What Does it Mean to Dream of a Horse

Dreaming of horses represents a good omen, it refers to profitable relationships, favorable changes, good luck, good times. It also represents strength, fury, toughness. Any plan is undertaken with temper

Horses are very domesticable beings but their strength is immense, For this reason, they have taken it as a measurement reference to indicate how much force is required to drag something very heavy.

It is a good sign dream associated with excellent news, changes in your favor and profitable relationships. However, it also has a negative side in which the problems of airs of superiority, selfishness, arrogance stand out.

you and the horses

Dream that you are on a horse

If you are in business, you may face some difficulties, even inconveniences with someone because of it. Be very careful because you can be involved in serious trouble

Dream that you ride a white horse and are chased by someone riding a black horse

This dream means a duality, are moments of sorrow and success. You must be careful with your enemies that lie in wait for you, they will try to harm you and publicly overshadow you. Do not be so trusting, look for a way to see well in your environment, try to identify where this evil is

Dream about riding a horse

You will face difficulties to see your wishes come true. You don’t feel very comfortable in some matters, you find it difficult to concretize the ideas and the projects

Dream of riding a mare

Will be easy to achieve some projects. There will always be difficulty but you will find the answers as you become familiar with the subject.

Dream that you ride a runaway horse

Your actions will be very criticized in the workplace. There are people who closely observe your behavior, the solutions you give to matters in the office and find that you have made mistakes frequently. This matter can affect the rest, it will make you look bad or you will lose credibility in your work environment.

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horse behavior

Dream about a rearing horse

This dream is related to passions. You are out of control in this regard. These are days where you sexuality is at the climax. If you have a partner, look for it and give each other a formidable moment of passion

Dream of a gentle horse

You are very Thoughtful in recent times which is not bad. It is time to reflect and make decisions about some issues inherent to your family environment. Do not miss this opportunity to lower your head if necessary in a complex situation.

dream of running horse

Dream about an angry horse

something has done to you to be enraged by an issue related to injustice. Your fury is evident. You want these types of issues to no longer occur in your environment. You are very angry when you see something happen that is not right.

situations with horses

Dream of a horse in a river

you will have a lot luck, try to take advantage of this moment to bet if you are a player. Your finances are very good these days.

If you see very dirty river water, it will be a sign that something you wanted will not materialize. It seems that things are flowing but it is not. There are a lot of traffic jam on the way. You will receive news that will bring disappointment.

Dream about a wounded horse

there will be one family dispute that you will have to face. You will not feel comfortable with something that a relative has done, you will let him know your annoyance and that will unleash many communication conflicts.

Dream about a horse in armor

This dream means intransigence, aggression and power used to exert force on others. Beware of this type of unacceptable behavior. The confrontation is to order, it means that for whatever reason a disagreement will occur that is difficult to cope with

You will have to fight with yourself, because you don’t like what is happening in your environment, you don’t want to be this way, but there are things that make you show a lot of strength against others, as if they were your enemy opponents.

This dream is also related to intense sexual desires. You can develop a lot of creativity in this matter in these times

dream that you ride a horse

Dream of seeing a horse

means you physical strength and energy. Your negative forces are externalizing very frequently. This affects you in groups. You are arrogant and feel far above others. Not a nice feature to be proud of. You must change this trend.

Dream of horse mane

It is an obvious desire freedom and emancipation. You must make your own decisions. If in the dream you are combing the mane of a horse, it indicates very good luck in your relationships.

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Dream about tangled horse mane

If the dream, the dreamer does not manage to comb his hair, it is because he is subject to many obstacles. Your projects will have strength but it will cost you a little to consolidate them

Dream of racing horses with long hair

The dream suggests that you have lots of relationship skills. That is why you are very well surrounded by healthy people who esteem you. This dream is very beautiful and indicates a lot of strength to know how to cope with relationships with people who are sometimes difficult to understand.

Dream of a horse coin

In a special sense this means freedom without forgetting responsibilities and tasks, it also indicates that you could have problems with your emotions, two sides of a coin at the same time is not a good sign and if one of them is a horse, you should know how to control yourself a little so as not to hurt yourself or others.

dream of many horses

Dream that we see horses pass by

You will have an easy life with a lot of comfort. It is a good dream, take advantage of this time of good economic and financial streak that allows you to indulge. Don’t waste everything you have to make it last a long time. Dose your assets.

Dream of bathing a horse

This dream is related to renewal of your strength and vigor. You are very energetic and can undertake difficult tasks with full proper skill. You are feeling full of strength and vital energy.

Dream that a horse throws you to the ground

Tea you will meet someone who was your rival some time ago. This encounter stuns you because it makes you remember past and overcome conflicts. You develop in very competitive environments.

Dream of a dirty white horse

A woman close to you is going to betray you because of jealousy. Avoid some actions that put you close to this very uncomfortable situation.

dream of dead horse

That which gave you strength in your life is no longer. It could be a friend, or a partner. It is a loss that you will feel deeply

Dream of killing a horse

You are going to hurt one of your friends because of your fatal selfishness. This action is obviously not positive and you should make amends immediately.

Dream of a horse swimming

You will do very well in business. This dream connects you with happiness. You will do very well in what you project. Do not let any matter get in the way of your affairs, because everything is given for a great achievement.

horse type

Dream of a thoroughbred horse

This dream expresses qualities of virility in men and to be able to have many children. in women a lot sexuality and eroticism.

dream of white horse

Dream of a bay horse

You are going to be very lucky and have abundant benefits in a beautiful love affair. If you are a woman you will receive innuendos that you do not like. It can also mean that you are materialistic and you must dose this type of behavior that makes you be somewhat in bad taste in the environment where you find yourself.

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dream of mare

you will enjoy a excellent relationship with your partnerwithout jealousy and without mistrust. It is a good dream to strengthen your union and give you a point of honor, because you are doing very well, that is why you have this harmonious relationship.

Dream about stallions

Sign of success and high standard of living. you will have some extramarital affairs, be very careful with this, because you will end up very entangled in problems that you do not need at any time. Act with common sense

dream with pony

This dream reveals your sensitivity and tenderness for the little ones. You are protector of children. If you have children, you are a very good father or mother. You like to play with them, that’s why they adore you. If you are a school teacher, it means that you know how to lead in groups of small children and get them to pay attention to what you teach them.

number of horses

dream of a horse

It represents intelligence and strength personal in everything you undertake. You look great to the people around you.

Dream of several horses on the farm

You are very well connected people of your same temperament. You are in a formidable team where everyone contributes ideas and supports each other to move forward. If in your work you are part of a team to structure a proposal, you are doing very well, have confidence in the team selected for it.

Dream of a herd of horses

You are probably related to people who are looking for the same goal as you. They all run towards the goal. There is competition to get there faster and take the lead. It is advantage in your affairs. You may be the one competing. See how things are in your various environments, you may be able to spot who you’re competing against or who’s competing against you.

dream about stuffed horse

horse color

Dream about a dark or black horse

represent your mysterious and unknown side. You are lucky with finances. It is possible that in a few days you will feel disappointed about something.

This dream is also related to infidelity. It is possible that you are the unfaithful one, but do not rule out the possibility that the cheated one also ends up being you.

Dream about light colored or white horse

You are a very puritanical person with prejudices. You have problems with your sexuality so your sensuality is diminished.