What Does it Mean to Dream of Elves

Elves are a kind of gods that come from Germanic and Scandinavian mythology. They are very small when compared to the human scale, however their appearance is humanoid. They are characterized because at first glance we can see their pointed ears, their eyes are almond-shaped, their hair is always straight and they range from very beautiful and fragile-looking to very ugly and hard-featured.

Elves have the main characteristic that they never age. They are agile and strong, they seem tireless, very cunning and intelligent. They are spirits of nature that connect with the mystical. If you dream of elves, it is because in your life there are a number of qualities, characteristics that draw attention to the rest of the people. You are a person who is always distinguished by a special quality

We will give you a list of interpretations so that you know what message the elves have given you through your dream world, that is, what it means to dream about elves

you and the elves

Dream that you are surrounded by elves

This dream involves you with wonderful mystical aspects, you are a different special being that stands out from the resteither. Your friends value you for the way you present yourself to them. You inspire them with a lot of security to be in life despite any adversity. Your friends are also very valuable people who know how to guide you.

Dream that you kiss an elf

You are a person with a wonderful potential for love. Very sweet and tender and at the same time very strong of character. You know what you want to achieve and what you are looking for every time next to your partner. You caress the dreams in your mind, you think a lot about transcending next to the loved one.

Dream that you fight with an elf

You are at enmity with yourself for some action that you did wrong or that you left halfway. You have serious claims to yourself. It is your inner self who argues and claims you through the dream. Your behavior does not satisfy you. You want to make decisions but your own internal fight does not allow it.

Dream that you kill an elf

It is actually a dream of bad omen, because you are killing dreams, illusions and desires to fantasize in your subconscious. You are very reluctant to live with a little creativity and you are very hard on yourself. Try to make this way of existing more flexible. Live with joy and let creativity and fantasy give you moments of peace and happiness.

Dreaming that a relative or friend is an elf

Among your friends and family there is someone who is very funny and you love the way he is. He is someone with whom you want to spend many moments. His optimism for living tirelessly is what you want to learn from this person.

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Dream that an elf chases you

They are chasing you dreamy and fantasy emotions. You are thinking a lot about death and you are considering the idea that death is not the end. Something very deep in you encourages you to have faith in things despite the fact that you want to flee from mystical beliefs.

The real proofs that fantasy is more than that, are being put in front of you. You are afraid to think about the transcendence, but the subject haunts you as if it were chasing you so that you consider it as a possible matter.

dream of elvesdream of elves

elf material

Dream About Wood Elves

you are a person of noble but very rigid thoughtsYou don’t give much room for the possibility that things can be achieved by making the procedures more flexible. For you everything is one way and it is difficult for you to change your mind. You are always defensive but not with bad intentions, but to protect your ideas.

dream glass elves

You are very frank and sometimes so much that you leave no room for imagination. You show yourself as you are transparently. you are sincere and authentic but also very fragile. The people around you esteem you for your delicacy when conversing, you are very well spoken, you like good words and manners.

You are brittle when someone touches your sensitivity. You are one of those who cries at any event, even if you are not experiencing it yourself, but rather if you see it on a movie or TV screen or read about it in the press.

Dream about paper elf

You are a person given to letters, to writing beautiful things for others. You like to give a physical card, a book, an ornament, among other objects, but the interesting thing is that you take great care in the text that you will leave to whoever will receive such a gift.

The written word is vital to you. Currently the networks serve you to drain this need to write encouraging messages and for reflection. This dream also represents that you are very fragile and can break easily, but you can also burn intensely.

dream metal elf

You are a person with a wonderful temple to face adversity. you have very strong opinions and sometimes you show yourself to be a little malleable or receptive to accept the ideas of others, but for this the interested party must make a great effort to convince you with very solid arguments.

Dreaming of a plastic elf figure

you like the fantastic and for this reason you fill yourself with objects that evoke dream worlds. You have inclinations towards collecting. Your flexibility of thought is great, nothing seems impossible to achieve. That is why you achieve everything and it is because of your extraordinary way of adapting to circumstances. That is why you are a happy being and you do not suffer.

dream of elvesdream of elves

elf age

dreaming of baby elves

Tenderness is installed in you. You are a person with a special gift for the youngest children. They evoke you beginning of life and rebirth. You have in mind that we do not die but transmigrate, so you see in a new life all the hope of rebirth.

Dream with elf boy

Are naughty and playful You express yourself with total self-confidence without many rules. You are extremely sincere and authentic. You have fun and laugh a lot. Your joy is contagious That is why you are always surrounded by many people who appreciate you and want to be by your side. You have great relationships.

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When you get upset you are able to get out of such a state and laugh about it in a few moments. Sometimes you show yourself capricious and insist on what you want to obtain even if the conditions are not given.

Dream About Teenage Elf

You are a very rebellious being who always wants to be right. Your fantasies are second to none. You have histrionic qualities and you get along wonderfully, but sometimes you are very arrogant with what you know, have or know. You are sometimes disrespectful but you do not do it with premeditated intentions, but rather you behave clumsily and you can hurt.

Dream about young elf

You have very well-constructed ideals based on certain experiences that have opened up opportunities for experimentation. You have wonderful dreams and you start working towards them. Your plans and projects have a lot of light and are perceived as successful from the beginning.

You look light and very charming wherever you go. You positively inspire others to believe in their ideals and fight for them. You are an excellent leader for moving groups toward activities that promote hope.

Dreaming of an adult elf

Despite the fact that you are a person with responsibilities and a long history in life, today you look radiant and with a unique vital energy. Pretend less years than you have. Your character is peaceful, which is why you have so many people around you. People of all ages look for you because they know that you always have an excellent word to offer.

dream of elvesdream of elves

Dream of old elf

You are a wise being with a great vision of things. The good the bad, life death. You know how to see the poles in perfect balance. This dream means that you have lived intensely, you have not lacked stories to tell and fantasies lived.

Your dreams are still latent. You have achieved great things, but now your dreams are of a different nature, you want to transcend and merge with the universe and then return to it. You are calm and serene, you inspire a lot to those who come after you in years.

You like to tell your stories and experiences and all of them are loaded with fantastic scenes, because they really were. You have had a fulfilling and very complete life.

elf type

dream of wild elf

you are one of those who you use strength before your intelligence, you should reflect on this behavior and measure the consequences of being so fickle. You don’t like confrontations but you don’t avoid them, they come out almost naturally. The good thing is that if you know how to control aggressive instincts.

dream half-elf

You should review your sexual preferences, there is some indecision regarding this matter. On the other hand, this dream indicates that your feminine and masculine side are in balance, as are your human side and your animal side. you are a lovely being you can get along with polar opposites.

dream sea elf

you are a radiant person It turns heads wherever you go. Your style, your bearing and the way you move is sober. You see yourself flowing very well among people, in crowds, in your work environment you always see effective results. When there is a traffic jam, you know how to get out of it like water between your fingers.

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dream of wild elf

You are disorganized by natureThis has consequences for you, because you never know where to look for your belongings, you don’t have control of important dates and it’s because you move in a disorderly way and without pausing to think. A whirlwind and you are the same.

dream dark elf

This dream shows that you are a person who harbors bad wishes towards other people. This is obviously very negative for you and those around you. You are spiteful and you do not know how to forget the mistakes that others make. You are capable of plotting traps to see others fall who may have hurt you.

Despite the fact that you may have reasons to be hurt and hurt by bad actions of others that have affected you, nothing justifies that you do harm. Do not take revenge into your own hands, let it be the universe itself that is in charge of instructing that person. Amend this attitude immediately, karma is real, do not record bad causes in your life.

dream of elvesdream of elves

dream elf of light

You are able to maintain positive energy flows in your environment. This dream indicates that you have a wonderful aura that permeates the places where you are. You are a physically striking person, so you do not go unnoticed. You illuminate with good ideas at work, at home and with your friends. You have nothing hidden. You are very authentic in what you say. Coherent between what you think and what you do.

elf color

Dream about silver elf

Your decisions will be very balanced, that is, neither black nor white, nothing extreme. Weighting is your guide.

dream of golden elf

You have an excellent good fortune for finances. Abundance is your most frequent state. You do not lack anything material. You live well and if you haven’t made it, you will make it. This dream invokes the brightness that will surround you and in which you will develop. All your projects will shine and stand out. You will be very happy about it, the achievements will be accompanying you.

Dream about green elf

Your contact with nature is vital. You like natural phenomena, you enjoy them. The rain is your favorite moment, while others run to avoid getting wet, you enjoy the water that emanates from above. Everything natural is to your liking, you take great care of yourself and eat well.

dream blue elf

You know how to connect with the heavenly, you are a person with infinite faith in the powers of the universe. You know how to take positive advantage of that relationship you have with the blue of the sky. You can envision into the future what can happen, you feel it and you act in advance.

The protective entities always accompanies you, so you come out unscathed from falls, blows, accidents. You look very harmonious when you talk and give your opinions. You are calm and respectful.

Dream with black elf

It is an elf associated with the dark elf, you should check your inclinations to actions that are outside the norm or out of good common sense and compassionate love for others.

dream of white elf

You’re a to be spiritual with a lot of transcendence in the environment in which you find yourself. Your life will be long and peaceful. Your contributions will be remembered forever because they are very accurate and for the common good. Peace is your motto and you promote it.