What Does it Mean to Dream of Beating?

Although many of us associate blows with something bad, and the word beating as a word that exemplifies violence or something like that, in the realm of dreams this could not be further from reality.

It is true that it can have both positive and negative connotations. depending on the object being hit or what is being hit. However, not all the meanings of this type of dream will be bad. Learn in this post the meanings that dreaming of clubbing brings to your life.

knock into dreams

The blows in dreams are not usually just about bad things, about violent outbursts or future fights that will come without warning; They also tend to talk about opportunities and a future that awaits you and that you should receive.

It’s like when opportunities knock on your door and expect you to open them up. That is why a dream about beating has numerous connotations that can affect your immediate and direct life depending on what you see in your dream.

You must keep an open mind to receive the information in order to know how to discern what this dream wants to tell you.

dream of hitting something

When a calm person dreams of hitting something, it is a demonstration that that person’s psyche is not quite right at that moment. The dreamer is tired of being a person of a passive and Look for a way to bring out that poise that you keep inside.

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Hitting an object can have different meanings depending on the object and the feeling one has when hitting.

If you pound a wall furiously in your dream, you are implying that at that moment in your life you feel many tensions and discomforts that you cannot manage. People who are going through a moment of frustration, anger and anger tend to hit things in their house, be it the walls, pillows and other implements to let out their anger. Calm people don’t do that in their waking moments, so in dreams they can do it out of sheer frustration.

If a wall or an object is pounded as if searching for something inside this, then it is a prediction that the dreamer wants to find something he desperately needs. It may well be that he wants to find the dream job, his better half or some other object. It is the pursuit of happiness.

To pound on a wall and it immediately collapses means that The dreamer handles a great frustration and that you have to attend to it as soon as possible, because bad feelings and bad emotions tend to explode and cause more problems.

pounding on a door

Among the things that can be hit in dreams, the doors are the most common and the ones that appear the most times in them. This is the good part of the dreams with clubbing, since talk about a window to opportunity.

If in dreams you hear a knock on the door, you can be sure that news is coming for you and your family. However, the fact that they are good or bad will depend on what you feel when you hear the call.

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If the knock on the door comes in a measured, smooth and calm manner, you can be sure that good news is coming for you; It may well be a promotion at work or some news that you have been waiting for a long time.

If, on the other hand, the blows come with a great noise, and within your dream you feel a lot of tension, then you are facing exactly the opposite. This dream indicates that you could receive unpleasant news or visits They can even be dangerous.

If you’re the one pounding on the door

This dream also has a meaning depending on what is being beaten. If, for example, you dream that you quietly knock on a door, and you feel that someone will open it for you, then it means that you are in absolute confidence with your qualities to get the things you want; If, on the other hand, you feel that there is no one at home, it may be that you have wasted time to obtain a benefit and that now it has escaped from your hands.

If you knock on a door hoping to get out of somewhere, this means that the sleeper feel stuck in a rut and that he wants to get out of what ails him as soon as possible; It could be a bad relationship, a dead-end job, or anything that makes you feel trapped.

To dream that a door is knocked and it opens means that the dreamer will finally find what he has always wanted and for which he has fought. Opportunities have been given and have been seized and what you want comes to you.

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If a person is beaten

If you dream that you beat someone, you may be a difficult person to deal with, who must always be right and if someone does not want to give it to you, then you get angry. The most controlling people tend to have dreams in which they beat a person because they feel that this person does not correspond to their ideas. This dream could be telling you that it is time for you to start listening to others and have a more open mind because not everyone thinks like you and not all of them are wrong.

Dream that you are beaten

If you dream that a person hits you, this may be a warning that someone in your environment wants to hurt you and that he is plotting something against you. It could be someone from your job who wants to take your job, someone who wants to interfere in your relationship or who wants to take away an economic benefit. You need to keep your eyes wide open to avoid getting pummeled.

If you dream that several people hit you, you may feel that life has dealt cruelly with you and that it has been hitting you without any kind of mercy. You have to get up and remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that the wounds will heal and you will move on.