What Does it Mean to Dream of a Peacock?

Generally when animals appear in particular dreams, with them the subconscious provides a great source of information about the dreamer’s personality in a symbolic way. In the case of presenting the image of a peacock, it is a dream that openly manifests the self confidence.

The peacock is a magnificent bird native to Asia, in many cultures around the world it is recognized for its beauty and exuberance. The magnificent plumage of its tail can cover an extension of more than two meters, with some two hundred feathers that it opens like a colorful fan. Observing its grandeur even in dreams is a gift to the senses.

dream peacockdream peacock

A dream with an immense symbolic charge

It is a dream where the dreamer raises his inner beauty and the ability to stand out from others, but also lets his single vanity. Whereas the peacock is a majestic bird, which sometimes represents pride and arrogance in its gait. These particular qualities can be transferred to the human being who perceives the dream images.

When this magnificent bird appears in dreams, it can refer to the countless hours that the dreamer could be spending thinking about himselfon how to improve. You may think that you have achieved everything you want and feel satisfied with yourself and your appearance in general. But this dream can be interpreted differently considering each element that intervenes in it.

In some countries the peacock is considered as the health symbol, love, prosperity, money and happiness, comparing it to the bird of fire. Based on what has been said, if this bird appears in dreams, you may feel that imminent success is approaching your life.

It should be clarified that it is an infrequent dream due to the immense symbolic load. Sometimes they are dreamed of because they have been lucky enough to have seen them during the day, either in real presence or in colorful images.

Various meanings of the dream with peacock

Dream of feeding a peacock

When a peacock appears in a dream and is being fed by the dreamer, it is a sign of good omens and venture. It is the announcement that there will be an expected reconciliation in a cause that was considered lost. The moment of disgust has passed thanks to the dedication and consideration shown on the part of the dreamer and excellent future encounters are predicted.

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When the peacock is visualized being fed by the dreamer, it is the pleasant sign of the consolidation of success thanks to conscious work. It is the welcome to the achievement and the harmony achieved through the exchange of positive energy with the environment that surrounds the dreamer.

Dream of a peacock on fire

Dreaming of a peacock on fire is the prediction of great changes that are about to come into the life of the dreamer. It also refers to the reunion visit of relatives or distant relatives in a farewell meeting with wonderful news for all present.

Fire symbolizes energy cleansing. It is push away the part full of negativityWhen a peacock appears in the dream between the flames, it is the symbolism of cleaning up the environment. The bird in its magnificent plumage represents on this occasion the beginning of changes full of success and complete harmony.

dream peacockdream peacock

Dream that you ride a peacock

When a peacock appears in a dream, whoever experiences it can perceive that soon their life can change dramatically and with it several surprises will come. If at the moment of dreaming it is perceived that they are on the bird, it is a magnificent sign of prosperity, good fortune, it indicates that projects evolve correctly.

Perceiving that he is riding on the peacock, may be indicating that the dreamer is carrying out his activities correctly to achieve your goals. However, it is important that you do not fill yourself with vanity or exaggerate the pride that this produces.

Dreaming of various reactions of a peacock

Dream of a flying peacock

It is a very suggestive dream, it is indicating that the dreamer has a somewhat arrogant attitude, his subconscious is alert to don’t exaggerate your style. Possibly it indicates that it is not suggested to show off a lot in front of others for the successes obtained, in this way it will not arouse bad feelings or resentment in the environment.

It is a dream that indicates that the dreamer must keep a more humble attitude towards the people around him. In this way he will be able to share in harmony the success and not will arouse bad feelings in the others.

Dream of a dancing peacock

When at the moment of dreaming you perceive a peacock dancing, it suggests that several people are pending of the projects in which they work. Everyone expects an excellent result from it, because they are consciously aware of the dedication and dedication of those who have the dream.

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It is a dream in which the subconscious manifests itself indicating that it is an active, energetic being that works towards excellent results. The dance means celebrate the achievement of a job that adequately crystallizes for the benefit of the group in which the individual is found.

Dreaming of being attacked by a peacock

If at the moment of dreaming it is perceived that the peacock attacks the dreamer, it is a way of the subconscious to express that it’s time to control yourself. It is possible that he is always on display of his talents, with many an attitude that sometimes stuns. It is good to consider humility to avoid losing harmony with the environment.

The Peacock represents majesty and exhibition, but when it attacks people even in dreams, it symbolizes the zeal for its inhabited space. It is a way of the subconscious to request that their environment and their way of acting be respected. express their affections to others.

dream peacockdream peacock

The colors in the dreams with peacock

Dream about black peacock

It is one of the few not so positive dreams of dreaming of a peacock. When this is black, it indicates that the dreamer is filling up with negative energy and it is recommended that you remove it from the context. It is not good to surround yourself with toxic people who only seek to take advantage of the success that surrounds those who work and plan life and the environment well.

It may also be indicating that you are surrounded by people who dress up of friends, but they are really shadows, they steal energy, you should keep this type of influence away. You should not trust all the individuals in the environment, more than opportune, you should be selective for the good of all, avoiding misunderstandings.

Dream of a yellow peacock

Dreaming of a yellow peacock, it is a warning image to keep an eye on all the decisions that must be made in life. This color is the one that announces being alert and in a dream it is precisely the announcement of attention and care. If you do not want to receive surprises in what must be done, you should always stay prepared and alert.

This dream is an invitation to analyze everything related to the relevant decisions, such as looking for a partner, starting a new work project, making an economic investment. Success is around the corner and you only have to make a small effort with confidence and dedication to achieve it.

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Dream About Red Peacock

When the presence of a red peacock is visualized in a dream, it is a way of the subconscious indicating its thanks to caring people and close. It is the manifestation of recognition of teamwork and the participation of various social groups allowing everything to flow in harmony for those who dream.

However, it is a dream that also gives glimpses of the various opportunities for evolution in life of the dreamer It is the sign of possibilities to increase the economy through labor activity and professional improvement.

Dream of a white peacock

It is a dream with an excellent prediction, when a white peacock appears in a dream it is the safety hint. The subconscious of the dreamer knows that he is experiencing good economic stability. It is the sense of expressing the harmony and tranquility that covers planning and a job well done, which leads to the comfort of the dreamer.

The white peacock in dreams is the spitting image of health and the willingness to coexist with the environment. It could be referring to the fact that the tranquility of people is based on obtaining security and harmony, you should always be attentive and take care of everything.

dream peacockdream peacock

Dream of a blue peacock

When a peacock appears in dreams with a blue color predominating, it is an indication that a good luck period approaches dreamy. It is the representation of fortune in any area of ​​the dreamer’s life. It is an excellent prediction to risk a little and invest in capital goods.

The blue color is symbol of stability and serenity. When dreaming of peacocks that have this tint, it is the prediction of that feeling present in the life of the dreamer. As long as respect, harmony and cooperation prevail between him and the environment, everything can be successful, full of good energy in all shared places.

Other dreams with peacock

dream of a dead peacock

If in dreams a dead peacock is perceived, it is the warning of the subconscious of being in the presence of people who can propitiate a misunderstanding. Therefore it is necessary to remain alert to rule out the figure of toxic beings near the environment and that does not affect the harmony of the environment.

It may also be referring to the presence of people looking for fights and disputes, thus discrediting the dreamer. It is a sign of attention to indicate that one should be more careful when selecting friends, one should not be too trusting.