What Does it Mean to Dream of Lesbian Sex?

This dream is related to the desire to have some foreign quality. It reveals that you want to break with the established parameters because you want to be independent and not having to hide or seek approval. Surely you feel or identify with something that is not fully accepted socially, or it could be that you are rejecting something and the idea of ​​it assaults you in your dream world.

Perhaps you are worried about matters of your sexuality what you should check. A sexual dissatisfaction could be haunting you and worrying you. The hidden claims they reveal themselves through this dream and leave you thoughtful. It is time to reflect.

Most human beings have had erotic dreams, including lesbian ones, at least once in their lives. Having homosexual lesbian relationships in your dreams acquires different connotations according to the context in which they develop.

Here you will find various readings adapted to a certain number of lesbian dreams, which you will surely have had at one point in your life. We invite you to explore them.

Summary of Contents

Dream about lesbian sex (If you are straight)

Dream that you are a lesbian

It is a beautiful dream that ratifies you that you are a person with high self-esteem. You feel at peace with yourself. You accept yourself as you are. You will not have problems of this kind.

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Dream that you have lesbian sex with a lesbian

Something in you is shaking inside. Maybe you want to break the rules, be less conventional, achieve your independence or start living as you please, without so many prejudices.

Dream that you have lesbian sex with a friend

This dream means that this friend has a quality that you admire and that you would like to have. She is a kind of zeal that causes you that quality. You can also develop it. You just have to put your mind to it.

Dreaming that you have lesbian sex with a woman from your past

The best thing you can do is an inner analysis that helps you identify what that person represents for you in your life. Starting from there, you will get the answer to your dream.

Dream that you have lesbian sex with a heterosexual woman

It could be happening that, flatly, you reject homosexuality. You must remember that all human beings have the right to choose with whom we are going to share our sexuality. Not judging is the best thing you can do.

dream about lesbian sexdream about lesbian sex

Dream that you have lesbian sex with a celebrity

This dream is loaded with symbolism when the celebrity is not personally known. Famous people are not what you really imagine, therefore, you may be projecting qualities on them that they do not possess.

Dream that you have lesbian sex with your boss

You feel like you have the ability to be the boss. Some quality of hers powerfully draws your attention to her and you would love to be like her. She identifies what she likes and proposes to cultivate it in you.

Dreaming that you have lesbian sex with a stranger

This dream is represented by the mysterious lover (the stranger). It’s time for you to look around you. Surely there is someone waiting for you and you have not noticed. Open your eyes, there is always someone who is spying on us.

Dreaming that you have lesbian sex with a woman you hate

Hate is a negative energy that does not allow you to overcome yourself. This dream advises you that you should reach an agreement with that person. Find something in common and forget offenses.

Dream that you have lesbian sex while pregnant

It is very possible to have lesbian dreams during this stage of women. There is nothing more feminine than giving life and being able to hold it in her arms. This dream reminds you that bringing a child into the world is the best thing that can happen to you.

Dreaming of lesbian sex feeling like you are someone else

If this dream is repetitive, it indicates that you have feelings of doubt about your sexuality. symbolizes that you feel identified with someone acquaintance that worries you and whom you want to help.

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Dream that you have lesbian sex with rejection

There is something in you with which you do not feel identified. Maybe it’s something that makes you feel ashamed. It could be some part of your body. The first thing you have to do is work on your self-esteem and begin to accept yourself as you are.

Dream that you observe a lesbian sex

You feel marginalized in some fundamental situation in your life and you are adopting a passive position. You must analyze in which sector you are feeling separated or feel that you are being separated. Find it and fix it.

dream about lesbian sexdream about lesbian sex

Dream about types of lesbian sex

Dream About Oral Lesbian Sex

This dream indicates the need for a moment of enjoyment in privacy, either alone or with a partner. symbolizes spirituality lived in moments of fullness with yourself. An extraordinary event will come into your life.

Dream about anal lesbian sex

This dream advises that you should take care of yourself, be prudent and protect yourself from any situation no matter how pleasant and easy it may seem. Make sure that the decision you are going to make is protected.

Dream about lesbian sex and hermaphrodite

some dissatisfaction with your own sex is worrying you. It symbolizes suspicions of bisexuality or phobia of being homosexual. Hidden feelings of homosexuality or simple fantasy. Don’t feel bad about having this kind of dream.

Dream about incestuous lesbian sex

feeling of sexual dissatisfaction in your relationships that surface in your dreams. Also, it can mean a certain dependency or desire to be protected by your loved ones. Another symbolism would be fears to relate to your social life.

Dream that you have lesbian sex in a threesome

It means that you are looking for a third element in your relationship that could well be going in a trio to train in the gym. That is, introduce a new mechanism in your life as a couple that satisfies both of you.

Dream about lesbian sex and other things

Dream about lesbian sex and lips

The lips symbolize love, sex and romance. If they caress the other woman’s vulva, she indicates that you feel repressed. If they are painted red, it indicates lust, betrayal and disloyalty.

Dream about lesbian sex and kisses

If you dream that you are kissing another individual of the same sex, it means that you want to maintain an illicit relationship. If you see yourself kissing a rival, it is a sign that you have low self-esteem.

Dream about lesbian sex and hips

Hips indicate movement related to sex. They have a strong sexual connotation linked to sex and fertility. Dreaming of them is a symbol of sexual dissatisfaction. It indicates that you do not know how to please yourself.

dream about lesbian sexdream about lesbian sex

Dream about lesbian sex and orgasms

If in the dream you caress the intimate parts of the other woman, it indicates that you are a person open to pleasure. You know how to please yourself. Likewise, it symbolizes projects about to be carried out.

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Dream about lesbian sex and penis

The penis, in this dream, represents your sexual urges. It symbolizes the phallic cult and fertility in humans. If it is erect it is a symbol of some prank. If you are at rest, you should avoid a scare during a love encounter.

Dream about lesbian sex and prostitution

Indicates a boring, formal and cold sex life with your current partner. It symbolizes the desire to have quick and easy sex. It represents hidden claims related to a double standard associated with a desire for freedom.

Dream about lesbian sex with lingerie

This dream speaks about your sexual preferences or about your own self-image. You are learning to attend to your needs. It can also predict a affair. You could be going through moments of loneliness.

Dreaming of lesbian sex and sensual or erotic dance

It is an obvious sign of provocation. It is a clear invitation to have sex. Dancing is a sign of wanting to show off your body because you feel beautiful and sensual. Desires to arouse physical attraction.

Dreaming of lesbian sex lying down

Lying down in the dream means that you feel alone or abandoned by your partner. If the other person does not want to sleep with you, it is a sign that she does not like your body.

Dream about lesbian sex on the web

This dream indicates the desire you have to communicate a well-kept secret. Be careful with posting it on the networks, they could act against you. It also means impudent desires or amoral behavior.

If you are homosexual (lesbian)

Dreaming that you have lesbian sex with your ex-partner

Obviously they ended the relationship because they were repeating past mistakes. You worry about repeating them. You must stop thinking about yesterday and move forward without fear of being wrong.

Dreaming that you have lesbian sex with someone who is not your partner

It is not indicative of infidelity, however, you must find the reason for it. When you get it yourself, you’ll find out why. Don’t worry about it, it’s just a dream after all.

Dreaming that your partner has lesbian sex with another person

This dream is not indicative that your partner is getting pleasure in other arms. It means that something and not “someone” is being your object of attention. Maybe work, soccer and golf. Calm down your jealousy, as it leads nowhere.