What Does it Mean to Dream of a Dagger

The dreamer can interpret that there is an affectation in his work, or at a social level. Dreaming of a dagger symbolizes disease, insecurity, unpleasant situations, danger, aggression. Some family discords that worry and you must take action to solve it.

It is premonitory that they appear possible breakups with your partner wrapped in an atmosphere of envy, jealousy, hatred, infidelity, grudges, etc. In addition to manifestations of violence between the diversity of lovers and enmities that somehow integrate and negatively affect the marital relationship that you try to maintain. Anxious eroticism also appears.

you and the dagger

Dream that you have a dagger in your hand

Dreaming of a dagger held in your hand is a symbol of political, religious and even economic power. Metaphorically, the scepter is being represented as an object held by a privileged citizen. So you have the decision in your hands to project and execute any project that generates wealth both material and spiritual.

Dream that someone looks at you with a dagger in his hand

It is possible that a friend of yours who holds a position of power and a favorable economic position is very aware of you to include you as a worker in a project, with which you may earn a great deal. extra amount of money. If in the dream the way they look at you scares you, then you must be careful with that negotiation.

Dream that you see a dagger

In your social and work circle, an intrigue has been developing little by little that is being founded as a lie, invented by a supposedly select group of friends and that they give you a lot of support. well these people are a terrible threat, like poisonous snakes and weeds that act in a hidden way. Watch out.

Dream that you see several daggers

It is necessary to be aware of the state of well-being in which your body and mind are. With this dream they suggest the health prevention because it is possible that you have a decay due to a natural illness, or due to an incident caused by a street fight or by situations of personal confrontation.

Dream with a dagger

Dream that you have a stashed dagger

You live with a constant nervousness, like a stealthy vigilante who is waiting for something to happen. You have an agonizing expectation that one day the worst will happen. You have invented prevention before a insecure situation for a criminal act, which will require your violent confrontation with someone.

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Dream that you saw a dagger under your clothes

You are acting with a lot of mistrust due to the fact that it could happen at any moment a tragedy of love. Your suspicions are very high, grounded and justified in the face of the imminent error of infidelity on the part of your partner. The most important thing is that you are in a position to prevent any undesirable event.

Dream that you find a dagger

After so many disagreements, it was time to reunite with that loved one with whom you lived so many misfortunes. Despite everything suffered by the intrigues of others, it seems that fate is determined to unite them so that they live the love denied. At this moment the maturity of experience accompanies you, which will be your main ally.

You using the dagger

Dream that you stab someone

If you dream of using the dagger to attack someone, it means that you are a person of extreme violence who is in constant confrontation with the world, even without cause. The least bad thing about the matter is that with this dream he is predicted success in fights, that is to say that it will always be the winner of the various contests. But in situations of violence each one takes his own. Watch out.

Dream of stabbing someone in the lower abdomen

If we associate it with the eminent psychologist Freud and his theories based on eroticism, it may be the manifestation of your sexual desires that they are repressed, since the stored desire cannot withstand containment and is about to overflow. You just need a little push to unleash sexuality as you want.

Dream that you sheath a dagger

Start preparing everything related to the ritual of marriage. You feel that you are old enough and mature enough to take this important step in the life of a human being, who wants to exist according to the social mandates of spirituality. The sacrament is waiting for you to take it and with it your new conditioning to live deprived of some things.

Dream of stabbing a co-worker

Faced with so much pressure and demands to fulfill the responsibilities effectively and efficiently that your peers and bosses expect, and obfuscation and bullying to increase production levels, it stands to reason that your response to all of this is a violent explosion to ask for some peace of mind.

Dream that you stab an authority figure

If you dream that you attack some authority figure with a dagger, it is most likely that you are facing terrible situations of oppression to the extreme, perhaps, of feeling humiliated for no apparent reason to deserve it. You can’t stand the abuse of power, so in this situation your tendency is to act with impulsive and unstoppable violence. Be careful with this.

Dream with a dagger

Others use the dagger against you

Dream that you are wounded with a dagger

You must be aware of the unexpected changes that are coming and that will determine new and unpleasant aspects in your marital relationship. After repeated arguments and physical abuse due to impulsiveness and due to the fact that the couple has incompatible charactersrightly or wrongly, the most recommendable thing is the definitive rupture.

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These dreams are premonitory of the distrust that you must have because of unscrupulous people who enjoy your affection and to whom you have offered a sincere friendship. It is not surprising that these people go to the side of traitors who are waiting for the slightest opportunity to attack you.

Dream that an enemy attacks you with a dagger

You are presented with a series of conflicts caused by absurd situations and devoid of any logic. What is even worse is that they are problems that are not important because they are the product of unhealthy intrigues that what they pursue is a smear campaign, so that your personality is in bad shape and does not evolve positively in any aspect of your life.

Dream that they chase you with a dagger

A person has been looking for you for a long time, communication problems prevent him from contacting you. Still, she’s a carrier. bad newsrelated to serious consequences that have been created from a conflict situation in which you were the protagonist of an act of fight in which you violently attacked a person who has no modesty.

Dream of being hit on the head with a dagger

A clear sign that you must make an extra effort to get the ideas out of your brain. You have a tendency to carelessness, laziness and mental laziness at an inopportune moment due to the high demand in demand. You are aware that production in your work depends heavily on your creative processes and inventiveness.

Dream that a friend stabs you

It is time for you to learn in a timely manner to manage the concept of friendship and that this is not just any condition that can be distributed like bread. friend can not be any person nor all treacherous nail bug. Do not deceive or be fooled by the confusion of feelings because behind that what there is is a great manipulation to harm you.

Dream of being stabbed in your sleep

You are about to happen to you one of the vilest acts of your life and that can lead to unpleasant situations with serious conflicts, you can even open a judicial process that can lead to confinement. The curious thing about the matter is that you are not going to be responsible in any way for what you are accused of. Very cautious when speaking.

Dream that a dagger is stabbed into your heart

Prepare the funeral and the respective suffering of your feelings. Those people you love so much and with whom you have never been able to get along for reasons of sick jealousy today decided to put end to so much torture and sadomasochism. It leaves the way free for you so that despite the pain you head to look for another person who is in agreement with your particular way of seeing life.

Dream with a dagger

Dream of stabbing you in the eye

It is very clearly announced to you to say “there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see” If you wish live deceived that is your problem, but you must be aware that everything happens in front of your eyes and sometimes it is not so convenient to ignore reality. Put your feet on the ground and accept without evasion what happens to you.

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Dream of stabbing you in the back

Beware of your enemies because what they really want and long for is to attack you for treason. Do not trust even your closest relative because you are prone to an episode that you did not expect to happen to you and it will cause you deep disappointment.

Conditions in which the dagger is

Dream of a rusty dagger

Remember what the saying says: The Devil knows more because he is old than because he is a Devil. You are being announced very clearly in this dream that you have vast experience to properly face and conduct any situation framed within erotic passion. It is not justified that due to some carelessness you will fall into disgrace and find yourself involved in a mess.

You dreamed of a bloody dagger

You cannot fall asleep because the weight you have on your conscience creates remorse and consequently a mental disturbance. The feeling of guilt is extreme when the memory of having injured in an impious way, rightly or wrongly, that person who did not deserve such aggression or violence from you comes to mind.

You dreamed that you urinated the dagger

The presence of urine in the dream means that the problem has spread the privacy of the group witnessing the incident. The comment has spread throughout the residential area as a smear campaign, exposing you to the public domain by displaying the fact of your disgrace as the big news of the moment.

Dream of a sharp dagger

Be very careful because your friends and your enemies are stalking you to make you pass a bad moment. They are like ferocious animals waiting for the prey to be careless in order to jump on it and prey on it until it is destroyed. They are all potential traitors who have never deserved your trust, your support, and even less your good affections.

Dream about a broken dagger

Be careful and cautious before a bout of depression because you are very close to a great disappointment on a personal and work level. You will feel defeated when you notice that the usual results are not observed in business, on the contrary, the production of wealth is plummeting. It is possible that the partners of the company that you integrate decide to break it up.

Dream with a chipped dagger

There are events of past that take effect. It was a mistake not to have closed them and to leave the solution for time to decide what to do with them. Now they come back and they are a real nuisance because they bring with them the product of those events, and they demand from you a pronouncement and a responsibility that you have earned as a lifelong commitment.