What Does it Mean to Dream of Prison

Dreaming of prison is instructive, because it requires the dreamer a lot of clear awareness of what it means to continue tied. The decision is usually in the hands of the dreamer. You feel trapped by some pressing situation.

You do not find how to resolve an issue and you have almost been punishing yourself for it. You need a little rest to think better. It means total impotence in the face of what you are experiencing.

Dreaming of going to jail from every point of view means pressure, limitation and any synonym of lack of freedom in some area of ​​our lives.

you in jail

Dream that you are imprisoned in jail

In the current moments you feel trapped for some pressing situation. You do not find how to resolve an issue and you have almost been punishing yourself for it. You need a little rest to think better, seeing from a distance the problem that afflicts you.

Dream that you are chained in jail

This means total impotence in the face of what you are living right now. You don’t know how to let go of the situation you find yourself in. The chains are a symbol of real paralysis before what is in your life. You do not act and this affects you more and more. Right now you are living this tense issue but the changes are yet to come. Little by little there will be a turn in your course, and your life will change.

Dream that you are incarcerated with another person

There is a situation that concerns you and another person at the same time. They are both stuck on solving the problem. You need to stop and talk to this person to clear things up and both of you can flow toward a positive response.

Dream that you wander inside a cell

Your creativity and ideas are being limited. You are restricted to express yourself. You feel between four walls, you need to open yourself to other experiences. You don’t see many exit possibilities. Some issues are being curtailed.

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Dream of visiting someone in prison

There is a friend who has misbehaved with you and currently you have certain grudges that overwhelm your heart. It is very possible that you are considering forgiving this person and transcending the matter, giving him a chance to make amends, which is a very positive action on your part. Holding a grudge is harmful to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Dream that you are in a prison yard

It means expansion wishes. A walk, a trip or just take a weekend to free yourself from routines. Only that, you are exhausted and it is normal, because you work excessively on a daily basis.

If you have groups of friends, propose a walk to them, this will do you good because it will give you the opportunity to strengthen ties of friendship and get to know them better. It is a good idea that you get together on these days for recreational activities, from playing a board game at home, to going for a walk with them.

you get out of jail

Dream that they take you out of jail

It is a revealing dream that you’ll get out of a jam soon. You will be lucky in what you project. If it’s a business, you’ll be well on your way. Everything is arranged so that all the procedures that you are going to carry out flow in your favor.

dream of jaildream of jail

Dream that you have served your sentence

You have closed an important cycle of your life. Surely you had been pressured by some debt or health problem. The truth is that it is the negative circumstance that I was experiencing, at this moment it is closed and transcended.

Your projects or ideas are heading positively. You can be calm because you will have good news. You must act responsibly. If you were in poor health, you will recover very soon.

Dream that you are escaping from jail

symbolizes escape from reality. You are not facing what is happening in your environment. You fear too many things and you prefer to let everything go before facing it.

Dream that you get out of jail but you were not a prisoner there.

This dream means success in the professional field. You are going to have a successful time but this fortune will arouse envy. Get ready because this person is not who you can imagine, on the contrary, it is someone you can’t even imagine.

To dream that you leave prison freely through its doors wide open

You will do very well from here on in whatever you are projecting. Your plans are very creative and lucid, therefore everything is given for you to go out into the ring with your approaches. Everything is perfect for you in these times, take this opportunity to build and build.

loved ones in jail

Dream that your partner is in jail

You you don’t trust your partner at all, something tells you that she is not sincere, that she is lying to you and this is very delicate. You should know a lot about your partner but you don’t. You think he’s unfaithful and you don’t live in peace. In this way it is not recommended to continue.

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Make a decision. Talk to this person, let him know your doubts and try to get an answer that convinces you. Otherwise, you cannot move forward in a relationship founded on quicksand.

Dream that your father or mother are in prison

Pay attention to the health of your parents. If they are close everything is easy, but if they are not, you must act in some way and make them feel that you are with them.

Your company right now is vital. They are feeling lonely. It is possible that one of the two is weak and the other feels without resources to cope with the situation. A lot of support is what this dream is telling you to give.

dream of jaildream of jail

Dream that your brother is in jail

Having a brother imprisoned in dreams is like being a prisoner yourself. Check what happens in the most intimate of you. What is afflicting you in your daily life that you do not know how to face? Identify that and act immediately.

If you really have siblings, just talk to them, it could happen that someone has debts or health problems and you don’t know how much they are suffering.

Dream that your son was arrested

Someone less likely than you needs help right now. Possibly a son or younger brother. It can be a friend of your children or co-workers. Try to investigate your environment, the clue is to look for someone who does not have material resources or does not have experiences to face their problem.

see jail

Dream of seeing a prison

There is in all this a sense of terrible victimization. You feel bad and unfairly caged. You defend yourself before people because you faithfully believe that others are wrong. You are a fragile or weak person

dream of jaildream of jail

dream of open prison

It is a dream that indicates that the dreamer needs to open up to new paths and routes, his life has been pressured by tasks and setbacks, at this time there is an evident liberation of the spirit.

It also has to do with exposing hidden things that had you constrained and suffocated. You do not want to keep hiding something and you will leave it free regardless of the opinion of others.

The feeling of freedom that you will feel as soon as you take the step is very comfortable. Being stuck with certain truths only by social conventions, it is not correct. Be yourself from now on and be happy.

Other situations when dreaming of jail

Dream that you help someone to escape from jail

You have a deep yearning for transformation in your life. This requires a lot of activity and assertiveness so as not to make mistakes.

Dream of children in jail

Are very concerned about the future of some children in your environment. You know that they are not being well treated and obviously you cannot intervene. Surely some adults are not doing well with their education and this makes you very upset and powerless.

Dream that you see people in prison

You have wishes to grant some favor or benefit to someone that perhaps he has misbehaved with you. You think that in this way you could find a conciliation or that this person corrects his mistakes. You are guided by a very noble spirit. It’s not bad that you act like this, even if this person really doesn’t deserve it.

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You are kind and act without any interest. You don’t know how to hold a grudge. It would not be bad if you learned to say NO on some occasions, because sometimes you are saturated with activities that you do for and for others.

dream of jaildream of jail

To dream that some people are forcing bars to escape

Take good care of your friends you are very prone to conflict and envy. Don’t let these people affect your integrity. There is envy around you and this weakens you greatly. Try to get out of the circle in which you find yourself because there are people who do not wish you well.

dream with jailer

someone is plotting to harm you and this is very negative for you, for they can easily accomplish this. Whoever wants to hurt you is not necessarily a man, he can also be a woman. Observe your surroundings carefully and thus you will be able to specify who it is.

Dream about someone you know in jail

You are having a hard time transcending grudges. You don’t know how to forgive. You have prejudices and this leads you to see everything negatively. Your happiness is nowhere to be seen.

dream with bars

You must stop to think about the obstacles that you are imposing on yourself, you are blocking your way with bad thoughts, prejudices or exacerbated negativityyou must know exactly what you are doing or not doing so that this becomes a limitation for you, so you are able to get out of this situation just by acknowledging it and acting.

Dream about a fight in jail

There are many oppressed feelings in you. You are hiding things and this makes you feel very pressured. Nobody imposes this on you, only you fight with yourself this time. The decision to resolve this circumstance is in your hands.

Dream of torture in prison

The fight you have with your own things is terrible. You have in your hands the solutions to all current problems. You do not see when to get out of a conflict and the way out is in front of you. The most surprising thing is that you know it and do nothing. This type of self-destructive attitude it is very difficult to combat if there is not full consciousness and willpower of the dreamer.

dream of murder in prison

You must be very careful on the street. There are dangerous situations that could involve you. Do not trust some people you see who have unusual behavior. People who flatter you, for example, reject or push them away.

Try to change your daily routines in order to throw someone off who is behind you pending your movements. Unsettle it and confuse it. Don’t let it take you by surprise. This dream is a warning.

dream of prisoners

Your plans will materialize for good, nothing external to you will prevent you from advancing and achieving goals. Don’t let your guard down, stay alert for every step you take towards achieving your dreams. E time is prosperous, make the most of it.