What Does it Mean to Dream About Your Ex

This dream represents nostalgia for that person who meant a lot. Dreaming of your ex represents that you miss him, that you’re missing something, you need a connectionYou miss what you felt. It also symbolizes desires, hidden desires, overcoming.

That you dream with your ex can be treated for a very recent breakupsince it was an experience that you lived with another person whom you loved and gave a lot of affection, so you don’t have to be surprised, it’s normal for it to happen.

Dream about your ex, it is normal because it is likely that it has meant a lot to you and even more so if the breakup is recent. What happens is that you are going through a common period of acceptance and adaptation to the situation.

That is why this dream has an explanation. The memories and experiences that you lived with that person were or are very important to you and is what clearly reflects the subconscious. What you have to do is let time pass and you can be calmer.

Because if you are in a state of stress you will not achieve any change and what will happen is that this dream repeats itself and makes you feel that you can no longer. Here are some interpretations of this dream.

get back with your ex

Dream about your ex having sex

dream about your exdream about your ex

Dream about your ex having sex, involves not only ex-partner but also ex-husband. This means that finding yourself in this situation in dreams means that intimacy with that person do you miss her and you would like to experience it again. It happens that the sexual desire must be consummated or the dream may keep repeating itself or find a way to let these feelings go.

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Despite this, it is normal to have these dreams because it was a person with whom you had these love encounters and it is clear that you miss him and you want to receive again those stimuli that disappeared due to the breakup.

If you currently share with another person and have this type of dream, you may feel that your relationship is not good and something is missing. Your mind unconsciously reveals past memories to you.

Dream that you have a date with your ex

To dream that you have a date with your ex, indicates that you have a cute connection with your ex of deep affection because it was very important to you. This does not mean that you want to return or that you are still in love. it’s just a good memory of the lived experience.

Dream that you kiss your ex

To dream that you kiss your ex, means that you miss what they made you feel and you want to experience it again. If you are not currently with someone, you may want to get back together with that person for hugs and kisses. If this is possible, do it without problem. You own your life and you should not limit yourself unless you harm others.

If you are free and there is no risk of offending other people with this action, it is excellent that you give yourself the opportunity to feel these emotions againas long as both coincide with the same desire.

dream about your exdream about your ex

Dream that you are back with your ex

Dreaming that you are back with your ex is one of the most common dreams when we dream of that person. The meaning can be more clearly when waking up and noticing the sensation that it produces, since It can be something pleasant or unpleasant.

What seems to be more reasonable is that the mind creates these situations because we want them to happen, that is, the wish that the hidden state is true and you want to return even though that is not what you will do next.

However, you must pay close attention to what you feel and to the remembered scenes of the dream. Now if this is usually recurrent, it is preferable that you talk to that person because it may mean that you must close the cycle or the wound that is still in you.

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situations with your ex

Dream that you argue with your ex

To dream that you argue with your ex, means that they don’t get along great and that the presence of both is not well received by the other. If they were looking to be friends, letting what happened happen may not be a good idea. This message comes to your dreams because you might be thinking of going back and it is an alert for you not to do it. The decision will not be successful.

Dream that your ex visits you

To dream that your ex visits you, means that you are lately thinking about what happened, both the good and the bad things, but it does not indicate that you miss him, only that you are in the right place. overcoming process. There is a certain air that they can establish a good friendship relationship, which is quite positive for both of them. If there is some way to establish contact and just talk is quite healthy. Sometimes we need to close these chapters, but Endings don’t always have to be bad.

Dream that your ex gives you some advice

To dream that your ex gives you some advice, means that he guides you so you don’t make the same mistakes with the current person who intends to share his life with you. It is very likely that your ex is not a bad person, they just did not agree on their opinions and this collapsed. But you can take this experience as positive as possible so as not to repeat this same type of experience.

Dream that your ex is presenting serious discomfort

To dream that your ex is experiencing serious discomfort means that you have to let her go, since you do not feel any strong connection with that person. However, make sure that the discomforts are not really true. If you really have them, it doesn’t hurt to have some detail with this person, regardless of the causes of her breakup.

The dream tells you that if this person was part of your life, it is not convenient as a human being, to rule out the possibility of having a healthy connection with this person. This is always possible, for something you have dreamed of this person, something has marked in you and therefore you should not miss this moment.

dream about your exdream about your ex

Your ex and someone else

Dreaming about your ex when you are about to marry someone else

Dreaming of your ex when you are about to marry someone else may surprise you, but be calm. This does not mean that you do not really love the current person who is sharing with you, but rather that the human being fears new modalities or changes like the one you are about to do. So, it is possible that this dream appears because you are afraid of failure.

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Getting married is not easy at all, it is a decision that you must take with the responsibility it deserves because it should be for life, until death or illness separates them, despite the fact that this is not currently practiced It has to be done consciously.

Have a dream where your ex-partner appears, it’s like turning back time and think again about everything that happened and was already in the past, so you will feel confused and think that something was wrong, which of course has to do with your current partner and your decision to commit and then possibly start a family.

dream about your exdream about your ex

dream that your ex is with someone else

Dreaming that your ex-partner is with someone else, it may be something really complex. That person is no longer in your life, but you still have an unconscious bond of belonging that your dreams indicate to you, which means that you feel fear and even jealousy that you do not know how to control.

What is advised is that you learn to cope and feel happy that you got happiness no matter that you are with someone else.

It is preferable that you make peace if your wishes are not to return. Solve everything and put the communication to the test to avoid possible conflicts and the next thing is that you go through healing process and acceptance of the breakup in a healthy way

Dream that you feel jealous, your ex is with another person

You must check your feelings, because surely your breakup was not fully approved by you. They have finished and you have fallen in love and this is generating havoc for you. It means that you have not yet healed the separation. You feel sad and with regret that you no longer have this person in real life. Your dream reveals that there is still fire in your heart for your ex.