What Does it Mean to Dream of Magic

dream of use contrary to natural laws of acts, words or entities to pursue a purpose through charms or spells: break wills, obtain material goods, defend and protect oneself from something or someone or are simply events that occur for entertainment purposes. Generally these events are classified as white magic, black magic and fictional magic.

Dreams with acts of magic

Dream that you disappeared by magic

Existential problems begin to have Negative effects in your socialization You do not feel the desire to communicate with anyone, you are afraid of being observed and of the censorship of your friends. Locking yourself in the house is not the most recommended option to assume. You have to break with doubts and demons that don’t let you be.

Dreaming that your hand turned into a flower

Surprisingly, the answer to launch this project that has meant the effort of a lifetime comes to mind. You must keep in mind that you sensitive nature is your great ally to harmonize the concretion of the great company that you have proposed. It is time to execute actions.

Dreaming of a white rabbit in a hat

Surprisingly you feel invaded by a tenderness, by an unusual softness that generates you very productive ambiguities. It is likely that a possible pregnancy with more than one child in gestation will be announced to you. The best thing about it is that you will have enough support to face this new challenge.

dream magicdream magic

Dreaming of snakes emerging from the magician’s hat

You must urgently go to the assistance of a spiritual consultation and with ritual action included, because you are under the influence of a spell that will manifest itself in the deterioration of your skin. It is recommended to stay away from those envious people, rude thoughts and negative expressions given in their way of speaking.

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Dream that you change things with magic

Your interpersonal relationships are asking for changes, although your attitudes are marked with an activity that is assertive for you, they seem mischief or mischief that sometimes are not considered pleasant by the person who receives it. It is best to avoid censorship because of nonsense.

Dreaming that you choose cards in an act of magic

You debate between two important decisions, resort to good love or bad love. Although there are those who do not believe in negative love if you feel its effects when you fall into it heartbreak. You decide because you have sufficient clarity of knowledge of the actions that your partner presents to you in the name of love.

Dreaming that doves come out of the magic hat

Spiritual beauty accompanies you and invites you to promote the talents you have for religious oratory, towards the care of individuals, groups of people and hospital centers, in order to strengthen in them faith, hope and the conviction that the holy spirit is always present to give light and life.

dreams with magicians

Dreaming that you were wearing the magician’s hat

Your wardrobe is demanding remodeling, transformation not only of the physical structure but also of what is kept inside (clothes, shoes, accessories) To achieve your job proposal, the change of image is very important. Perhaps with an elegant posture you will change the perception of you to achieve your benefits.

Dreaming that a magician accompanies you to the altar

It is the right time to start making preparations for a marriage. A union irrefutably supported by correct, successful decisions is coming that will bring benefits to the couple as consequences. chance will always intervene in favor of the resolution of pressing situations.

dream magicdream magic

Dreaming of stripping with the magician’s rod

For your prosperity, a spiritual cleansing that goes from the inside out is recommended. The presence of angels with high lights will come with the ritual of light colored candles and also with the flowers. After this religious act it will be necessary to clean your house with three different cereals always invoking your preferred entities.

To dream that you felt like the magician Mephisto

It’s time to give up laziness and to begin your labors for the sense of honor and not for greedy interests. People need your wisdom to get away from danger and everything that poses a health risk. Your disposition must be spontaneous and with an altruistic sense and not expect to be bought by exquisite delicacies.

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Dreaming of a magician in the theater

If you dream that you are in a theater watching magic acts, you should go to a therapist specialized in magic. personal growth from exercises that allow to increase self-esteem. It is necessary to consolidate and strengthen the security in your personality, which will contribute a lot to the achievements and successes in your daily actions and in the profession.

Dreaming that you were The Wizard of Oz

You face yourself with fear, with humility, with courage, with courage and with fury to achieve transcendental things. This new company that you have proposed to improve your social position and above all the economic resources you cannot achieve from outside. You must convince yourself that everything must start from your own internal forces.

To dream that the Wizard Merlin conjured you

There is no need to resort to transcendental acts or communication with forces coming from the ancestor, nor to supernatural or extraordinary beings. You just have to have a little patience and wait for what you long for and that corresponds to you by law, by decree of providence and inexorable destiny.

dream magicdream magic

white magic dreams

To dream that you saw the figure of the Virgin in the act of magic

A convalescent patient from an incurable disease, close to the dreamer, with a high degree of faith and a sense of truth is hopeful that soon the total healing of the malaise you are suffering will come. Her conviction, prayers and petitions to the Virgin will be heard and she will obtain the miracle wanted.

Dreaming of a star in the magician’s cards

A pure and transparent eroticism It takes over your thoughts and your desires. After so much careful searching for that non-toxic person, you will realize that it was worth the long wait. So much anguish and despair came to an end, now it’s your turn to taste the honey of melee sexual encounters.

To dream that the magician takes out the card of the High Priest of the Tarot

A wise and good advice with authority guides you in the right way to strengthen your spirituality, considering mainly your inner world. You must connect with the good father that is within you.

black magic dreams

To dream that by magic they put a toad in your belly

You must be warned because surely you are under the influence of a spirit ritual with the firm purpose of physically destroying you. Your presence is not pleasant for a person who envy your talents and the achievements that you have obtained from them and that at the same time have been very significant for you and a successful life.

dream of magic dolls

They are warning you from remote planes that you should pay special attention to attitudes on your part, not suitable with minors because you can drag yourself into unimaginable follies. Mainly taking care of the detail with sanctioning legal instruments applicable to these situations.

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Dream that you destroy a magic doll

from the phenomenon paranormal you have enough willpower and courage to resist temptations with young people. A powerful vital energy wants to assist you, it is possible that it comes from a family ancestor who is present to eliminate these harmful influences.

Dreaming that you retain your loved one through magic

there is usually affect on your ego. For you, love is like a sports competition where someone has to win, a dominant and dominated relationship in which you must necessarily apply a lot of force. It is unnecessary wear, a constant stubbornness that in the end does not bring the desired result.

There is a great risk of falling into vicious circles, since you want to win by applying any method or strategy “the end justifies the means” There are always unscrupulous people who perceive and take advantage of this mental and emotional weakness, to do their own thing and find something useful in the vulnerable being that you have become .

Dreaming of magicians who do rituals

Problems of all kinds are announced, looming. A catastrophic event of physical origin will bring disagreements, imbalances materials that will produce mental disorder. Seismic movements, accidents related to traffic and high tides, one of them or another occurs. Take budget forecasts.

dream magicdream magic

Dreams of magic and fiction

A toad magically crosses my path

If the dreamer is located in the field of fiction, traditionally this manifestation is associated with the hidden love. The being that you really want has nothing to do with the physical appearance considered ideal for you, the imagined fantasy. Discover your loved one that you have very close and you constantly ignore it.

Dreaming that you were the magician Houdini

You will get a benefit, recognition by accreditation given the experience you have shown in saving a person from a serious dangerous situation. It may be that you are a firefighter by profession, if not, you should consider this career, since you naturally have all the qualities, aptitudes and attitudes to be one.

To dream that you were like Samantha, bewitched

You need guidance, wise advice to be the perfect housewife, because otherwise you are about to lose your home. Although family orientations are the first to grant these lessons, it is preferable not to go or follow their recommendations at this time. Get out of family influence and be on your own.

To dream that you were like Jenny, my beautiful genius

All the efforts you make will be useless, impossible to conquer the desired man when he has started a brotherly relationship. Between this non-erotic couple, the tenderness and love of a sincere friendship will flourish. Nothing will disturb that kind of beauty. It is recommended to find another.