What Does it Mean to Dream of Jealousy

It is usually the representation of the fear of losing someone, so dreaming of jealousy means mistrust lack of security, lack of affection, vulnerability, discouragement, enmity. When you are awake, you should carefully observe what sincere relationships are like and make sure that the ones you have are loyal.

All human beings, at some point in our lives, have felt jealousy that, in small doses, is considered normal, as long as control is not lost.

Jealousy is usually associated with Couple relationships. However, they can manifest between siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors, in short, towards anyone for whom you feel love.

If your partner is being very jealous of you, it is a clear manifestation of mistrust and lack of security.

Jealousy becomes pathological when it nullifies you as a person, when you want to impose your desires on your partner, when you become violent or when the threat of losing your sentimental partner is unjustified.

Summary of Contents

Jealousy in dreams

  • They represent a lack of affection towards people. It is pursuing goals at the expense of others.
  • It may also be indicating mistrust and lack of security in your romantic relationship.
  • Dreaming of jealousy can be a real discouragement sign or a negative view of life.
  • To dream that you behave in a jealous manner can symbolize a feeling of vulnerability and lack of self-esteem.
  • Dreaming of jealousy as a couple indicates that you are surrounded by enemies.
  • Another sign of enmity is dreams with a woman’s jealousy.
  • If it is you who is jealous of your husband, partner, or boyfriend, it is a bad omen.
  • If you are jealous of your lover, it is an obvious sign of obstinacy.
  • Dreaming that you are jealous within your marriage is associated with your economic or sentimental system. Something is not right.
dream of jealousydream of jealousy

dream of jealousy

dream of jealousy

It indicates that you are a person who prioritizes your interests without caring about others.

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Dream of intense jealousy

Indicates problems of deception and betrayal. Keep alert.

Dream that you are burning with jealousy

It is a telltale sign of a lack of will. Don’t let the discouragement take over your life.

Dream of a scene of jealousy

Dream that someone makes us one scene of jealousyis advising us that we should stay away from uncomfortable situations that can get out of our control.

Dream that you yourself feel jealous

Dream that you feel jealous

You feel emotionally vulnerable. There is a lack of value and recognition of your own self-esteem.

Dream that you are very jealous

It symbolizes that you must learn to value yourself.

Dream that they call you jealous

It means that the person you see in your dream is envious of you. It means that you have a lot of chemistry and someone is jealous of who you are or how you stand out.

dream of jealousydream of jealousy

Dream that you feel very jealous

There is something in you that you do not finish forgiving. It could also mean that you feel envy for someone. It’s time to be grateful for what you have and move on.

Dream about the couple and jealousy

Dream of jealousy towards the partner

When you dream that you feel jealous towards your partner, obviously, it is a sign of restlessness related to your daily life. It indicates a lack of emotional stability. Perhaps mistrust with your partner. Anxiety or restlessness that assail you as doubts.

This type of dream is a wake-up call, so that you put more interest in the important things in your life. Start by prioritizing and giving affection to those who really give you their time and attention. Take away from you everything that hurts you so that you learn to have confidence in yourself.

Dream of jealousy of the husband

This dream is very common between spouses. Reveal your own insecurity. could also predict trouble ahead. You do not feel sure of the love that your husband professes for you and you doubt that he values ​​you.

Dream of jealousy of the wife

When it comes to jealousy of your spouse, it means that you will go through difficult times together. anxiety and panic could be present. The suggestion is that they arm themselves with courage to resolve any conflict that surrounds them in real life.

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Dreaming of jealousy of my ex partner

It is evident that you miss your ex partner. Keep calm if you come across it. It can also mean that your ex partner is thinking about you, which makes their messages reach your subconscious.

When you dream of your ex partner, you attract that feeling of love and, therefore, you miss it. Obviously you have to close cycles with your ex partner. Good communication would be recommended in your case.

dream of jealousydream of jealousy

dream of marriage

Dream of jealousy in your marriage

It means that they could have setbacks in the marriage, of an economic, sentimental or family nature. It could also mean a feeling of abandonment on the part of your partner due to overwork, pride or, simply, due to a lack of gestures of love.

Dreaming of jealousy and other feelings

Dream of jealousy and mistrust

Your internal conflicts have a great chance of being resolved before a couple breakup can occur. Both will work with the purpose of protecting the sentimental union.

Dream of jealousy and infidelity

It is a good omen. represents the family welfare. Joys that will be lived within the couple relationship. Without a doubt, good fortune has knocked on your door.

Dreaming of men and jealousy

Dream of jealousy of a man

It is possible that a male figure from your past wants to resolve some impasse he had with you. You must be strong and take on this moment that is approaching with integrity. It could also mean a fantasy of your mind for fear to find you alone

Dream of a jealous man

You feel economic questions. You can’t stabilize yourself.

dream of jealousydream of jealousy

Dreaming of women and jealousy

Dream of a jealous woman

You are not satisfied with what you have. Appreciate what the universe gives you. Give thanks for all you have received. It could also indicate that there are people around you who are speaking ill of you.

Dreaming of boyfriends or fiancés and jealousy

Dreaming that we make our ex-boyfriend jealous

It means that our ex-boyfriend is worried that someone else likes us.

Dream that someone hits your boyfriend out of jealousy

It’s time to suggest to your boyfriend to stay away from conflict situationsOtherwise, they could get out of hand.

Dreaming of jealousy and the person you like

To dream that the person we like is jealous of us

It is a typical sign that that person also likes us, but you must learn to feel more sure of yourself.

To dream that the person we like talks with a friend

If in the dream that person we like, after talking with our friend, approaches us and hugs us, it is a sign that he likes us too.

Dreaming of relatives and jealousy

Dream of being jealous of your brother

A brother is someone important in your life. Chances are you have one you haven’t seen for a while and wants to hear from you. It’s time to contact him. Find out what problem ails you.

dream of jealousydream of jealousy

Dream about friendships and jealousy

Dream that you feel jealous of a friend

You must close the cycle you have with that person. something unfinished exists between you. Open your heart.

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Dream of jealousy of a friend

If your dream was with a true friendship, it is a sign that he remembers you and would love to hear from you. Your friend could also be feeling the estrangement yours or a certain rejection because you have a new love. It is an obvious sign that he envies you.

Dream that your friend is jealous of you

It means that your goals are far from being achieved due to your lack of interest and concern for the future.

Dream about jealousy of colleagues

It is a sign that you are having much success and prosperity. Your peers notice your achievements and progress, generating some envy. Be careful with this type of jealousy, they could bring unnecessary bad energy into your daily life.

Dreaming of jealousy towards acquaintances and strangers

Dream of being jealous of an acquaintance

It is a sign of admiration towards that person who catches your attention and that you may like their way of being, but not to imitate them.

Dream that someone is jealous of me

It means fear that others will notice your internal concerns. It’s time to face your insecurities and stop making wild assumptions.

dream of being jealous of someone

Reveal your inability to accept your own insecurities that have been weakening you over time.

Dream of someone fighting out of jealousy

It is a warning that you must deal with troublesome and alarming situations before they get out of control.

Dreaming of jealousy towards someone you don’t know

It is a clear sign of your fears and worries. Very insecure about yourself.

Dreaming of jealousy of another unknown person

Some conflict is coming with someone close to you. It could be a family member or a friend. Don’t let the restlessness take over your life. Try to cope with it with parsimony and with a positive attitude and soon you will get out of that situation that worries you.

Dreaming about the work environment and jealousy

Dreaming of jealousy in your work environment

It indicates that you are frustrated when you want to achieve your goals or you find yourself in a work environment where you cannot develop your creativity.

dream of success

To dream that another person is jealous of you because of your success

It is a clear sign that your achievements will not be well seen by the people around you, being able to generate unnecessary grudges between you. Be careful not to be affected by malicious people.

Dream that you feel jealous due to the success of others

It means you reflect concern for what others think. It is a clear call to attention towards your own affairs.

dream of violence

Dream that you bite out of jealousy

It means that something is wrong with you. possible illness. You need to turn to a specialist.

Dream that you kill someone out of jealousy

It means that you may be able to do something crazy or foolish. Take control. Don’t let jealousy lead you down a bad path in life.