What Does it Mean to Dream of Fights

The standard meaning of dreaming of fights is the frustration of the unrealized goals that we can all feel at some point. An unexpected situation that caused a great surprise. A warning to prepare for something bad. A situation that will make you want to change something. Clearer vision of how to face everyday life

Having dreamed of a fight does not mean that you are an aggressive person. You can apply for reveal personality traits you don’t know aboutare hidden and therefore ignored.

you and the fights

Dreaming that you fight with someone you know

It means that a unexpected situation that caused you a big surprise. This is not to say that it is a good thing, as it could also be a warning that you have to prepare for something bad. It will be a situation that will make you consider your life and want to change it.

dream of fightdream of fight

Dream that you fight with a friend

It is the need and concern of break with those schemes that control you, for example, the monotony that you currently live that cause you a feeling of dissatisfaction and not fullness.

This dream is a clear invitation to turn your daily life around. You need to evaluate where the exact point you need to modify is. Once you do, you will surely be able to undertake the rest of the things with another vision. It’s a matter of move a piece to make everything flow.

dream of fights at school

It is something very recurring and more with known people. If you identify the person with whom you are fighting in the dream, it means that you must settle some disagreement that you have with him The school is a place where we have lived moments that marked our lives forever.

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If in your dream you return to that place, it is because you must return in some procedure that you have carried out and that you must correct. It is very important that you pay attention to what happens in the dream, how you feel and the emotion that you express while in that college fight. This It will give you clues to identify what things in your present life you must solve.

dream of fightdream of fight

Dreaming that you have a fight and you are the winner

You do not have to worry, winning is positive. It encourages you not to be left behind and to overcome the bad situation and achieve your desires. If you are a winner in a dream, it is because they will be when you are awake. This dream puts you in front of your true essence you don’t know how to lose That is why you fight daily and constantly to give your best.

If you are in situations of chaos or conflict at the moment, feel calm, because this dream expressly tells you that you will come out graceful of what is happening.

dream that you fight and lose

It means the opposite of what was mentioned above. You are in a period of violence, pain and mortificationFor example, the death of a friend or family member. It is a difficult time for your life.

You may even feel physical ailments because you collapse before determined circumstances. You need to give yourself a chance to be more relieved, meet with positive people to help you cope with this situation.

Dreaming that you are defeated in a fight

It means you will lose your home or suffer economic losses very serious. Be thankful that you have dreamed of this because that way you can take quick forecasts. Do not let time pass and act so that the disaster does not surprise you. Review your finances and your debts. Try to make a payment plan. This dream is a very important alert that you must attend to, because you can really go through a terrible moment.

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Dreaming that you have a family fight

It is a sign that you have to be attentive to aspects of your personality that have been hidden It is very possible that the way you are hides who you really are. Maybe you try to be one way publicly, because you’re not happy with the way you look. You don’t like something about yourself and that’s why you hide it, but that makes you suffer. You must make decisions and be honest with yourself.

Dream that you are involved in the fight

Relates to problems that are approaching your life. The magnitude of the conflicts that are to come will be measured depending on the severity of the fight, so you will have to arm yourself with courage and fight whatever the situation or obstacle may be.

This type of dream is always good because it gives you a vision to project what you should do in a pressing situation. You must always act but sometimes you get paralyzed and sleep shakes you so that you start to solve.

dream of fightdream of fight

Dreaming that you fight with your partner

It’s related to serious problems you face with your partner and you must find a way to solve them as soon as possible. An unresolved argument brings many more serious and damaging ones to the relationship. It is an opportune moment to encourage a healthy conversation and take a break. It is likely that the relationship is flawed and they cannot get out.

If you start a conversation you can reach transcendental conclusions about what you should do. You cannot live in eternal conflict. You must heal spiritually, this type of struggle weakens you.

Dream that you fight with an assailant

It means confronting an adversary who intimidates or disqualifies you. You will learn to have value and respect yourself, at the same time wealth and social betterment can occur despite those who intend to ruin you. If you see yourself fighting with someone who is a threat, it is because you are really brave and you also apply the sense of justice and that is your best weapon.

dream of fightdream of fight

others fight

Dreaming that you defend someone in a fight

It is part of the change through reflection and respect to the others. You start to listen to the people you love and therefore it is a change towards valuing the rest. You always want people to appreciate each other, you like harmony and therefore you intercede. It is an excellent way of being the one that characterizes you.

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Dreaming that you fight with your boss

It means a next criticism or correction to the work you do, to improve its quality both for the workplace and for professional growth. Do not see this occasion as an obstacle. Although it is not pleasant to receive corrections, they must be accepted as part of personal growth.

dream of a gun fight

Is related to problems and conflicts between friends or acquaintances that you will have to bear. You would like to see your friends happy and in harmony and it anguishes you to see them arguing, so you dream of this situation. It is important that you strengthen this way of being and inspire your friends to be at peace.

Dreaming of a fight without participating

It has to do with the workplace. Conflicts will arise at work that has nothing to do directly with you, but still could affect your pace of work. You are very tense because some work situation complicates you. Try to see how to find the stillness you require in this environment. Do not lose your work, be perceptive and correct and improve what you have to improve.

dream of fightdream of fight

Dream that you see a street fight

It is the way in which the subconscious can warn you of a problem or dangerous situation that is about to occur. You must be prepared for each occasion since fights in general are risky, since you do not know exactly how the other person and even yourself will react to the confrontation.

dream that women fight

It has to do with certain concerns that you are facing that deserve attention. Women generally fight in a way that is worrying, because they bring out a lot of violence that we are not used to seeing. Check out which women in your environment are in conflict and try to cooperate with them so that they lower their guard and try to solve any matter through words.