What Does it Mean to Dream Drunk

want to go for a new order of life that is not precisely religious. Associate with existential problems. Disagreement with life leads you to assume other states of consciousness, as a way to momentarily escape from the different dimensions where you become a living being, who progressively deteriorates physically, psychologically and socially as a result of his interaction with others.

You have a grief that seizes your soul because of the disaffected. Stop play dumb making others believe that you never know anything. Stop picking on what others are doing, being aware of other things that don’t matter to you, and avoiding the responsibilities that have been assigned to you.

very funny drunk

Dream of a drunk rolling his eyes

You want to get out of such a logical way of thinking, you feel a kind of need that makes you doubt what course of action to take. Sometimes you want to go for a new order of life that is not precisely religious. Boredom overwhelms you and makes you tense, urgently proposing to get out of the balance point.

Dream of a drunk talking incoherently

There is a call for you to have sanity and tolerance in the interaction with your environment. The leadership you have been given has gone to your head and you want to be emotionally running over people, yelling at them and constantly disrespecting them. Check your internal states, what is happening with your ego so that you can improve the articulation with the other.

To dream that a drunk cannot stand

Carefully check your shoes because you have some that are deteriorated in such a way that they can cause an accident, such as slipping, breaking your foot with a stone that enters where it is broken. The time has come to repair the shoes or change them for new ones that are resistant.

dream drunkdream drunk

dream drunk dancing

Since you have a rhythmic ear and regular melodic, you require training to refine and put the harmonic correspondence of the melody with the body a little more in tune. It is recommended to do a little body expression to increase the plasticity of your movements, also the casino sauce to improve choreography.

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Dream of drunks falling several times

You are trying to forget that person who invades your thoughts but it is useless because you feel the opposite, that being covers more and more your existential states. The problem lies in the orientation. masochistic that you have chosen next to the one who claims to supposedly love you. Be aware of this and react.

drunk in love

Dream of a drunk giving many kisses

You feel a terrible sense of weariness and boredom being close to your partner. The extreme is that it causes you intense rage and even disgust, a situation that you cannot control because it is not a matter of intelligence. The problem is more serious, it has increased reaching states chaotic emotional.

Dreaming of a morbid drunk and satyr

There is no doubt that your sexuality is flooded by Repressed desires. In this sense, you must have a long-term abstinence that no longer resists storage. Take a good look at those associations with oriental techniques for harnessing sexual energy and clarify your course so that in the end you won’t have disturbances.

Drunk Actions

Dream of a drunk reading

Something is not working correctly in your vision. That way of seeing blurry, what do you get confused, pile up, separate and jump the letters when you read? That is a clear sign, an indication that you are not seeing normally and that you have to go to a health center to have a ophthalmological examination.

Dream of a drunk climbing a ladder

There is a state of frustration negatively affecting your behavior. It may have to do with undeveloped artistic talents. Perhaps with a different attitude that is oriented to learning and playing the instrument of your passion for art, it will generate a different strength and vitality that will manage to calm that anxiety.

dream drunkdream drunk

drunk and mood

Dream of a drunk crying

There is a hormonal situation in your body that is not working correctly. You must be overproducing some substance that overly sensitizing and it makes you sentimental in the extreme. Your sadness, nostalgia or melancholy do not obey or do not correspond to the logical aspects that produce them. The most sensible thing is to visit a specialist.

Dream of a happy drunk

Stop faking happiness, assuming fictitious poses of apparent happiness when what really upsets you comes from your inner world. You can no longer hold a mask on your facereveal what you are really feeling and begin to discard that bad habit of adjusting to what others will say about you.

Dream of a melancholy drunk

Do not think that with the languid face that illuminates your faces as if you were a saint you are going to achieve what you intend to achieve with that impossible love. The handling it is a cold and calculated thing, not charged with all the truth with which it is shown and that in the end ends up showing its authentic face, dragging with it everything it has built.

dream drunkdream drunk

Drunks and their behaviors

Dream that a drunk compulsively drinks

Do not think that going out to seek refuge in your parents’ house when the conflicts in your home, you are on your way to solving the problem. The most appropriate thing is that you have a deep reflection, a meditation or the assistance of a specialist, who will help you find the necessary tools to face and confront that situation.

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Dream about drunk pushing people

you desperately want start up with that job project. It is enough to gather the integrative planning team because it is time to specify actions that lead to the logic of production. Everything is condensed at the ideal time for its operation, it just takes a little effort and great decision-making power.

Dream of a drunk screaming

Surely your partner is a high consumer of alcohol and that causes you a great mental disturbance. He is one of those people who, under these effects, comes home in a very intense way to say rude things and remember unpleasant situations from the past that were thought to be forgotten. Get advice on the various options available to improve that.

Dream of a drunk beating himself

Thoroughly and thoroughly review each of the activities you are doing, you may be involved in a crime and the worst of the case is that you sense it. Do not play the fool because in the end they pay just for sinners and recognition and self-flagellation will be of no use to redeem the sins.

Dream that two drunks hit each other

Those are nothing more than absurd encounters and violent with co-workers. It is enough to be organizing a table at every moment to talk about the labor situation. That is wasting time, getting lost and distracted from what you really have to do: execute actions to achieve what you are proposing.

Dream that a drunk spilled the food

Therein lies the cause of metabolic disorder What are you suffering from lately? Excess weight, the fat appearance of the body and that feeling of dizziness, dreams; They are symptoms of irregularities in the functioning of the endocrine system. Urgently go to the doctor because you are about to have a heart attack.

Dream of a drunk vomiting

Go to your comprehensive counselor to guide you in relation to a cleaning both physical and spiritual. You are considerably harmed by associations with undesirable people who invite you to eat junk food and drink excessive chemical drinks. Clean your body inside and out and have the natural option.

Dream that the drunk urinated

Go to the urologist immediately because you are at the beginning of some malfunction of your kidneys. Likewise, the prostate always requires special and periodic treatment, since its irregularities are evident, specifically in the control of the sphincter to empty body fluids. Dont wait.

Dream of a smelly drunk

You are busy and extremely concerned about your personal appearance. This fixation on neatness must be addressed because it can end up becoming a paranoia. Hygiene mania is harmful, since it generates a neurosis that will harm your interpersonal relationships, especially with your friends.

dream drunkdream drunk

Drunk Situations

Dream about a drunk man asleep with a stray dog

You must thoroughly and deeply clean the environment you live in frequently, mainly the house, the bedding and your underwear. Use boiling water to disinfect the environment because surely you are surrounded by various insects that bother you at night. Also apply a dewormer.

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Dream that a drunk crashed the car

Are losing control of the actions that you have planned to obtain a little money, to finally carry out that construction that your home lacks and that for some time you have proposed to achieve. You are mortifying yourself without any need, if you check your house well you will realize that it is perfect. Forget the mania.

Dream that drunk they were unfaithful to you

You have a ghost that stalks you, that looks for you and does not let you live the days of life with peace of mind. Your imagination is very active processing and plotting issues related to a resentment of the past love; but it is just that, a product of fantasy, an unreality that you should leave as soon as possible.

To dream that the dumb drunk spoke

You have been too patient with your partner who does not let you watch television calmly and in peace, in the calm hour that a housewife deserves. The only sacred moment you have in your home is the moment you associate with your television and it seems to talk incessantly. It’s that’s not fair agreements are recommended.

Dream of a persuasive drunk

Do you feel inordinate pride in your ability to handle the other and take it easily to the field that interests you? Well, do not be so sure, it is likely that you are the one who is the object of tricks to surrender at the feet of the other. Evaluate and measure the situations well so that from now on you will not suffer from disappointments.

Dream that the drunk was robbed at the party

Check your financial statements because there is an inconsistency between what you spend and the money accumulated in the account. In your carelessness, you gave your cards to someone of extreme confidence, who made purchases outside your authorization.

other drunks

Dream of a drunken priest

That is a community attack. The safest thing is that members of a neighborhood association feel envious and jealous of the facility, the way you conduct your leadership. Be careful and deal with this situation because they want to harm the picture that it cost you to invest a lot of time and dedication to show it impeccably.

Dream about your drunk son

You are aware that your child is not a teenager and you are concerned that he or she does not reflect the maturity typical of his age. He lives intensely and wants to experiment with all kinds of experiences that come his way, without being clearly aware of the risks and danger that he runs on the street and with the people he chooses as company.

Dream about drunk dolls

You have a lack of control with thought concrete and specific that relates to those beings who enjoy a special affection on your part. The multiplicity of couples constantly stalk you and appear to you as mental images that do not favor you when you sleep. Do your part and look for ways to get out of it.