What Does it Mean to Dream of Medusa

The dream with jellyfish exposes the imperative need to resolve situations in order to protect stability of your heritage. The rigidity with which you characterize yourself is not recommended at this time, so you should begin to relax a bit, given the changing situations that are occurring and to which you must gradually adapt.

This flexibility condition mentioned in the previous paragraph will open the doors to a world of opportunities, among which there will be some that will be very rich and usable. For this reason you should not miss any possibility, since they represent the foundation for the safe evolution of your future.

The jellyfish also symbolizes the feelings that are going around in the subconscious. In this way, sad memories of a tormenting past full of resentment and hostility emerge. Fears, worries and insecurities also arise, as a result of having been carried away by false images or appearances that have even put you in danger.

you and the jellyfish

Dream that you walk on a jellyfish

it’s you who take the reins of the evolution of your life. Today you produce the causes of what you will perceive as a consequence in the future. You must think very carefully about the decisions to be made because even though you are the one in control of the situation, it may be that you are oriented incorrectly. Take the right course towards the horizon you want to reach.

dream about jellyfishdream about jellyfish

Dreaming that you are hugged by a jellyfish

It’s time for you to open your eyes and look carefully and critically to each of the people around you. You will immediately realize that some are not being completely honest with you and what is worse, they offer you friendship and sincere feelings when in reality it is the opposite, taking advantage of your kindness to take advantage of your good will.

Dreaming of stroking a jellyfish

This dream augurs you a future full of positive aspects both in the labor plane and in the affective plane. At work, evaluations come to you regarding the performance of your activities, in order to grant you the promotion that you expect and deserve so much. On the other hand, the family, friends and partner are willing to give you all the love you aspire from them. Everything fits perfectly.

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Dream that you are swimming with jellyfish

This is a premonitory dream about something great that is to come, especially for those people who are waiting for the birth of a baby make it your own The conception of the new member of the family is imminent and will bring much happiness despite the fact that for some it is somewhat surprising. So to prepare and make the corrective measures in this sense.

The Medusa attacks you

Dreaming that a jellyfish attacks you

In any situation, whether it involves a group of people or individually, you will be prone to rejection. In one way or another they will become aggressions that will affect your psychological states, especially lowering your self-esteem. This hostile social climate is not convenient because it creates a series of insecurities that does not make the atmosphere where you live comfortable.

Dreaming that a jellyfish hit you

Sometimes you are surrounded by people who, for various reasons, do not accept you as a member of their personal brotherhood. This has created for you a false environment with false situations and false individuals, where you function mainly as an employee. What you are not accepted so easily it is convenient that you study other possibilities where you find yourself pleased.

Dreaming that a jellyfish stings you

That undesirable person who calls himself your friend and apparently offers you sincere affection and even kisses you, should be execrated from your circle of affected people. That being has been given the task of making a smear campaign against youusing a dirty war in which he uses to bring very private situations of your personal intimate life.

dream about jellyfishdream about jellyfish

Dreaming that a jellyfish drowns you

You should have a physical and mental check-up with specialists from both professions in order to specify a close diagnosis of what is happening to you. That pressure that you feel in your chest and that sometimes makes it hard for you to breathe, feeling a worrisome suffocation it may be originating from some emotional problems still unresolved. It is convenient to protect yourself from what is causing you this discomfort.

Dreaming that you are being chased by a jellyfish

You must start working on yourself to strengthen your security so that you lose that fear of confrontation. You have been a person with high and valuable achievements, which tend to be considered as a socially acceptable person. So don’t get any critical manipulation that disturbs your emotional tranquility and unless you can feel some fear for that.

jellyfish size

Dreaming of Giant Jellyfish

Raise your self esteem because that recognition is just to which you have become a creditor. It is right to feel humble and heartily thank those acts of nobility in which you have been favored. What you should not do is be intimidated by the fact that they exalt your qualities and simply occupy the status where they have placed you and that you well deserve.

Dream About Baby Jellyfish

Dreams are important as long as they revert to reality as a concrete fact. As usual every pleasurable and individual idea is born from the imagination and of fantasy and it is the creative processes that will give it the desired shape. It is good to put your head in the sky but you have to have your feet on the ground, so that all dream calculations are based on the reality of waking life.

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colored jellyfish

Dreaming of a black jellyfish

The occult sciences is one of the activities to which you go to release your guilt, due to self-caused emotional imbalances and that bring you suffering. The spiritual support with his magical arts It can be pertinent as long as they guide you in the search for peace of mind, offering you a possible solution to that complex problem that depresses you.

The people around you are feeling disappointed in you because they see you with a strange attitude. They feel like a demon possessed, dark and angry in any situation. Take care because it is possible that one is brewing treason against you. They have not been able to elucidate, nor have you taken care to make them see, that what is happening to you is just tiredness, boredom and obstinacy due to the routine that you have to live. It is recommended to isolate yourself.

dream about jellyfishdream about jellyfish

Dreaming of a blue jellyfish

The blue color symbolizes serenity and love. Therefore, if you dream of a blue jellyfish, it is a clear indication that you should relax your rigidity in terms of establishing a relationship. It is possible that you are demanding too much and what you are expecting is closer to the conception of a robot and not to that of a human being. Predispose yourself to the search for love and you will see how quickly a new one will come.

Dreaming of a white jellyfish

You characterize yourself as a person of noble character, you go out of your way for the social work and you deeply love doing good to others, giving everything selflessly and with the purest and most beautiful feeling, with the only satisfaction that your neighbor feels good. In compensation for this attitude, providence reserves you a great gift that you have always wanted, for the mere fact that you deserve it given your participation in favor of public welfare.

Dreaming of a brown jellyfish

You are stunned because the instinctive activity leads you to satisfy any type of material need. The stomach in humans is called by some as the second brain, and it precisely dictates mental and physical behavior patterns, according to the pursuit of those earthly things. Activate the sublime in you and you will see how you will walk in another direction that will surely complement a richer existence.

see jellyfish

dream of seeing a jellyfish

Beware of people who claim to be your friends because one of them can stab you from behind at any time. Do not trust those people who pay you a lot of homage because in the end they end up betraying you and getting involved in unpleasant situations. It is necessary to select who is really worth it and discard once and for all those who somehow do not let you evolve calmly.

Dreaming of seeing a jellyfish relaxed in the sea

To live with a bit of peace you must overturn that feeling that you have developed for motherhood. Childbirth as synonymous with the birth of a baby symbolizes the production of complex novelties, in which you invest too much and little by little everything is diluted without realizing the profits. This is an uncertain company from which you will receive many surprises in uncertainty, pleasant or not, consolidating an emotional evolution.

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Dream that you see several jellyfish

Various people with their ability to manipulate you have very easily created ties that do not suit you in no sense. What they seek is to take advantage of things that may be useful to them, creating real chaos for you in the places where you work, especially at home. It is prudent and convenient that you start working on getting rid of those people who are interested in your assets because they can ruin you.

dream about jellyfishdream about jellyfish

jellyfish stuff

Dream of Medusa man

you no longer resist to maintain hiding your sexual desires how they really spring from your emotions. You aspire to get married in order to form a home, but you are in conflict because what your environment demands and demands is that it be with a person of the opposite sex and what you really want is to feel comfortable, loved and share the remains of your days with someone who already exists in your love secrets.

Dream with the head of Medusa

Salt running in search of that love who wants to leave because of your contempt and immaturity. Fly if possible to get to the place where that person is as soon as possible, express your love openly without anything getting between the two of you. Problems and negative comments will always exist, so you should ignore them.

Dreaming that a jellyfish is hiding

You have a lot afraid to show you that is, to show yourself publicly. This represents a problem for your communication since your oral expression does not flow properly, rather you exclaim with problems when saying the words, since they come out choppy and with low volume. It is recommended that you carry out a series of exercises related to the performing arts, emphasizing body and oral expression.

Dreaming that a jellyfish released you into the sea

The despair and anguish that you suffer because your partner decided to leave you, makes you make any type of decisions that help you achieve another opportunity with that person. The intention is to be able to show him that you are going to change and with the firm promise that there will be a metamorphosis in you, a transformation to be someone different, good and new.

The Medusa in Greek mythology

To dream that you heard the song of the Medusa

If the interpretation is located in Greek mythology, this is a very careful premonitory dream since this type of song can announce the proximity of death. They can also be changes in the routine, annoying and distressing way of life, to get into something totally opposite and different.

Dream that you looked at a jellyfish

You are in a lethargy, in neglect and a paralysis as far as the term of action is concerned. Sloppiness and laziness do not allow you to evolve in your daily activities. you are dead in lifeso a transformation of your existence is urgently needed on all levels if what you want is to feel vitality.