What Does it Mean to Dream of a Crocodile

When a dreamer dreams of crocodiles it means righteousness, tranquility, prudence, strength, strong character. It also represents tiredness, low spirits, exhaustion. IS the experience, the ability to observe everything and act with caution

In the pre-Columbian Aztec world, they have also been represented as great marine beings, with fantastic qualities. worthy of respectas in other cultures in which these large reptiles They have been considered guardians or owners of the waters.

In the real plane they are large reptiles, of which there are prehistoric records that account for their antiquity. Its appearance retains characteristics of the jurassic animals and there are almost thirty varieties of crocodiles, scattered between fresh and salt waters in different parts of the world.

Their skins have been very attractive for making clothing and accessories throughout history. They have also been a standard for hunters, and due to this practice many of its varieties are in extinction.

In the dream world, crocodiles represent prudence, tranquility and rectitude. If crocodiles appear in your dreams, it is surely that aspects related to your character are manifesting in your subconscious, for better or worse.

Crocodiles also symbolize aspects of your way of relating to other people, as well as how you proceed in specific situations or events. dream of crocodiles reveals even aspects of your health and your self-esteem. Below we offer you a description of the meaning of dreams with crocodiles.

Let’s see some dream interpretations where the reptile appears:

Dream that a crocodile is chasing you

Dream that you are chased by a crocodile reveals tiredness. You are not sleeping well and that causes or makes you vulnerable to other health problems. Your body asks you for rest, because it is taking its toll on you during the day because at night you cannot fall asleep correctly due to your bad posture.

You probably need to change the bed or the mattress and perhaps create a more peaceful environment in your room, changing the place of the bed can help you.

Dream that you hunt crocodiles

This dream accounts for your current state of mind. Surely you enjoy full happiness at this moment product of some achievement. You are breathing good airs of success, you feel successful and that generates a feeling of peace and inner tranquility.

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Dream that you fight with crocodiles

To dream that you fight with crocodiles puts you in alert. You are surely facing a conflict situation or an unpleasant circumstance is approaching in some area of ​​your life in which you will have to make a good effort not to be harmed.

It will be like the fight with the crocodile, if you beat the crocodile in the dream it is because you will be able to emerge triumphant from the conflict. Now, if the crocodile defeats you in the fight, it is because the problem will surround you in such a way that it will be difficult for you to get out.

Dream of crocodiles biting you

In the dream world, being bitten by crocodiles represents your fears. You are experiencing the feeling of fear in certain circumstances, regarding the possible outcome of some situation you are experiencing.

you have been predisposed, thinking negatively and also attributing blame or responsibility for what may happen. You may also be assuming that others will attack you.

Do not anticipate what has not happened. Take this dream to reflect on what disturbs you and try to transform your energies into a positive one so that everything goes well.

Dream of several crocodiles

Dreaming of several crocodiles implies that dangers are around you. You must identify if these risks have to do with people, situations or other factors external to you or if, on the contrary, they are inside you.

It can be a danger associated with the material plane, but it could also mean mistakes or injustices that you are committing. On the other hand, it can represent that someone betrays you or is unfair to you.

dream of hungry crocodiles

Dream that you are bathing among crocodiles

This dream reveals your agility to face complicated situations. You move in life as among crocodiles. Take the same precaution, you must act with caution.

Do not trust yourself, develop your skills to express yourself, relate, carry out your actions skillfully, with the necessary tactics so that everything you undertake reaches a happy conclusion and to strengthen ties with the people who suit you.

Dream that you are walking on crocodiles

walk on crocodiles represents your insecurities at work. You may be in a job in which you do not feel completely comfortable or the conditions do not fully favor you (economic, for example).

If you are trying to start a new business you are still not convinced, you may need better organize ideas to gain confidence in yourself and what you have proposed.

Dream that you caress crocodiles

When you caress a crocodile in your dreams, your thoughts are definitely being reflected in your subconscious. abilities to dominate, lead situations. You have confidence in yourself, you are acting with clear conviction in your decisions. You know that you are in control of some difficult situation in your life and you may feel as if you were petting a dangerous animal.

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Dream that you eat crocodiles

Eating crocodiles represents aspects of your health. You enjoy good health, physical energy and optimal mental conditions. Your body and mind are vigorous, fresh. And to this is added the confidence you have in yourself, which has allowed you to make the right decisions without hesitation.

Dream of crocodiles in clean water

Crocodiles moving in the water or even if they are relaxed in a clean, clear lake, pond or stream, indicate positive aspects of your personality. you have developed great self-confidenceyou feel safe and with high self-esteem.

It is a propitious moment for develop new ventures, because you are invaded by good energies and harmony, calm and a feeling of comfort emanate from your interior. On the level of friendship, it can mean that you are surrounded by loyal people, who value the fraternal bond they have with you and count on them unconditionally.

Dream of crocodiles in dirty water

Unlike the dream described above, if the water is polluted or cloudy, is indicating your loss of self-confidence or some disloyal relationship that you should beware of. You may feel dissatisfied with some aspect of your life and you cannot get to the heart of the matter.

Dream of newborn crocodiles

If you dream of crocodiles just hatched from their eggs or recently hatched, your identity is being revealed. way to protect your assets, not only in the material plane, but in the symbolic, the emotional. You are quite a reserved person and careful of your possessions. You know how to set limits and just as you give value to your most precious things, respect those of others.

Dream About Red Eyed Crocodile

Red-eyed crocodiles represent anger in the dream world. You are having or are approaching situations in which you are presented with serious communication problemsyou are also afraid of rejection, of not being accepted by others in some space.

This makes you great affliction, irritation, annoyance and discouragement. Try to assess the situation and identify why you think others exclude you or turn away from you. Perhaps you are predisposed or you are radiating that anger that negatively charges your relationships.

Dream of crocodile tears

Crocodiles produce tears to keep their eyes lubricated and they emanate when they are devouring their prey, that is, they do not cry with emotion. That is why this expression is used to refer to the deceitful or dishonest people. If you see a crocodile cry in a dream, you should be aware of hypocritical people who want to interact with you, because they can end up causing harm.

Dream about a tame crocodile

A tame crocodile is a sign that you are controlling a situation complicated in which you find yourself involved. Although the circumstances are not entirely favorable and it seems that you are still immersed in a big problem, this dream portends that you will find yourself handling the matter correctly.

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Dream about crocodile skin

Wallets, bags, shoes, crocodile skin jackets represent in the world of dreams that you have the determination and willingness to achieve your goals. The cards are laid and you will make the best move. You have in your possession the key to success.

dream of a small crocodile

Dream that you see crocodiles under a bridge

This dream symbolizes latent dangers. Depending on where you are in the dream, you can draw certain conclusions about the level of risk. If you are close to making a decision, can represent your fears. If you crossed the bridge, it means that you have overcome a great obstacle or that you managed to achieve some goal against all odds.

If you are looking at the crocodiles from the top of the bridge, surely you need reflect well on your actions before undertaking them. If you fall off the bridge and the crocodiles are stalking you, it’s because some bigger problem is coming up and you’ll have a hard time overcoming it.

Dream that you feed a crocodile

The implications of this dream have to do with your way of being. You may be radiating arroganceothers may be seeing you as a conceited person.

Do not confuse your qualities and good self-esteem with vanity. Try to get the positive out of you to do good, do not get carried away by overconfidence in yourself when expressing opinions or simply speaking, you can hurt others with your words and actions.

Dream of dead crocodiles

If you see dead crocodiles in your dreams, in the water or on land, surely some negative feeling. You experienced a breakup, with a friend or a partner and you feel that the situation was unfair. If this was recent, you must be very sad, very hurt. But it can also be some situation that you have not overcome, that has left you predisposed.

Dream About Stuffed Crocodile

a stuffed crocodile means stiffness. You must be representing your firm position before some situation. It is also a sign of disagreement, of tensions. It is not about changing your point of view, but it is about evaluating whether you really should remain so adamant.

Dream About Giant Crocodile

The size of the crocodile in your dreams is representing the dimensions of the difficulties. Problems that run through your mind and that cause you great uncertainty. But not everything is so bad, because you have already identified the conflict and you know well the consequences that the different actions you take can have. So it’s about weighing them up and going the least problematic route.