What Does it Mean to Dream of Abortion

Confused and overwhelming thoughts. Sad moments in life. plans are diluted to achieve some goal. It can mean economy and job, family or social prosperity. bad omenillness, depression, problems, separation, internal conflicts, among other reasons that can affect us emotionally and spiritually.

Dreaming of having an abortion has always been interpreted as a bad omen of illness, depression, problems, separation, internal conflicts, among other reasons that can affect us emotionally and spiritually. However, we can highlight If the dreamer is pregnant, they should not worryget up Well, it’s not necessarily a premonitory dream, because even men dream of abortion.

dream of abortion

If abortion is dreamed of by a manyou should pay attention to all other warning signs, as it suggests a harbinger of a future failure in your life sentimental or social Yes, on the contrary it is a ladywhich is not pregnant, is an alert that don’t neglect your health. Also, it could warn about decision-making that can go wrong and bring a lot of trouble.

Since we have commented at the beginning, dreams with abortion usually reflect the dreamer’s state of mind, after having gone through some situation that overwhelmed him, a separation, family conflicts, with himself; frustrated work or economic projects. EITHER if you have suffered a loss in the family recent and still not over the pain of it.

This is why, depending on the circumstances and the emotional state of the dreamer, we can take some of these interpretations as a guide, analyzing the symbolic elements that appear in the dream.

you and abortion

Dream that you want to abort

Whether or not we are pregnant and experience a dream in which we strongly wish to abort, is a clear warning that we have a great desire to achieve something that has not yet come to fruition. We may already be on track in our plans, but the burden that we have accumulated does not allow us to objectively observe the circumstances. It is a sign that we should analyze things calmly and wait patiently for the results..

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Dreaming of abortion and you are pregnant

In this case it is normal to feel fear for the symptoms of pregnancy. Dreaming of an abortion while a new baby is being gestated can be interpreted as the fear or concern that every woman in these conditions feels for the stage to come to a happy end. If this is the situation, the best thing to do would be for the mother-to-be to relax and not be obsessed with sleep, it’s just the projection of his genuine concern. You must be sure that It does not portend problems and surely everything will be fine.

Dreaming of having an abortion and you don’t know you are pregnant

It is a complex but direct message, having a dream in which you are having an abortion and you did not know that you were pregnant predicts an alert in your environment. If you are a woman, indicate that you are close to receiving unpleasant surprises, which will leave a feeling of loss and pain. It may be due to personal health conflicts. If it is a man who dreams of a female from his family who was unaware of his pregnancy status, indicates upcoming economic losses or in the workplace.

Dreaming of an abortion without being pregnant

Everything is related to our state of mind and the events that surround us at the moment. If we dream of having an abortion without actually being pregnant, it shows us that we fear for any circumstance, be it work, social or family. It is warning before a consensual decisioniderable, which must be weighed so as not to err and not harm other people in the environment.

dream of abortion

Dreaming that we participated in an abortion

When we dream that we participate in an abortion, as a doctor’s assistant who is attending a woman in the situation, it can only be interpreted as a subconscious wake-up call. We are likely to meet about to get sick to which we have to attend with great dedication. Or we are prone to an accident, which will entail a long recovery period.

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Dreaming that you cause an abortion in an accident

when we dream that we accidentally caused an abortionis a sign that we are going through a stressful situation In our life. We are looking for some way out that generates a change. Our subconscious refers us to fortuitous events that can generate that renewing opportunity for us. We must be attentive to make the best decisions.

Dreaming of a miscarriage

This is a very revealing experience, when we dream that we suffer a spontaneous abortion, even if it seems illogical to us, it is a sign that we are living in a situation of great fear that something out of our control affects the life cycle used to. We are afraid of losing our daily harmony. It is a reaction of distrust in future security and the loss of present emotional stability.

another woman’s abortion

Dreaming that we observe an abortion

When we dream that we are only a spectator and we observe an abortionthat is, we do not participate directly in it, it is an indication that we will suffer delays and obstacles in our personal affairs. Some person in charge or officials of procedures necessary for us, will delay our management. But, with patience and insistence we will achieve our planned purpose.

Meaning of dreaming that an unknown woman aborts

When you have these types of images in a dream, it predicts that is approaching an unusual event to our daily life. Although, you do not interact directly with us, it can have negative effects that involve close people. Consequently, it is likely that affects us in the evolution of a plan that we have projected for the near future.

dream of abortion

Other possible meanings of dreaming about abortion

Yes, as a mother or young woman, we have a strong desire to bring a baby into the home, but the economic situation of the family is not the best at the moment. What does not allow this personal longing to crystallize, the fact of having an abortion, is the alert or signal that the subconscious sends us inviting us to reflect and wait for an opportune time. We should not worry, although, if we take care that the circumstances improve and we can achieve our purpose in a timely manner.

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Dreaming of taking abortion pills

This is a dream that means that you are going through moments of pain and anguish, because you think that your plans and actions that you have started and achieve harmony in your life are not working as you want. You want everything to end before the scheduled time. It is a warning that you should not act on impulse. It is not recommended or feasible to cancel projects, just out of overwhelm, impatience or despair. You have to be prudent and show patience and you will achieve the objectives.

What does it mean to dream of an abortion and a lot of blood?

Dreaming that we abort and see that a lot of blood flows in the process, symbolizes that the fears that we are feeling for being about to lose something, like, a friendship, a love, a couple is going to happen. Yes, we don’t reflect on our behavior, and we don’t take corrective measures on time. We are going to end up losing it abruptly sooner than expected and it is going to cause us a lot of pain.

Dreaming of an abortion situation in the plans made

An abortion in dreams can mean a mistake, danger, failure, frustration, sadness or loss. Above all, means the end of something. The settlement of your plans, the end of a relationship, a job, an activity, events or treaties; in an abrupt and traumatic way. But it’s not totally negative., this is a message of change, of renewal, start with a new path, which must be successful and prosperous if we do not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by pessimism. It is the closing point of the cycle and starting another with new strength.