What Does it Mean to Dream of Rain

In short, dreaming of rain refers to the to flow, to advance, to grow, always going forward and not stopping, there are no delays. It is also related to purity, transparency, magic, fertility. It is associated with joy, with laughter.

It is transparency, purity. Rain is a wonderful natural phenomenon, it seems like something magical, that water can fall from the sky.

Rain is cleaning, it is a change of cycle, it is a clear vision of life. It is humidity, that is, germination, fertility of everything that is in its path.

dream of rain connects us with the clarity and beauty of life. It can be nostalgia in some cases, it’s true. But a nostalgia that leads to the construction of new projects.

There are stormy rains. If they are in a dream, you have to know how to interpret them carefully, in relation to the reality of the dreamer.

It is also associated with emotions that are about to explode and become evident, for better or for worse, to laugh or cry.

rain characteristics

dream of torrential rain

They will be very big obstacles but you will flow in everything, do not fear. The attack will be very strong, you will have to equip yourself and protect yourself, but there are exits and you will flow.

You are quite strong, this dream says that the problem may be big, but your strength will cause the problem to be attacked by you correctly. Everything will depend on the confidence you have in yourself, to face the difficulties.

Dream about drizzle

It’s not a good dream, it’s a bad run in business, everything falls little by little. Finances do not flow. They fall but just as they arrive, they leave, they evaporate into necessary expenses. Perhaps you should enhance your ways of achieving your income, so that they are more acceptable and meet your needs.

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It is important that you strengthen yourself in various fields or areas of your life. It is weakness that translates this dream. Have a little more strength to undertake your affairs, with this lazy attitude you will not obtain great and satisfactory achievements.

Dream of Hail Rain

There are things in your environment that they hit you hard and paralyze you. It’s something that chills your blood and scares you a little. It IS natural, because situations are not currently easy for you. You will get out of everything, but with a lot of effort.

dream of meteor shower

Many fears accompany you daily. You fear many things, failure especially. For this reason you do not take risks and you are paralyzed by fears.

Dream of rain with lightning

They are difficulties in many areas. You need to be relaxed so this doesn’t defeat you. The size of the problems seems to be bigger than they really are. Do not be thinking in advance that you will not be able to solve them. Face them with more courage. They are very noisy, but in essence, they are not that complex.

Dreaming of dirty water rain

This dream is a bad omen, some matter related to finances or relationships, are affected in these times. There is not much hope that these situations will be resolved soon. There are many things that go wrong, one after another. This puts you in check because you don’t know what the exit is, or where to start solving.

dream of raindream of rain

dream of colored rain

It is a fantastic dream that connects you with your childhood self, where everything is possible. You are at peace and happy right now. You should take advantage of this peaceful moment to do creative activities, maybe paint, write poems, etc.

dream of rain of blood

It is a very deep suffering that makes you restless. It is crying that you are about to face. A wound that someone very dear has caused you. You will have ways to solve this matter, but it will take a long time to achieve it.

sounds of rain

dream of thunder

You are in a moment of your life of serious difficulties, many problems, conflicts, misunderstandings. Some friends have argued with you and have treated each other with bad words. You have disrespected a family member. You have scolded your children. Any stormy relationship related to communication, or hurtful ways of saying words.

Dreaming of the sound of rain on tin roofs

Repetitive ideas in your mind that you should try to find a way out. You cannot continue loading with the same unresolved issue. This exhausts you too much.

Dreaming of the sound of rain with gusts of wind

Many issues are about to occur, they come one after another. You must prepare for its onslaught. They are issues that wobble you, but they fail to knock you down. You can review which issues are loose in your environment, because there could be the key to understanding why so much wobbling.

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see the rain

Dreaming of seeing the rain through the window

This dream puts you in front of a good fortune in love. Also in gambling. This is prosperity in every way.

Dreaming of seeing the rain at night

Something is reminding you to apologize. Surely you left something unresolved there and slipped away, that brought consequences and now you should try to make amends for this matter. Everything is dark, but if you act on time, it will become clear and resolved, and you will even vindicate yourself with those who are affected.

Dreaming that it rains inside the house

There are situations that you must urgently resolve within the home. You are very busy and you stop seeing your “leaks”. You cannot leave these situations unresolved as they are weakening the harmony of the family.

Call your attention to immediately deal with family problems, whether due to weak communication, illness, misbehavior of children, debts, etc. Any topic that is not in order at the moment you must attack and close that circle.

Dreaming that you see the rain through the window of a moving car

Your life flows towards good things, new projects that will take an excellent course. A trip awaits you and it is for something that they propose to you to advance or grow. Don’t stop attending.

It may be an invitation to some event, and you will need to move with some difficulty, but in the end all difficulties can be overcome and you will be able to arrive. The goals you can achieve only with a little discipline and look ahead.

dream of raindream of rain

Dreaming that it rains on the muddy earth

They are safe fights between you and some loved ones, partner, friends, mother or father. Do not continue to perform inappropriate acts that bring you terrible consequences in your environment.

There is an unpleasant atmosphere around you, you must try to save yourself from this unpleasant moment, so that it does not bring you serious consequences.

To dream that the rain floods a town

The problems are general and affect several people at the same time. Something related to your neighborhood council, with your group at the university or with your co-workers. You must be very prepared to face this matter. It is possible that you have the maximum responsibility in the subject that is affecting.

the rain on you

Dreaming of a curtain of rain in front of you

Happiness is in front of you. You are a person with a positive mind and you see clearly what is before your eyes. You are not afraid of challenges. You are one of those ideal friends who can be asked for a recommendation, because you have an excellent perception of things and your instructions will be correct.

To dream that the rain does not wet you

The projects you are proposing are excellent and they will all flow. You should feel grateful for so much wonder received. The path is clear, there are no obstacles for you.

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Dreaming of walking slowly in the rain

If you enjoy the feeling of having water falling on you, it is an excellent omen. Feeling something as natural as the rain and not fearing it is because you are a person with a flexible mind, easy and quick solutions.

Dreaming that you run in the rain running away from him

You are one of the people who do not face problems. You prefer to run and let them pass. You try to hide to avoid difficult situations that require a lot of action. It’s not a good attitude.

Dreaming that it rains and you are in the sea

This dream is very positive. It is fluid above and below you. Nothing will stop you in your plans. The water on the water is a sign that everything is going to take an excellent course. You can draw ambitious projects, they will all turn out great.

Dreaming that it rains and you are under the umbrella

You are protected from any complicated matter that comes up. The problems are close, but they do not affect you too much. You have good tools to deal with them.

Dreaming that the rain stains your suit

Some comment is woven about you. It is possible that you have done something or have some inappropriate behaviors and this brings gossip in your neighborhood. You are the topic of conversation for many people, but not for better, but for worse.

Dream that the rain drags you

Be very careful with gossip, do not get carried away by malicious comments. People talk and with this they drag others into unnecessary difficulties. Therefore, strengthen yourself so that these comments do not make a dent in you.

Dream that you splash the rain puddles

You are a creative free being. He doesn’t care much about what they will say and you own your actions. You enjoy life to the full without taboos. You are happy to be who you are.

dream of raindream of rain

Dreaming that you get wet in the rain and you pee

This dream is very common. Some people who have drunk a lot of water before going to bed, dream of water, especially rain, and when they see rain falling in a dream, they pee. It turns out that it really has been done on the bed and they wake up wet and upset from the pain of not having controlled themselves.

It is that this dream is very real and makes it materialize immediately in water of pee. Do not be alarmed, beyond the fact that you have wet the bed, this dream is liberating. It means that something that is stuck in your life is going to flow. It is an excellent omen of real achievements. You will be very good at what you propose.