point of view, a travel dream has exactly the intention just mentioned. A dreamer that one is satisfied and needs to find a new environment. In this case, it is recommended precisely to change the place.

However, it happens that travel dreams are heterogeneous. Sometimes you dream of a round trip. These types of transfers indicate a pendulum life. The need to come and go. A momentary restlessness. A closure of life, a path that lands us in a circular way to the destination point. In this case, it may be a dream of not so positive versions. For example, it indicates that precisely when a great effort is made, it always ends in the initial situation.

dreaming of traveldreaming of travel

In turn, you can dreaming of trips to deserted places. This means that the person is looking for an exotic site. Also, a completely clear place. And that also has a strong insolation. This pair of connotations are 100% important to understand this type of dream. It implies that the dreamer wants to get away or reach an open place, where there are few objects. Also, where there is a lot of clarity and heat. These are factors that must be taken into account when interpreting this dream.

different Sound with traveling to a jungle. It means that there are certain unconscious related to a wild nature. The dreamer must be asked if, in his dream, he had contact with animals. Or, on the contrary, only the dreams of a large vegetation. A dream where greenery predominates is different from another where there is a zoology that can even be fantastic. Animals that do not exist in the real world, fabrications of the unconscious that are manifested or reflected in the score of dreams.

dream of airplanes

dream of airplanes It can be interpreted as a variant of the dreams of travelers. However, it has two special connotations. The first concerns the condition of sailing the skies. See the world from an altitude, in a situation similar to a bird or a deity that sees everything from a higher plane. Also, it has a second connotation: we refer to the technology. It is a dream where a device developed by man is capable of making the dream of flying come true.

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It’s quite usual dream about airplanes. It is something that people usually do before embarking on a long trip. Therefore, it is important to ask the dreamer the circumstance of his life. Party. If you travel, if you already have the air ticket and the date at the airport, the dream does not deserve much interpretation. Plus another thing that the unconscious manifesting itself about is the trip that is about to take place.

However, things change when a plane appears in dreams without having a planned trip. In this case, we must take into account several meanings of dreaming about an airplane.

dream of planesdream of planes

The meanings and interpretations of dreaming about airplanes

The dreams with airplanes must know how to understand. The truth is that in the first instance a dream that announced a true desire for freedom. Dreams with airplanes are interpreted as the need to escape, to be freer. Also, the search for a new independence. Likewise, the interest in acting according to their own criteria. The need to stop degrading others. In this sense, it is necessary to clarify the dreamer that dreaming of airplanes indicates the need for a point of personal reflection.

However, it can also be interpreted in many ways. People who have had professional success often dream of airplanes. The idea of ​​taking offto reach the top of the sky, to be above the clouds, precisely has to do with the fact of having conquered a goal that is difficult to achieve.

In turn, when the plane trip is something fast during sleep; It means that it is low to achieve economic success. Maybe, a quick business that will make you good money, perhaps you will win the lottery. This dream a premonition. You must also be prepared to understand that this income is fast, it will not be constant. Therefore, it is also a warning for you to know how to manage yourself and not end up wasting all your money.

Dreaming of an airplane is something that indicates changes

The airplanes indicate vital changes. And they are not small changes. They are metaphorical changes constituting a long journey. This idea of ​​change is important to understand this dream. After all, traveling by plane involved a long-distance journey that also takes a short period of time. It means that things are going to change radically, but at the same time with real speed.

On the other hand, if you dream of plane transfers the dream it means that you must choose the changes. That is to say, it is not an immediate change that is simply going to happen to you. Actually, you have several options and you should choose the most suitable one for your interests. So are the changes. Many times, they do not depend on us. But at other times, they appear disguised as a wide range of alternatives. It only remains in our hands to choose the option that best suits our needs.

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Another peculiarity is to dream that is taking off from a plane. It simply means that you should prepare for a new life. The time to change is coming. A cycle of your existence has been closed; but another opens. Possibly, feel nostalgic for what you leave behind. But keep in mind that you should pay more attention to the opportunity that opens and not to what is left in the past. If you don’t do this, you’re going to get stuck at a certain stage and that’s not good for your life.

dream of planesdream of planes

dream of suitcases

dream of suitcases It means that you travel, but you don’t leave everything behind. You carry something with you. Many times, that something is never known since the suitcase is never opened in the dream. That something ends up being a mystery, something the dreamer wants to know, but he never can. The reason? Well, the dream ends and he can’t never what he carries in the suitcase. This means that the person has an unconscious burden from which they cannot be freed. He knows that he has that weight on him, but he cannot see it since he is inside the suitcase that he always carries.

Curiously, that something that he carries with him is a weight. A load that does not let you move comfortably. However, it happens that he does not want to let go. It can even happen that during sleep the suitcase is lost. The reaction is very nervous, wanting to get it at any cost. Then, the dreamer realizes that this something important. Perhaps it is a painful memory, but that it has to do with his childhood, he does not want to let go. If so, the dreamer needs psychological help to know exactly what he is beating in the depths of his unconscious.

dream of an empty suitcase

It is a dream that often occurs. Many times, the dreamer is constantly traveling with an eternal model. She takes care of her, carries her with enormous zeal. But at some point in the dream, the suitcase opens and leaves its contents open: nothing! The suitcase is empty. It is a rather strange dream, because the suitcase seemed to be something very important; but actually had nothing.

Possibly, this dream announces that the dreamer is He has invented responsibility, he left burdens that he does not have. They feel that their life is empty and to fill it they prefer to make many excuses. In the dream, precisely the suitcase means the excuse. Perhaps the dreamer could move more freely, but he has found the excuse of an empty suitcase for not doing so. That way he can hide her shyness, hiding it in the false need to take care of an object that has nothing inside. It is a recurring dream that shows a problem that many people have in real life.

Many times, we don’t go ahead out of fear. We are afraid to face things. In order not to face them, we prefer to invent somewhat silly excuses. Inventing that we are carrying a heavy load, but that in reality we are carrying a completely empty suitcase. In a dream that calls us reflection. It is a dream that calls us to review what we consider important in our lives. Do we see the real importance of relevant issues? Or are we actually attentive to take with us and give our interest to an empty suitcase?

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Dream about travel and suitcases

Suitcases and trips are often confused in dreams. They are close things from a syntactic and grammatical point of view. There are deep analogies: the idea of ​​travel and the suitcase go hand in hand. However, it means that the trip is undertaken taking some things with it. The ideal of wanting to change, but bringing something from the past.

Suitcases can be in many shapes. The most common is the typical rectangular-shaped suitcase. However, there are dreams where it is observed that the traveler carried a kind of small briefcase. In other cases, he can carry a gigantic, very heavy and bulky suitcase. There may even be no suitcase: just a small object that he carries in his hand.

All this is configuring an itinerary of forms, connotations, metaphorical aspects that must be understood. A suitcase is not in itself an important object. What is truly relevant is what is inside the suitcase. Therefore, it must be understood that the suitcase is the vision of something contained inside.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing dreams when traveling carrying a coffin. Obviously, in this case what is traveling is a dead body. For this reason, it is a very special type of suitcase: we are talking about a sarcophagus. Its interior cannot house anything other than death. And if something else is inside the sarcophagus, that something is wrapped in the idea of ​​what is not alive. It is certainly a sad dream. But it can have special connotations.

dream about travel and suitcasesdream about travel and suitcases

Dreaming about travel is quite common

All people, at some point, have dreamed of a trip. It is not clear why this trip is so common, it seems to be a collective need. People like to travel, to see new horizons. The trip is a kind of prize, it even carries a bit of freedom. That’s just what people want to feel about the ride.

In this case, dreaming of a trip is something that must be understood correctly. The misinterpretation of these dreams can be due to several factors. Verbigraciathat the context in which the dreamer works is not taken into account. Also, do not be attentive to the details of the dream. A travel dream is a narrative: a story that must be disarticulated into each of its parts. Only in this way can he be understood; There is dismembering the dream as if it were an autopsy. This is the only way to achieve its full interpretation.

Have you dreamed of travel, planes or suitcases? Then, In this text you have some keys to understand what you are dreaming of.