What Does it Mean to Dream of Crying

It is not always negative, dreaming of crying symbolizes drain feelings, release of burdens, pressures, purification of your interior. Spiritual relief much needed to find balance. It symbolizes sadness, anguish, pain.

Water has traditionally been related to purification. The water washes away the sorrows. It is also fertility because water gives life. Nothing is alive without water.

In psychology there are also varied interpretations. For example, the Freudian Interpretation relates crying in dreams to a maternal dimension, related to birth. In the Jungian Interpretation it says that it is a duel of the dreamer. Or on the contrary an announcement of prosperity because it gets out of certain traffic jams that impeded progress.

Let’s see below many interpretation options to dream of crying. They will guide you to give shape to what you have dreamed of and guide your actions from there

Dream that you are crying

Your joys are very fleeting that unfortunately will culminate in a bad outcome. Sadness surrounds you and you must prepare for it. Surely there are businesses that are not very well directed or conflicting family relationships that are going to come to the surface at any moment, causing you to cry.

Dream of crying uncontrollably

This dream shows that you are very distressed. Something in your life is not going well and surely during the day you have been “heads up” to find the solution.

Really what happens torments you and you must find a way out soon, because at night you’re taking all the tensions to bed and anguish and the result is a sleep that is not at all restful, which tells you that you should stop worrying and start taking care of yourself.

Surely there is a debt, or a family conflict or in your work environment that does not let you rest. It is time for you to take control of your life and that which is so complicated for you, master it and not that it dominate you.

Dream that you cry for love

This dream is very sad, but you are really heartbroken in life. During the day you suffer from heartbreak and at night all the emotional charge goes to bed with you. You have suffered a strong impact, the nostalgia and melancholy is very evident. You can hardly breathe easy. Heartbreak is a really devastating feeling.

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This dream reveals your current feeling, so that you act in front of this situation. You cannot force another to love you, but you can love yourself and raise your life condition. The first thing you should do is think about your importance as a human being and the value you have. Don’t let someone else’s decision bring you down.

Dream of crying with rage

There is a situation that makes you powerless. Perhaps the resolution of this is not in your hands. It can be a family, work or couple issue. A project that you have wanted to see achieved and everything has turned out as you do not want it.

Anger is not a good counselor, so this dream tells you that you should calm down and calm down to be able to think with your head in order. As long as you are angry you cannot achieve anything, because your vision is blurred.

Dream of crying for infidelity

This dream leads you to see suffering up close. You suffer while awake and you suffer while sleeping. Your mind and heart do not detach from the reality you are living, not even when you go to bed.

If you are really suffering from a situation of infidelity, sleep only intensifies what you really feel. But you know you can’t get stuck at that point.

If you have not yet been betrayed and you dream of this, surely you doubt your partner. You believe or have suspicions that something is happening, and that it takes you out of the game. Analyze what it is that really makes you so doubtful. And if there are real reasons for it. If so. Well make decisions because your value is more important than any deceitful relationship.

dream of cryingdream of crying

dream of crying a lot

There are situations that cause immense pain and uncontrollable desire to cry. Sometimes you feel like there is no way to stop the crying. But this does not happen spontaneously, this happens because there is something that has hurt you.

Identify why you cry for such a thing and seek help from friends, family or partner. If the painful issue occurred in your workplace, seek your loved ones to support you in this difficult time. Do not isolate yourself or add to the crying, because that way you will not solve the situation. The dream tells you that you should look for alternative ways to be at peace

Dream that someone dies and you cry a lot

Although it seems like a bad dream, it is a dream of good omen. You are going to close cycles and you will go towards new directions of prosperity. The dream does not reveal death really, rather it highlights that you keep moving forward that you will succeed in what you have proposed.

Dream of seeing someone cry

Perhaps you are a person who little knows how to express what he feels. You see someone in a situation of weakness and you don’t lend yourself to support or give a word, not because you don’t want to but because you don’t know how to do it. You get stuck and you’re speechless.

You probably have a hard time crying. If you see someone crying in your dream, pay attention to who it is, it is certain that that person needs a little encouragement. You can be that helping hand that makes him find the balance.

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Dream of seeing a woman cry

Be careful with your actions, it is possible that you are unfair to someone of the female sex and cause him pain. That person appreciates you and you are not valuing themYou should even think that as a human being you need and deserve to be considered.

If the one who cries is yourself, it is a sign that you never cry and your body needs to do so. You must let your feelings and emotions flow. It is healthy to drain the crying,

Dream of seeing a man cry

Although you have seen that someone else cries, the man who cries is really you. You are drowning, but you are not able to express your feelings, perhaps because of machismo or shame.

Dream of crying with sorrow

Crying with grief is a very unpleasant cry, which makes you feel suffocated. This dream intensifies the feeling because your subconscious tells you that you must trust because everything will flow.

You may be going through a time of low morale. What shakes you But have confidence because everything will flow.

dream of cryingdream of crying

Dream of baby crying

You appear to be a person with great strength, but deep down you are fragile. That is what this dream indicates. Surely you feel helpless before some event and you do not find the way out or the solution. If there is something you have undertaken and it does not go well; you see yourself, without tools to solve. The sadness of not knowing what to do makes you dream that you cry like a baby

Dream that you are crying and nobody listens to you

Surely in your daily life, you have fears or are shy to communicate. You prefer to remain silent than to communicate your opinions. It costs you much more if it is about expressing something very personal.

You are hermetic and therefore you see yourself in the dream crying alone. Or very accompanied but nobody observes or attends to you. You must reflect on this and decide to act more freely, do not constrain or limit yourself, be authentic and express yourself freely.

Dream of a friend or family member crying

Someone needs your support. Look around you in case this person does not come voluntarily, you can find out for yourself and act on their behalf. If the person expressly asks you for help, do not skimp on giving them your hand.

cry blood

You have suffered a lot and the pain has you very despondent. You have had serious losses and you’re letting off steam feeling a deep tear. It is a sad but liberating dream.

dream of crying blooddream of crying blood

Dream of many people crying

Be careful where you go something accidental will happen and it will affect you a lot. Use extreme caution.

To dream that few people cry or wipe their tears

Your problems and sadness are going to cause sadness to others. You are not alone in your painwhatever the reason, there will always be someone who will sympathize with you, to the point of crying by your side.

Dream that you cry silently

It’s a good dream that augurs happiness. Your projects will find good paths. Your economy will be stable. It is an excellent time to undertake and resume issues that were pending.

If in the dream you feel tired but it relieves you to cry

You are already on the eve of letting go of what causes you so much suffering. the light is coming. If you suffer from disappointment or family problems, your peace and harmony are close.

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Cry in front of a mirror

You spend it lamenting yourself and everything. You don’t see the achievements but the failures. You are afraid of doing new things and you constantly excuse yourself behind the fact that a certain situation happened to you in the past and that is why you do not move forward.

See crying and tears on another person’s face

Be careful how you’re treating people. Perhaps you are abrupt and do not realize that you are causing other people pain with your ways

Many tears of a young woman

surely there is wishes that you have saved and they are manifesting Dreaming that we cry but nobody comforts us. internal loneliness. You need your loved ones to help and support you.

Dream that you cry with joy

they will come great times for you. Do not worry that if you are going through a bad time, this will dissipate soon. You are eager to see you happy and at peace. Have confidence, this dream reveals that this is about to happen.

Dream that you cry for a deceased

You have not forgotten the loved one who passed away. You do not accept his departure. Spiritually you would like to bring it to life.

Dream that you cry and wake up crying

Something happens in the vigil that makes you To suffer a lot and when the moment of sleep arrives, it emerges and makes you uneasy. You might wake up crying for real because the feeling is really strong. What makes you cry is something that you must solve very soon and transcend it.

Dream of loved ones crying

you will receive one good news. You are waiting for something good and it is coming. It can be for you or for your relatives. The truth is that this will encourage you a lot, because it is something you want for yourself or for them.

Dream that you cry for no reason

There is no problem for you to be alarmed. Everything is in order, you have no real reason to cry, only in a natural way you need to relax and crying is a way to drain. This is a positive dream.

dream cry singing a song

It is the product of a nostalgia that you currently have, or the dream puts you in the face of past sorrows Music moves you very deep sensations. Regards that come to your mind. Songs that had to do with some situation. This one comes to your dream to relive those moments.

dream cry watching pictures

Connection with the past. Something you miss from other times comes to your dream through perhaps imprecise images. You don’t necessarily see the photo, but the act of looking at it is evidence that you miss moments from the past.

dream cry watching a movie

It is a dream that moves emotions. Movies relive scenes from your life. There are things that happen on the screen that resemble your life. If you can see the scene, you can pinpoint what makes you want to cry. If you don’t see the scene, it’s all the same obvious nostalgia for things that have happened to you.